April 23rd, 2011

woohoo!! victory! 🙂 I figured out if you get the castor oil in your mouth and then put coffee in, swish it around and swallow it – it all tastes like coffee! I love coffee, and normally don’t get to drink it, this is like cheating every other day – I can handle that 🙂

At breakfast today, we had a really interesting coversation with Jerry and Novaline. Novaline has inoperable pacreatic cancer. She was given 3 to 6 months to live, because the cancer is in the head of the pancreas and it is wrapped all around the blood vessels. The doctors told her she would bleed out in surgery. Jerry sells insurance for his job. He told us he didn’t even think about chemo and radiation for Nona. We asked why, to which he replied “I sell insurance for a living. In the people that get chemo and radiation, they live 6months to 2 years. We have been married 46 years, it wasn’t happening. Not an option.”  How I WISH people could hear that more often!! Not saying its not there if you need it – radiation could shrink a tumor, sure – but why try that first? why not do things that will help your body get stronger, and fight off what it can, before taking the incredible risks with chemo and radiation? I now know two people my age that have radiation/chemo induced menopause. yeah, yeah, 2 isn’t many, but it 2 is two 2 many for someone my age to be unable to bear children because they thought what they were doing was best. There are other options.

Just an update on Novaline – she came unable to walk, with Jerry worried she wouldn’t even make it down here – she is now walking, eating, taking her supplements, and even feels good enough to do her hair!!

One part of this therapy deals a lot with moods. Different days of therapy they forwarn you may be more difficult than others, since you detox different things, and different chemicals cause different experiences – ask anyone who has gotten drunk if you don’t believe me 😉 last night was tough – I just wanted to pick a fight! I told Shawn my feelings, and that I was feeling like I just wanted to fight with him, yet he did nothing wrong, and I didn’t know why I felt that way. It’s so frustrating!! I ended up going to bed at 8PM so I could  just ignore those feelings. Im wondering if I need to embrace them and understand why they are there, then again, for the person who has been my absolute rock, he doesn’t deserve my detox feelings. Today I feel great, but we will see how everthing goes after my 11:30 castor oil treatment.

We spoke with the doctor to ask more questions about the castor oil treatment – he said the sicker you get, the more congested your liver is. This morning was absolutely no issue for me, but after the 11:30 enema, I feel like im going to throw up 😦 I thought I was in the clear after I felt so great this morning!! The doc said my liver is doing better if I didn’t get sick with drinking the castor oil. Poor Claude is still super super sick when he does his – his friend Grant is a lot like Shawn, very upbeat and tries to put him back on the uphill swing when things get bad. Those two are great guys!

The other really wierd thing that has been happening today is my scar. The scar on my neck feels like im getting needles stuck in it. It was literally enough to stop me from walking when it hit. When I asked about that, the doc said lots of patients with surgery notice their scars hurting because the pacreatin I am taking breaks down scar and tumor tissue, dissolves it and makes scars a lot smoother and less noticable, and tries to heal the area from the inside, which is why I feel that way. My melanoma scar is getting really red, but hasn’t hurt as bad as the last thyroid cancer scar, possibly because it isn’t as new – it has a whole month on the last thyroid scar!  Dr.Chen did an amazing job with my surgery, and made the scar look pretty good, but the second scar isn’t as nice as the first one, and it is less than a month old, so that is probably why it causes me more pain!

Today the sick feeling after the castor oil only lasted about 3 hours. Shawn had me up for lunch and I ate a whole potato – with nothing on it, because anything with taste right now would make me throw up! Gerson works on the premise that salt helps cancer grow, so there is no salt with this lifestyle – its amazing how different foods start to taste when you don’t mask everything with salt!

fun little factoid: The average American has 20 POUNDS of impacted fecal matter in their colon. Out of curiosity, I weighed myself today because my pants are literally falling off of me. I have lost 13 pounds already! can’t say water weight either, because I have juice every hour on the hour, plus fresh fruits and veggies all day long. crazy! I know its going to level off at a certain point, but im totally cool with this right now!!  🙂

We got to hang out in the pool with Dave and Nona, and Bob and Cathy today, the “newbies” 🙂 it’s interesting to see how everyone is able to handle different parts of this therapy. We are a major support group for eachother, and i know I will miss them terribly when we are all back home.