April 27th, 2011

So, ever since I started this whole lifestyle change, LOTS of people have said to me “you know, I have a juicer – somewhere. It’s just collecting dust” Get those juicers out!! 🙂 interested in a 1 week Gerson challenge? A friend of mine emailed me and asked if incorporating some of the Gerson stuff would be beneficial – absolutely! So I thought I would extend it to anyone who may be interested 🙂

First off – if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, this will NOT hurt you. at all! I have asked a few different people, and now also saw a recovered patient that had a pregnancy during this. The worst this will do is make you healthier 😉

Only requirement – don’t be afraid to try new things!! Here it goes:

1. Give up ALL meat and animal protein – it’s just one week of your life!! A whole 7 days – you will be ok, I promise!!

2. Follow a Vegan diet – no cheese! I will provide recipes 🙂 or just google “Gerson Recipe” or “Gerson salad dressing” you will get LOTS of info. There is an AMAZING salsa recipe I will be getting so I will post that 🙂

3. NO SALT – none. zip. zero. You will be AMAZED how your taste changes during this week. I remember when I first got here and had the Hippocrates soup, i thought it tasted horrible – I remember distinctly thinking – “wow, this could use some salt” 🙂 now – it is FULL of flavor! my taste isn’t masked by salt now, so all foods have a lot more flavor to them

4. Juice at least 7 juices per day.13 is how many we have. More if you can, Ill give you the exact way to make them!

For 8oz Juices:

Carrot – buy 20 pounds of organic carrots. cut off the ends and send them through the juicer until you get 8oz. run them through a fine strainer after they are through the juicer. If you have a press, you can press the carrot pulp and get a LOT more juice. It is actually pretty sweet tasting! carrot juice actually is a good source of plant protein.

Carrot/Apple – same, organic carrots and apples, core the apple, add it in with the carrot juice, to make a total of 8oz. This and the carrot can be made and kept in the fridge for 3 hours, but get small 8oz containers, and put saran wrap against the juice to stop air from getting in, and oxidizing the food.

Green – ok, this one takes a couple different things: Romaine lettuce, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, endive, escarole, watercress, red cabbage, 1/4 green pepper and apple. Get what you can. It takes about 3 leaves of each, but make 8 oz. This has to be drank within 15 minutes. This is by far the drink with the most enzymes!

Orange/Grapefruit – depends on the size, but this is the first drink of the morning. Diabetics take the grapefruit but some think its too tart. I have had both and love them both. Fresh OJ is amazing! Just peel and juice it 🙂

Hippocrates Soup

For 1 perso use a 4qt pot, use the following veggies, then cover with distilled water

1 medium celery knob (or 3-4 stalks celery)

1 medium parsley root

garlic as desired

2 small leeks

1.5lbs tomatoes or more

2 medium onions

1lb potatoes

a little parsley

do not peel any veggies, just was and cut coarse, simmer slowly for 2 hours, put through juicer in small quantities. cook for desired consistancy. Can keep for 2 days in the fridge. Warm up as much as needed 🙂 You can leave it chunky by not putting it through the juicer, or you can make it fine by putting it through a juicer

Here is the meal plan:
Breakfast – Your fresh Orange or Grapefruit Juice, fresh fruit of your choice, and Oatmeal. None of the quick stuff. Old Fashioned oatmeal. Add 1 tbsp of honey or brown sugar (organic) if you would like. You get a total of 2tbsp of sugar per day – this can be one of them!

Lunch – Fresh salad, lots of veggies – all squashes are good, so you can cook some of those, try not to overcook, as it kills lots of enzymes! guess ill be adding the food list as well as to what veggies you can have! Also, Hippocrates Soup and fresh fruit, and a baked potato – with nothing on it 🙂

Dinner – same as lunch, you can add a piece of rye bread (organic) to both lunch and dinner. No butter. Flaxseed oil is ok, 2 tbsp per day. You can also have a baked potato with both lunch and dinner. Plain.

You can have fresh fruit throughout the day.

OK, for the fun part – how to make a coffee enema!! YAY!!! 🙂

– buy a enema kit – amazon.com has them for $11 bucks. Only put the bucket 12″ above you – otherwise it will go WAY to fast and not be so fun (amazon.com has them for like 11bucks)

-get organic, light roast ground coffee

It takes 36oz of water to get 32oz of coffee concentrate, so start with 36oz of water in a pain. Bring to boiling and add 8oz of ground coffee. I think they said it is 15tbsp

bring it back to a boil, then drop it to a simmer. Cover and simmer 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, let it cool with no lid. Put through a strainer and put into glass jar or thermos to keep warm. You should have a glass lined thermos, we just bought a bunch at Farm N Fleet for 10 bucks each. Works great!

If you put it in the fridge, put in a pot to heat for 10 min at a simmer.

-for the enema, put in enema bucket 8oz coffee concentrate, 8oz hot water, 16oz distilled, room temp water. Make sure you are laying on your right side. once all the coffee is in, retain the enema for 12 to 15 minutes, and release. Ideally, we do this up to 5 times per day, but it works well first thing in the morning and before bed. No jittery coffee moods either!! 🙂

There is a castor oil enema as well – that is just cruel and unusual punishment, but if you want – do it on a weekend, you may be not feeling to hot for a few hours! drink two tablespoons with 4oz coffee at 7am, and at 11:30am, add 3oz of castor oil to your coffee enema, take the enema, but DO NOT retain it – once it is all in, let it all out right away! 🙂

The reason I ask you take out meat is a really important part of this lifestyle. It really detoxes well if you can handle it for a while. In one week though, if you stick with it, I guarantee you will feel a huge difference. They are seeing diabetics almost off insulin within 2 weeks, but very decreased in 1. Granted, this isn’t adding the supplements I am taking, this is just to see how you will do on the new lifestyle we are introduced to 🙂 You will not have cravings by the end of the week. I craved sugar I think one day, but when your nutrients are met, you don’t crave food.

Seriously, if you stick to this for one week, not only will you lose weight, but you will feel SO much better. This is what I will be doing for 2 years – so you can make it a week! Of course I can try to answer questions, Ill put up new recipes as i get them 🙂 Obviously you can pick and choose what you do if you don’t want to go all out – even some change is good for you. The meat thing is just the most beneficial to remove for now – not saying it will never be added back in, just for now 🙂

Have I confused you well enough? 🙂