April 29th, 2011

To start out with the best news of the day – Shawn did an enema!! 🙂 he actually tried it!  he had no problems at all of course – so now anyone out there doubting, he gives a thumbs up to give it a try 🙂 he says they aren’t horrible and he felt fine afterward! They are only 4 bucks a piece on amazon.com – totally worth the investment 😉 it just makes you relaxed, but ok, ill get off my soapbox – from now on, they will be referred to as “coffee breaks” 🙂

Today I really, really miss Keegan. I am so proud of him that he is doing so well, granted he is doing well because he is with such great people, but wow, I really miss him 😦 I knew I would miss him, but never thought it would be to this point! It’s like I want time to hurry up, so I can get home to him, then I don’t, because it is nice having meals and drinks and enemas prepared for me, I know I need to enjoy it because FAR too soon, i will have a baby wanting my attention while I am preparing a “coffee break” and meals for everyone – eek! I am excited to be together as a family again soon though 🙂

Tomorrow Claude, Grant, Roberta, Leslie, Dave and Nona leave. All the people we were closest to here are all gone in one day! It sucks, but im sure the new people coming will be fun, and we will make some more awesome friends 🙂 it’s like the relationships you make in college – the close relationship that happens right away – because we literally have more to talk about in a more personal matter than most people will ever have to listen to! but its amazing 🙂

Cooking class is this afternoon, we get to learn how to make all the juices and maybe some salads – I know you’re thinking “oh salads – cut lettuce – tough job!” 🙂 the salads are actually pretty complex – lots of different veggies, and the dressings are all different and pretty good, we can even add flax oil to them! I am taking a video so I can see everything – then I can show them to whoever works at my office 🙂 I would literally PAY someone just to make drinks!! lol but right now Im just planning on giving myself 10 minutes at the beginning of the hour to make the juice, so patients won’t be scheduled then 🙂

We were talking with our friends today – the medical model really has it’s days for me! Today, it just made me want to scream.  Example 1 – breast cancer. Ok, so the doctors say – hey, we can give you a 50% greater chance of survival if you take this pill. fantastic!! that sounds great!! sign me up!  lucky for us, we have a smart friend – she asked to see the research. Turns out your chance of survival went from 2% to 3% with these drugs – which going from 2 to 3 is a 50% increase – seriously? still wanna sign up?  of course, don’t tell the patients about that whole little 3 number – i mean really, does it make a difference? ugh!

Second one hits REALLY close to home. A patient with papillary thyroid cancer, which I have mentioned a lot. I do this because he took the road I decided against. He was told he had a slow growing, lazy cancer (echo, echo) and it would do nothing. The cells needed to be “cleaned up” with a little radioactive iodine (echo, echo)  95% chance of survival (wonder where they got THOSE numbers from)  well – he does radioactive iodine – because he believes that is what is best. Well, he loses his voice for 5 weeks, loses all action of his salivary glands, has a constant sore throat and has to walk around with a water bottle constantly, his voice completely changed, he had to stay away from his family and had radiation burn. Ok, now he is cured, right? WRONG, the cause of the cancer is NOT gone – he goes in for a scan and finds now the cancer has spread and looks like snow in his lungs. He asks the MD how many years he has – expecting maybe 30, 20, at least 10. The MD tells him, “Well, you should have a year” WHAT!?? 1 YEAR? who is this idiot MD who has placed himself above God and decided to give someone a death sentance? They should lose their license immediately – NO ONE has the right to tell you how long have left!! how DARE you tell someone how long they have left to live! EVERY person and EVERY situation is different – Im beyond disbelief at the medical community, the power of human will and the lengths people will go to educate themselves. I am so blessed to call the people here my friends, and I can’t wait until our 3 year cancer anniversary in Panama!!

I love the fact that my husband has started to understand anatomy and physiology 🙂 people LOVE to say Palmer “brainwashes” people to believe medicine is bad – my hubby can set them right!  Why? because he is educated! It wasn’t what he wanted or planned to do on this trip, but its been hard to ignore.  He is incredibly smart and catches on to things quicker than most. Today, without me saying a word (I was far too sick to talk)  he held his own and spoke with more energy and education than I have ever heard. He just happens to understand that hospitals are incredibly necessary – for emergency situations. Break your leg – get in there quick! have a cold? an autoimmune disease? wanting to learn about wellness or prevention? all NOT reasons to see an MD. That is NOT what they are trained on in medical school. They take classes and seminars taught by drug reps, if you don’t believe me look what the Harvard Med students are currently doing – trying to oust Big Pharma from all their schooling. A Doctor of Chiropractic spends 400 MORE hours than an MD in school PERFECTING the anatomy and physiology of the human body.

Is it bad that I’m not scared of this diagnosis? Is it wierd? Am I wierd? ok don’t answer that 😉  Ever since I was diagnosed, The only time I got scared was when I felt the medical community and Shawn’s family were pressuring me to do things I didn’t want to do. it literally felt like I was being suffocated. At first, I felt like Shawn’s family completely ailenated me and made me feel like I was this incredibly stupid person for my choice. That, of course, is how I felt, and how I took the situation. They made me feel like I was going to die and I was just going to stare at crystals and hum, hoping the cancer would go away.

Things got really dark in our household, but luckily, it lasted about an hour. I went away for 5 days with my mom and sister for a girls weekend we do twice a year. During that time, I can only assume Shawn’s family filled him with fear mongering and no facts. No evidence based anything. I have spent the last 10 years of my life studying anatomy and physiology, I became a Doctor, I am very proud of my accomplishments. Now all that merit is gone? Really?  I was helping him understand how the body works – you know, so you can understand how to make it better!  They meant well (I hope) but it came out like what I wanted to do was stupid and I was going to die. Someones friend’s brother’s aunt’s sister’s nephew’s dog knew someone’s 4th cousin that died after going to the Gerson Institute – so I was gonna die too. Rediculous. It worked though, and Shawn came to me full of ammo that we weren’t going to do therapy. He somehow forgot all the education I had been teaching him how the body works, and why i wanted to do the therapy I had chosen. People need to realize it doesn’t matter what others want – it matters what the PATIENT wants. it matters what works for the PATIENT. Your own guilt over what could have should have been doesn’t change someone else’s decisions. You can’t belittle them in their ideas, especially well educated people – all that will happen is they will no longer pay any attention to you, since you are a waste of their time.

Luckily, even my dad is on board with me. My dad is the smartest man I know. He knows something about everything, and can explain things to anyone. He was against my therapy at first, but he chose to educate himself, and see what new hairbrained idea his daughter came up with this time. He is now one of my greatest supporters. Luckily, since my mother is a breast cancer and melanoma survivor who did no chemo or radiation, and chose Holistic Nutrition over the deadly drugs, and is still doing amazing to this day, my dad had an idea that people do survive without the toxic junk.

DId you know the American Society on Oncology says the outcome of chemo and radiation is 2-5%? that is a survival rate – just an FYI. If you do chemo and radiation, they expect 2-5% of the people to survive. That is unacceptable.  They did studies with chemo and a placebo – saying they found a way to stop hair loss – in that study – the placebo vs chemo – 30-60% of the placebo survived, and 2.5% of the chemo study participants survivied. So they removed the placebo in testing now. How do American’s allow this to keep going on? How does our society make cancer seem like such a scary thing, so people are forced out of fear to do this to themselves, and die anyway? The therapy I have chosen has a 35% survival rate – that is if you are a stage IV that has gone through chemo and radiation. For other cancers, or those who haven’t done the chemo and radiation route, the survival rate is between 70 and 90%. Still wondering why I chose what I did?

Im lucky Shawn’s parents and his sister have started to read up on the therapy, and understand why I am doing what I am doing. I don’t know if they agree with it, but regardless, they are supporting us, which I know means the world to Shawn. I know they care, and want their son and brother to have a wife and a mother to his children for a long time, and out of fear came judgement. I understand that, but looking at it from my perspective – it makes it seem like I came to this decision lightly, which to a point I did, because I have known for a long time that chemo and radiation aren’t for me. If they are for you – go for it. I will miss you, and I will hope you survive, but when you have that small of a chance of making it, get into remission and then get your body working for you, start a detox – a good one – and get on the mend! I know I sound bitter about all of this, but wow – I have been fighting tooth and nail for acceptance in a family that my views are seen as a complete wierdo. It was to the point I would find excuses just so I wouldn’t have to go to family functions, because I know what would happen at them. That isn’t so much the case anymore. Tonight, a wise friend told me that I just need to sidestep and continue on past those who choose to judge – and you know, Im ready to do it – and I will be happier in the long run 🙂 I mean really, who wants to be “normal” anyway?