April 18th, 2011

WOW! tomorrow is the day!! We leave at 11am, fly to San Diego for a night, and at 8am will be picked up the next morning and taken into Mexico! crazy!!! I remember thinking it would be FOREVER till we got to go – now, Im staring it in the face!

Its still not real to me yet – I know I fully understand what i am getting into, but I also don’t – Im scared about the “healing process” that is quite painful they mention quite a bit, and today I was reading over more info and it said we will need all these people to come help us since it is so much work – I do a ton of it right now, I think we will be ok!

I hugged Keegan pretty tight today, and pretty often! I hope he doesn’t hate us 😦 We have Skype up with almost everyone, and he will see us, and he is with my parents and Shawn’s parents, both of who he knows well, so I hope he isn’t to scarred from all of this 😦 but hey – Im doing what I can to ensure that I am here for him for the rest of his life!

Tonight I got to go to dinner with an amazing friend, it as great to catch up and it made me realize how much I need to keep in touch with friends, even when life gets crazy. She is such a strong, caring woman and is such an amazing friend – it was so easy to hide inside all winter and hibernate, especially with a little one, but I have been SO blessed with the amazing friends I have met since I moved back to Wisconsin and had a baby 🙂 I truly believe everything happens for a reason, and I have some absolutely amazing people in my life!

Well – off to bed to (try) to sleep, something tells me I will be crawling into Keegan’s crib so I can just give him a SUPER long hug 😦  tomorrow will be tough!