April 26th, 2011

Well, today made me both really comfortable and really worried at the same time. ha. Really comfortable because I really feel like im starting to get everything that is going on. Im finally comfortable with the schedule, although I am still forgetting supplements daily, but for the most part, very comfortable with everything we need to do. Im starting to write down things that we need to, have made a spreadsheet on excel as to what time of the day I need to do something. I have 32 things to do DAILY, that doesn’t count making the Hippocrates Soup, washing veggies to get ready to juice, wash the juicer after each juice, bake potatos or make coffee or castor oil, or the enemas. Sheesh. Im gonna be busy!! Im awesome with lists though, I like checking things off, so it will work well with me šŸ™‚ plus I have already known this, but its even more justified every day, but we have the most AMAZING friends and family EVER!!!

All I can say is thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! to all of you reading this, all of you praying, sending positive thoughts and emails while we are here. We miss Keegan and all of you terribly, it seems like time just stands still when we can’t be out doing stuff all the time. My poor husband hates being stuck inside. He loves the outdoors and I think would sleep out there all summer if he could. He is really active, and this has been tough for him, when I don’t feel well, I tell him to do whatever he wants, but he feels he should stay with me in case something is needed. I know I have said this before, but wow – he continues to amaze me! We went from this couple who would live for camping and baseball games, and being on the river all summer, to parents that have more challenges than ever expected! Sometimes I really miss that carefree lifestyle, I loved our spontaneous trip to Colorado for camping, I love that we used to do that stuff. Now – not so much. Who knows though, maybe once Im better it will continue – Keegan will just learn to camp at a young age šŸ™‚

Today we got to go back to the ocean, and when we got to the end of the boardwalk, we saw these lines and lines of white crosses.Ā  We found out it was representative of all the people who have been killed by the border patrol when they were trying to cross the border. Im not going to get into that whole issue, but wow, it is quite a sight! There are beautiful paintings all over the boardwalk, vey fun to go down there šŸ™‚ there was fresh coconuts and fresh meat for the people who could have it, I am not allowed any at this time, guess I just gotta come back!



A part of me got pretty worried today. Thank goodness for organized people!! A friend that is leaving friday, Roberta, gave us an awesome list of the foods we will need to shop for when we get home. All on an excel list. She also reminded us and gave us tips for thermos stuff for keeping the coffee, water, tea, potato and soups hot. Stuff I knew about, but didn’t think about! There is SO much to do before we get home! We need an IV thing (the stainless thing the IV bags get hung on) Hydrogen Peroxide, an ozonator, TONS of stuff that I didn’t have prepared before we came down here, but honestly, I don’t think I could have done it before I came down here. I am SO glad we came down, the stuff we are learning is so valuable. Tomorrow Charlotte comes again and I get more bloodwork and urine tests done to make sure things are still on schedule and I am doing well. I don’t doubt that Im good to go, just check ups šŸ™‚

3 new couples came today! One gentleman has been on the therapy 10 months, but never came down to the clinic. He said his PSA spiked, so his wife sent him down here for 3 weeks. He was speaking with one of Charlotte’s favorite patients, a man who had liver, lung, colon cancer(s) and MS on top of it all, with the entire left arm and leg hypertrophied from the MS. He came to the clinic with ALL of those problems. A hole in his liver the cancer was so bad. This man has been a SURVIVOR for 31 years. Meaning he was cleared of his cancer, and has been a survivor that long. Amazing! it’s getting to the point down here where I am never being too amazed, all the stories sound too good to be true, but if you ask for the paperwork, you get it!

I am sad 4 really good friends are leaving friday. Roberta and her sister, Leslie, and Claude and Grant are leaving šŸ˜¦ I am so blessed to have met them, as well as everyone else here at the clinic. I really hope we can stay in touch with everyone, we plan on taking a trip to South Africa to see Claude and Grant and to go on our African Safari šŸ™‚ We were told everything is free once we get there, just gotta get there – Ill take it!! We keep joking all the Gerson patients can just vacation in the city where one of us live – we have all the coasts hit, plus Canada, so there are fresh juices everywhere! Works for us!! šŸ™‚

New news from the clinic for us – the gentleman who also has thyroid cancer and lost his salivary gland function in radiation treatment – today thought his mouth was bleeding – put his finger on his gums to see if there was blood, just to realize it was SALIVA! he has been here 5 days. has to brush his teeth he said what felt like 10 times a day and constantly had a sore throat because he had no saliva to wet his mouth.Ā  how amazing this stuff is – LOVE IT! šŸ™‚

till tomorrow..