Feb 14th, 2011

So, today was a great day!! We found out that accupuncture is approved for 12 visits per year! so that’s awesome!! When I went to Davenport, I saw the Chiropractor that my friend Christine is working with, and she did accupuncture. She needled around the place I have melanoma, and as wierd as it sounds, of the 3 biopsy spots, the one with melanoma that she needled around is almost all the way healed, whereas the other two are still really far from healing! coincidence or just strange..i don’ t know but im guessing no coincindence!

The scary thing now is my neck freezing up. It has done it once again, and hadn’t done it since surgery. I will be at the chiropractor many times again this week to get it moving again, but it sucks because I can’t care for Keegan with it this way! Shawn has been absolutely amazing helping me with him, he is such an amazing husband and dad, I don’t know what I would do without him!

My next set of biopsies is the 21st of February, so I will know more then!