January 31, 2011

Well, I figured instead of always telling people new information every time it comes out, I would just do a blog to let you all know! Here is the backround for those of you who aren’t 100% up to date 🙂

When I was in Physical Diagnosis class in Chiropractic College, Our teacher told me my thyroid looked big, and I should get it checked out. I said ok, but never did becase I had no healthcare. I noticed it all the time, it felt like a constant lump in my throat, but I got used to it over time.

Pregnant with Keegan, my thryoid got bigger. I was told at delivery I needed to get my levels checked, which I did. All were normal. Benign Hyperplasia, I thought, no big deal. 6 weeks postpartum, they wanted to check my levels again. All were normal again. The midwives said I should really follow up with a endocrinologist.

When Keegan was 3 months old, I decided I should probably listen to the midwives, since in pictures I couldn’t stand looking at myself because i felt like I had a goiter! We got an appointment pretty quick once I explained my situation. First was an ultrasound, which they noted my thyroid was 5x bigger than it should be. They then did an ultrasound of my neck and found a lymph node that looked large, so they said they would probably take that out.

Next was a fine needle aspiration. It took 4 needle sticks of cells, but they were confident it was papillary carcinoma, with a pathologist report 3 days later confiming the diagnosis.

I went into surgery for a total thyroidectomy and lymph node removal. After surgery I would learn instead of the 1 lymph node they wanted, they took 30, and of the 30, 26 were full of cancer. The thyroid was the size of the surgeon’s fist!!

I had taken the news just fine when they told me I had cancer. I said ok when they said they were taking a lymph node. When I got the report back that so many were full of cancer, it was my breaking point.

I think everything just hit me at once, i was at home when I got the call and thought I was never going to see Keegan grow up, I was just so frustrated! I finally graduated from grad school, which was a feat in itself after what I went through there, I got married to the most amazing guy I could EVER imagine, we have a beautiful son, I was ready to get my “real” life on track, and now this. Another stumbling stone.

After I got over the news, I decided being down on myself would do nothing to heal my cancer. In Chiropractic College, we learn the 3 reasons of subluxation: Thoughts, Trauma, and Toxins. Thoughts are so incredibly powerful, they can be a deciding factor in life and death. I choose life.

Now were deciding what comes next. My surgeon wants to do a CT of my head, neck and chest to see if there are any more lymph nodes he needs to get. I don’t agree with his views, since it is in my lymph system, I feel he should do a PET scan, to check my entire body for increased metabolism, which would show them where else in my body cancer may be.

I have started a rigerous nutrition schedule, including my vitamins, minerals, and MonaVie. but I am going to be starting something called Zeolite enhanced with DHQ.  You can learn about it here http://www.cancerfightingstrategies.com/zeolite.html

Im starting this blog to write about my experiences with this whole cancer thing, and to keep family and friends up to date with everything. Im going back to Iowa to talk with Joe, the nutritionist I learned what I know about nutrition from, to get some more advie and ask more questions about my options. Ill know more later!