April 11th, 2011

Well, today was FULL of emotion, crying, and i think, finally peace. After some probably well meaning (but I can’t tell) but uneducated people (other than the medical side) spent the entire time I was gone this past week convincing Shawn my choice for the Gerson Institute was the wrong idea, we have sent our admission papers, bought the plane tickets, and sent payment down to San Diego for our two week stay!

It drives me CRAZY that people who choose not to educate themselves can pass judgement so quickly when other people’s plans aren’t what they want. IT’S NOT YOUR LIFE. IT’S NOT YOUR CANCER! IT’S MINE!! who has to sign the papers for surgery? ME who has to sign ANY medical documents, and heal from surgery, and not be able to hold their son, and not be able to cuddle their son? ME! how dare you pass judgement and then try to brainwash my husband into your beliefs and your bow down attitude toward the joke of a cure American Cancer Society. Lucky for us, we are a strong couple, and we will make it through this, but wow, I can’t wait until I am better and as much as it is against all I stand for – I want to throw it in their face that I am healthy! gr. OK im done with my rant! šŸ™‚

Im very much looking forward to the trip, and the benefit has since launched. We have gotten numerous messages about donationsf or the silent auction, which is awesome, but the outpouring of prayers and positive things people are saying and commenting is absolutely amazing. I have made it a point to try and see others point of views, and yes, I will be the first to admit I am hard headed, but when I am passionate about something, its because I care!! I care so much I WISH people could see what I do and want to be as healthy as they can be! I care too much most likely, but if I can even prevent ONE person from having cancer, or any type of ailment, you better believe I will try!

THen again, if they are like me, cancer is just a reason and excuse to learn more and be that much more helpful to those truly in need šŸ™‚