April 20th, 2011

Well, we made it! Finally!! we left Madison at 9am yesterday, got delayed in Madison from bad weather, then got dealyed and sat in the plane for 3 hours in Dallas before even taking off, and we finally got to San Diego at 9pm, which was 11 my normal time. We were STARVING since we hadn’t had anything to eat since about 1, so we were talking the whole time about getting sushi when we got landed. We thought it was a lost cause when we did land, but the cab driver took us to an awesome sushi place that is open till 1am! it was some awesome sushi, I don’t know if it was because we were so hungry or it was actually that good 🙂

Our hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, had amazing pictures online – but when we got there – not so much! we didn’t mind though, all we were doing was sleeping. We saw a couple pictures of Keegan adjusting to life with Ron, Kim and his family, and we are very much at ease he is having a blast there! I doubt he even misses us he has so many kids and cats to play with! We  might be able to do Skype with him tonight, which I am very much looking forward to!

This morning we drove into Mexico, talking to our driver the whole time about the things said about Tijuana. She debunked all of it – gotta love stupid media. Shawn was asking about two Americans who got beheaded that was in the news lately – well, the American news failed to mention these guys were coming across at 2am. no suspicous stuff there. One of the guys was having an affair with the wife of the man who killed both men. turns out the other man was in the way when the shooting occured. She said there hasn’t been issues in Tijuana at all – its very blown out of proportion. We are in Playa, not Tijuana anyway, but its nice regardless 🙂 ok, done with the “scary” factor of where we are staying 🙂

We drove up to a gated hotel and saw a green prius outside. The driver told us Charlotte must be here, that is her car. She told us about Charlotte and what she is like on our way down to the clinic, what an amazing lady! This driver has been driving for the clinic for 24 years, so she has seen multitudes of patients come and go from this place. Turns out the reason I didn’t get in on the 15th when I was supposed to was because a man who spoke no English showed up at the clinic’s door without sending ANY medical information, no payment, nothing. But his mother was sick, and she needed to be here, so the clinic accepted them. Only 10 patients are accepted here at a time, so there is very personalized service.

Felix met us when we got here, and I got bloodwork and urine tests done immediately. I was dumbstruck when Charlotte walked out of a room when I walked in to the office to get the work done!  I had been fasting all day so it was a relief that when all that was done I got to eat breakfast! I had fresh squeezed OJ with all the fruit I wanted and oatmeal. Shawn eats the same stuff I do, so he got juice and all the same food I had. We got a tour, got to see the pool, the TV room, the kitchen (most important) and the rest of the clinic. Then were shown to our room (#2) and left to rest. We unpacked our bags and met with the doctor to get my primary exam.

The exam went well, I was told to take off all my jewlery (earings, ring, etc) and we went through all the of the supplements I would be starting. WOW. They are bringing up my schedule and pill box soon. Its so funny to hear them talk about “medication” when its digestive enzymes and vitamins 🙂 we can go to the beach, it is really close, but I doubt we will. There is a pool on site that is treated with oxygen instead of chlorine, since that is not acceptable for the therapy. Looks like I won’t be swimming any time soon when I get back home! They don’t want me to work for 3 months when i get back, and want me on strict therapy for 6 weeks, then it will change a little bit every 4 or 5 weeks. I get blood and urine tests monthly when I get back home, and will stay in contact with the doctors here when I am home. The physical I had with the doctor here is the same physical I did on all my patients on clinic abroad – muscle testing, listening to heart, lungs, looking in ears, eyes – all the totally normal stuff.

There are other people here, and some have quickly said hi and kept going, but we have lunch at 1 and will meet everyone then. Charlotte is speaking today from 2-4, and I will have my voice recorder 🙂 We had lunch with everyone, and met some awesome people!

Two people are here from South Africa. Clyde has lymphoma, and had a large mass in his lower abdomen. he has done the protocol for 2 months at home, beacuse he didn’t want to travel here.  He has no noticable large lymph nodes at all – has not done ANY chemo or radiation.

Another woman from California is here, she had breast cancer, and actually came here because her brother was here 6 weeks ago after he refused chemo and radiation for prostate cancer. He is doing great, and is back at home. She had surgery, and did chemo, and got really sick and decided it wasn’t for her, so she ended up here at Gerson as well!

Charlotte spoke a lot about why this therapy works at the lecture today. Just as in her book, she brought up how some of the largest land animals – rhino, elephant, 800 lb gorilla, horses, giraffes, bison – we are designed for vegetarian food. There are lots of minerals and essential elements in vegetables – namely carrots have a lot of protein in them. As much as i am anti-vegan, today I was told I need to be on therapy for 2 years, since I have a metastatic cancer. I will be a vegan for 2 years. fantastic!

The best situation Charlotte told us about today was a woman who was told by her MD she wouldn’t make it to her birthday if she went to Mexico, because she had pacreatic cancer that spread to her liver. Apparently no one survives that. She has been living for 30 years now, and is still doing great.  gotta love what the body will do when it is given the ability to heal itself!

We got to talk to more people at dinner, loving meeting everyone! I am feeling pretty overwhelmed with everything they are expecting us to do. We have a HUGE pill case thingy – the normal Monday thru Friday is filled with the supplements for each HOUR of the day – thus filling it daily! trying to figure out when to take supplements before, during, and after each meal is a feat in itself, but im sure it will get easier as time goes. It sure is nice to have a juice delievered to you every hour on the hour!

We met a new couple tonight, she has pancreatic cancer, and isn’t willing to admit it to herself, told me tonnight when I asked what brought her to the clinic was and “inflamed pancreas” I thought, wow, shes really getting to this early! she left shortly after without eating too much, and her husband remained with us, and told us there was a large tumor at the head of her pancreas, but when they were in for surgery they couldn’t remove the mass since it was so wrapped around the blood vessels. She would have bled out on the table. He said he honestly didn’t even think she would make it to the clinic she was so sick. she was unable to walk when she got here on saturday. Today she is weak, but walking around, and walking steps – a HUGE improvment!

Today, I also had my first of many enemas – I will spare you and not be graphic, but WOW those are interesting – it is great to have people here that can laugh about it with me, since I tend to find humor in things I am serious about, but don’t find any benefit in being mad 🙂  I told Shawn he gets to do one to understand what I am going through – I doubt he will laugh then! lol

I continue to feel so blessed as I start this journey – I couldn’t ask for better friends, family and most of all – my husband, who now I know MUST love me after what he has seen with the birth of our son, and now dealing with my cancer. There aren’t enough words to express the gratitude and love I have for that man. He is simply amazing!