April 25th, 2011

Months and months ago, I was at a New Renissance seminar, and it was the first one I went to. I had heard about this really positive, upbeat group who was awesome with mentoring docs and patients, and had awesome patient education stuff. The seminar was in Detroit, and living in the midwest, we had a TON of rain that spring – so much that part of the Interstate actually closed down due to flooding! Well, on a 7 hour drive, a flooded, backed up interstate with a carload of people would be no fun – or would it? We got off the interstate and thought back roads would be better. bad idea. Just a tip – if the interstate is blocked off because of flooding, you better believe the side roads will be WAY worse! We drove through water that now I can’t believe we even chanced – running water over the road that we had no clue where the road was. crazy!

Looking back on it, and pretty much everything in my life, I keep realizing every situation is what you make of it. That sounds like such a stigma, like everyone says it, but it is SO true! At that New Renissance seminar, we learned about “above the line thinking” and “stinking thinking” positive thoughts, affirmations, good outlooks – all shape you as a person. Sure, it helps the situation, but the more and more I use this, the more I realize it really becomes a part of you. I know this is probably a normal known thing to most people – but I used to be really cynical. I always thought I kept a pretty positive, upbeat attitude, but the “stinking thinking’ stil made it in there sometimes!  Glass half empty type (is it empty because it is being filled though?) anyway, today was castor oil day, and I am DETERMINED to accept and cherish what this is doing to me. Im not denying the feelings, I can’t – I won’t leave my room for the fear I may puke – but I CAN realize that this is my body’s way of detoxing. The sick I feel is only because my body is throwing junk out that got me here in the first place. I had already started to just give in to this uncomfortable feeling, and start to hate it, and really not look forward to castor oil day – but what fun is that? In the grand scheme of things, its only about 3 hours every other day that I feel junky. That and  let me tell you – natural childbirth for 29 hours hurts WAAAAAAY more than 3 hours of a little nausea 🙂


Today they upped my juices back to 13 instead of 10, and added a 4th enema : / so now I have one at 7,12,5, and 8. FUN! lol but hey, its detoxing me and getting my body full of antioxidants – ill take it!! Im still working on Shawn to at least give one a try! For anyone who hasn’t tried one – I finally can describe what they feel like! When you are done with the enema, the exact feeling I have is that happy, really REALLY relaxed feeling when you have had JUST the right number of drinks. You are totally aware and alert, but totally relaxed. You could literally just sit there and smile. Sure, they aren’t fun at the time, but one friend here is to the point they can answer the door with all the coffee in them! haha, I can’t imagine being to that point – I look forward to when they are that easy for me! on a side note – they also upped me from 24 to 32 oz with the enemas – I get to start that fun at 8pm tonight, just a little worried 🙂

I forced myself to get up and move around before lunch, so I was feeling ok at lunch, probably at 80%. We had class afterwards with our doctor to discuss our supplements, where to purchase everything, and how to take it. The B12 and liver injections have been put on hold but will be back in 3 months, and they will be sending us DVD’s as how to inject the stuff. One more thing to overcome. I hate needles.

I wanted to share something with those of you following my journey – Charlotte did this interview on April 25th, it’s long but its her giving an interview about the Gerson Therapy. She literally makes it sound too good to be true, but until you come down and actually see this clinic – you would understand why she is so “cocky” and so sure of her point of view – it has WORKED since the 1920’s – helped 100% of patients with “autoimmune” diseases – MS, Arthritis, Lupus – 100% CURE RATE it is crazy more people don’t know about this! Do yourself a favor – save an hour of your time and do it for youself and listen to this – all of it – worth it!

*BOO – I gotta change over file stuff. Guess the interview will be here tomorrow 😦 sorry!!!!

Today when I had my daily meeting with my doc, I asked him – what happens if I were to accidently get pregnant? The diet I am on is awesome and healthy – perfect for a baby, but I am concerned with the caffeinated coffee enemas. He said it is absolutely no problem, the body does not absorb nutrients that are introduced in the colon. That is the same reason we can add potassium to the enemas to help relax sphincters without overdoing our potassium for the day. Soooo, not saying anything, but just in case… 😉

There were some awesome and funny stories at todays meeting. One person told us that within 2 months, a cholesterol reading had gone from 14 to 4 one starting on this lifestyle. Obviously the readings are different in different countries. A woman who just left this week came in with BP 160/90 and in one week it was 110/60. Plant based foods are awesome for blood pressure – as well as Chiropractic!! I am still a Chiropractor by heart, I just really, really, REALLY understand the importance of nutrition and Chiropractic now!!. The best was a woman was craving McDonalds – really bad. So Charlotte Gerson said ok and sent a driver out to get some McDonalds. This woman had been at the clinic a week or so. She made the woman eat the McDonald’s in front of her. The woman took 3 bites of the burger and threw up. She said she had been eating too fast, so took some fries, and some diet coke, and threw up again! Her liver had been getting cleaned out and now all these toxic chemicals were introduced – makes me wonder how blogged down a persons liver is if they can handle eating McDonald’s food without having any adverse affect!

Random thought – this whole radiation and iodine thing is actually of concern – levels are showing up on both the East and West coast of the US. Today, our doc told us even one drop per day of the Lugol’s iodine solution will be incredibly beneficial for your thyroid. We (patients) have to take more, but it would be incredibly beneficial! I use this stuff http://drclarkstore.com/sodium-lugols-iodine-wash-1oz-glass-bottle.html