April 4th, 2011

Well, the path report came back from my latest biopsy – the one they were CERTAIN was melanoma or basal cell carcinoma, because it looked the same as the others – came back normal. just funny lookin’ 

ya know – call me a conspiracy theorist or whatever you would like – but melanoma is one of the first cancers the Gerson Therapy kills, because of how wierd all the cells are. Granted, we will never know if this was cancer or not, because I was doing cesium and juicing a TON for weeks before this biopsy – so im just gonna go with its healed 🙂

My choice of therapy is leading to some pretty heated discussions now. It almost feels like people didn’t think I would actually go through with the therapy I have chosen. They thought I was all talk, and today when the Gerson clinic finally got back to me about when i will be down there (April 20-May 4th) and the word started spreading, all of a sudden the fear mongering came out – “do this therapy or you will die” “show me the evidence” “give me a double blind study of how it works”

Gerson doesn’t do double blind studies. They have case studies. Gerson is not medical based, hence why it works. You can’t do a double blind study on someone drinking 10 to 13 fresh juices a day, and having a total change in lifestyle. You can look at one organ system, sure, but Gerson heals the entire body, which makes people stuck on science reel with anger. It almost seems like these incredibly smart human beings cannot conceptualize the fact that when you heal something on a cellular level, the whole being improves. brainwashing in the finest form.

Funny though – one person in particular who I am incredibly fond of, because he has an awesome character and truly cares, doesn’t just want to judge – has offered to “eat a crow” when I come back and at my next CT, my lungs are clear. I asked him how he liked it prepared, and told him I would buy him a 6 pack.

Guess Shawn better start target practice 🙂