April 24th, 2011

Easter. The day we are all supposed to forget about all the candy and nasty peeps (although they are my amazing sister’s favorite- love you Donna 🙂 ) and remember we were all promised our lives in heaven and our sins forgiven. I miss Keegan like crazy, I can’t believe I am missing my son’s first Easter. Friends here are of course supportive, saying, well its the last one you will miss. so true!! We have some pretty deep conversations here, and I know I am a Christian, but I really think I am more spiritual than religous. My entire life, I didn’t care where people prayed, if you need to be in a library or bathroom for that matter, you can pray to whoever you need to!  I never once thought my prayers in church were different than my prayers at home – or who I was praying to. I know I believe in Jesus Christ, and that is personally who I talk to 🙂 I didn’t realize people were so put off if you didn’t agree with their religon! wow! I accept any and all religons and don’t feel its up to me to determine what others feel – to each their own! Just a random thought 🙂

Today its supposed to be the first rainy, junky day for us. It has been beautiful and sunny this whole time, we actually got to go swimming yesterday! the pool is heated so that makes it that much better. Last night I sat with Grant for a few hours, discussing my new daily life I will have when I get home. How to make 13 juices and the soup, the coffee and all the salads – without going crazy! He said if I can get help, I should accept it without a question. Guess that is something else to put out in the universe to see what happens! Even 2 hours twice a week would make all the difference in the world! Shawn will be awesome since he is a 2nd shifter, a lot of my preparation will be in the morning before Keegan gets up and at night after he has been put to bed. The Hippocrates soup needs to simmer for 2 hours to be prepared, so Grant said to start it at 7 then go to bed when its done at 9, I may be starting it a little earlier because Im guessing I will be exhausted by 9pm. He said don’t worry if you have sleep problems – you no longer will after this therapy! Im just wondering how I will do it with my practice. I think I can have the best of both worlds – I can make some juices before going in, some at work and then when I get home. Thanks to an amazing friend, we now have 2 juicers so for the time being, I can put one at work and keep my Champion at home. Its a whole lot of preparation but totally possible. Roberta is putting together a plan then emailing it to all of us as what a daily chart of check off things looks like. I don’t think I want to know how long that is gonna be!! haha! Grant said it gets to the point its like meditation, you could do it in your sleep. We just won’t be traveling too much! Grant was telling me he has to go 80 miles to get organic food in South Africa – he has to have it flown in to Zimbabwe or elsewhere then drive to get it. As much as I hate what is going on the US right now, im so greatful we have the opportunity to have organic food so close to almost every place we are!! Its so easy to lose sight of the things that are just expected and good for us, I will be making a point to be more greatful for what we have at our fingertips!

Im still trying to accept how my life is no longer going any way I want it to with kids! I wanted Keegan to be 1 year old, and then we would try to get pregnant again – it’s fine that he will be older now, I can handle that, because I thought it would only be a litle longer, now I find out I have to be hardcore on this lifestyle for 2 years. Which means no protein from anything other than plants, for 2 years. Actually, I take that back, I can have salmon at 1 year, but I don’t know if I want radiation at that point 🙂 but personally, this vegan diet won’t do it for me to build another person. I feel the protein from meat is necessary, and im sure there are people who would say no I don’t need it, but its a mental thing with me, I just know the meat has the building blocks of life, all the essential and non essential amino acids. I don’t want to cheat my child and not eat that stuff. So keegan will be 3 most likely before I can even try to think about another baby 😦 but hey – I will be super healthy by then!! 🙂 and I am a carivore at heart – this rabbit stuff is fantastic and I know I will never go back to my old lifestyle of meat being the main part of the meal, but it will be added back into my life, that’s for sure! who knows though – the more research I do, the different my views become! I love research, and I love being able to change my mind at any time 🙂

I know I have talked about all these enemas, and kind of why they work – but I wanted to explain more about them. I was told I need to clarify why I am putting such an amazing liquid into an “exit only” area.  Glutathione is an incredible antioxidant. It is incredibly powerful and used up by the body as fast as it is produced. When the caffinated coffee is taken rectally, it massively opens the bile ducts in the liver, which helps detox the body, and causes major production of glutathione s transferase – this stuff is created at a rate of 700% over the normal production!! this enables the body to get rid of TONS of toxins, and when the coffee is retained 15 minutes, it goes through the body 5 times (3 minutes to pump all blood through the body)  the rectum is the natural dumping place for glutathione “junk” so it ends up where it needs to be! what a perfect idea! and people actually think there is no science to this therapy 🙂

Its so wierd – the first day we had to do the enemas, I had no problems, but now its a issue every time I have to do one. I asked the doc if there were any tips he could give me, so we will be working with some new ideas. Its so important to actually retain them 15 minutes to get the blood passed through the body and get this process going!

Well, today was the “dreaded” Day 5 – the day that was supposed to be absolutely horrible. So far, not so horrible – Shawn and I actually had some really good conversation and cleared the air about a LOT of things that have been bothering me ever since early April. Some things happened over that time that challenged our relationship. When people don’t look at both sides of a situation, and don’t come from a logical place, problems arise. I hope in the future, people can come from a place of education and understanding instead of judgement and fear. I know this has been the major thing I have learned in all of this process – that and Shawn and I need to work more on communication! we are a new marriage, and have been delt quite a bit in our short time together. Its a constant learning process, and one that will only make us a greater couple! We spoke with Dave and Nona, a couple who has been married years – they suggested a great seminar – Marriage Encounter – the site is www.encounter.org we plan on going to the one in October, it is a great way to open communication and have a better marriage, so were all game for that! 🙂

Today, we got to go out to a mall and go shop around, mall, meaning a Home Depot and there was basically nothing there but food and cheap looking jewlery, but it was nice to get out of the clinic for a half hour! We realized we are definitly not in the tourist area of town – no one speaks english!! it was fun though, and the worst of the “storm” that was coming was some overcast clouds! – Shawn and I are tied at Rumikub so that game may start over again – gotta show him how it’s won 🙂 I am now the winning player by 1 game – now that we have 2 new friends interested in the game, its starting to get pretty intense! haha – oh the little things that make your day….