April 21, 2011

Nothing like starting your day with a 6:30am knock on the door – castor oil and coffee. yum. it actually wasn’t bad if you don’t actually swallow it. It took some effort to take it down though – all I was thinking was when I was over 42 weeks pregnant trying to get Keegan to want to come join us on the outside world 🙂 that time though my chaser was Rootbeer – coffee works better as long as you don’t swallow the castor oil first! I was told by Claude that for some reason the second week is a lot worse than the first, that was justified this morning by another gentleman, David, when he said day 5 was by far the worst. Major detox starts then. Im ready for it, but have no idea what it will do to me!

At 7am, the nurse came back – I questioned why he was back already, because my castor oil enema isn’t until 11:30 today – he smiled and said, no, your regular enema is now – yet more things to get used to! it was a tiny bit easier this time, but fitting 24oz of fluid into an area that shouldn’t have 24oz in it isn’t the most fun thing ever, but hey, its detoxing my liver really well, and that will only help me assimilate nutrients more effectively. Right now its at 24oz, 3 times a day – 7,12, and 5. It will change to 36oz at 6,10,2 and 6.

Two of our new found friends are leaving today. They have been here two weeks and are very ready to go home! One man said he even missed his cats, and he hates his cats! We miss Keegan terribly, Skype isn’t working too well so we don’t get to see him as much as we would like, but hopefully that will get better! the people that are here are so amazing – so strong and so determined that they will get better. It is so nice to finally be surrounded by people who truly support eachother, and don’t doubt what we are doing is the right thing – for us. I don’t have a problem with modern medicine – not at all! Its there for me if something goes out of control with this therapy – and trust me, i will use it if necessary – I wouldn’t have a huge slice mark in my neck if I didn’t think modern medicine did some good, although I really wish I had my thyroid!

Well, around noon after the castor oil enema, I got really, REALLLY sick. I ended up sleeping in the room for a while and Shawn got to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. It was the craziest sensation though – lets just say my body was trying every route to eliminate that castor oil yet my body was empty so nothing came out of anywhere – hence why I went to sleep to just sleep it off. Shawn woke me up around 1 for lunch, i had no appetite and didn’t want to take my supplements at all, but took them anyway and had two baked potatos for lunch, since I couldn’t really eat anything else.

For the first time, I felt defeated by this. I laid in bed so miserable I thought chemo would be better. ANYTHING would be better than what I was feeling. I couldn’t believe I already felt like a failure on the second day of treatment. I mean, really, it wasn’t even 24 hours after we got here, and I wanted out of this therapy. I was exhausted from jet lag, full of juice, and over tired from waking up multiple times during the night.

After lunch, I requested the doctor decrease my juices – having 13 drinks a day plus meals and tea is SO much – it seems like as soon as I finish a drink, one of the attendants is at our room with a smile, saying “drink for you Marcia” yek. Right now, this is my drink schedule



930-apple carrot

10-apple carrot



1-apple carrot




5-apple carrot

6-apple carrot


so yeah, its starting to all come together to learn to take tea (we get chammomile or peppermint) about 15 minutes before meals with the “before meals” supplements, then use the juice at meals for the “during” and “after” supplements. Im very glad I came down here instead of reading the book and doing i tmyself. They are so helpful and answer lots of questions, and keep track of vitals and blood work. We do urine and blood tests each week, and they do vitals 3 times a day.

So, after lunch I started to feel better and Shawn and I went down to sit by the pool for a bit. I got my green juice, then my carrot, and we decided to get some exercize (I am only allowed 30 minutes a day – otherwise they want us to rest) so we walked down to the ocean – Shawn’s first time down to the Pacific Ocean 🙂 we saw the Mexican Police and of course, the border patrol was everywhere. We went with our friends, Claude, Grant, Roberta and Lesile. Claude and Grant are here from South Africa, and Claude has the BEST outlook on this therapy and life in general. He has a great way of looking at all of this, and has an iTunes app for affirmation – Louise Hay -101 Power Thoughts – that is free that I will be downloading to listen to! We have already planned a 3 year reunion when all of us are cancer free and happy living life 🙂 not that we aren’t now, but just that much happier 🙂

I have now decided after this morning i would do 15 coffee enemas in order to NOT have to do a castor oil enema. Today Claude explained to me the body sees the castor oil as poison and does what it can to get rid of it – I believe it! it does such an awesome job cleansing and getting rid of stuff though, I will deal with it. Its so much easier to look back on it now and say it wasn’t that bad, but it sure was at the time! definitly better than dealing with the constant pain of chemo or radiation! It made a huge difference to feel as amazing as I do tonight, and to know this is short term when I do have to do castor oil days – which is every other day 😦 but if I sleep it off for a while it gets better!

We got a new friend to join us tonight 🙂 a new patient was registered right before dinner, but we will most likely meet them tomorrow. At dinner tonight, I found out that apparently I need to be in a bubble. Of course, they don’t want sunscreen use here because of all the toxic chemicals in it, but we were outside for a whole 45 minutes today (yes, im a rebel – a whole 15 minutes over my alotted time:) ) and I got slightly sunburned! who does that?! Im blaming it on the Niacin!! hehe but I highly doubt niacin only gives a flush rash in the same area the V neck I was wearing today let sun see.. oh well 🙂