March 28th, 2011

So, I have really started strong on the Gerson diet to get myself ready for whatever I will encounter in Mexico. Crazy!! 13 juices per day, once an hour, starting at 8am is nuts!! There are only 3 juices you drink, Orange (Fresh juiced OJ is AMAZING) carrot, carrot/apple, and Green, which is a crazy mix of different greens I never thought I would ever eat! I eat two salads for lunch and dinner, with whatever veggies I have (for now – that wil change) and for breakfast I don’t do a whole lot since they want me to eat oatmeal, and honestly, I just havent bought any yet so I eat Ezekiel bread and my OJ and a grapefruit, I got oat bran – bleh! definitly not tasty – I should make muffins with it, those always taste good!

Going through about 25 pounds of carrots in less than a week is pretty crazy! never thought I would ever eat that many carrots 🙂 I have the most amazing Primary Care Physician (other than Him)  she has ordered all the blood work I will need and the UA’s I will need, so I can keep on track and watch my levels to make sure they are all staying in normal limits.

So – there is this place in the Phillipines that does an hCG test with your urine, there are directions of how to do it, you send $55 to a place in Palatine, IL and send the urine, they measure the hCG and you get a response! Well, I did that before my thyroid surgery, and they lost the sample in the mail 😦 totally bummed! It got there and took so long they said it had degraded and wouldn’t be a good sample. So I sent it again after I took the Zeolite and before starting Gerson. I suppose I should explain why I am getting my hCG levels checked if I am not pregnant!

Did you know certain cancers, especially pancreatic, breast and melanoma, are growing in your body for YEARS before you can detect them? well, rapidly dividing cells all have one thing in common – they secrete hCG. So, you have to be absolutely certain you are not pregnant, and send your sample, and they will give you the amount in your urine, By FAR the best test out there to be proactive to see if something is going on. The reference range goes up to 49, meaning it can be up to 49 and that is normal, that is what is normally going on in the body. above 50 is suspect of cancer.

I got my response back this week. Guess what my level is?! a 4!!!!!! So maybe, just maybe, what I am doing is working!! I will continue to do this test to make sure all is good in the world of me as I do this other testing, but to me that is awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better score!

As for the Mexico trip, looks like Shawn and I will be leaving April 15th. We fly down to San Diego and then get driven across the border to Mexico. Not gonna lie, Tijuana is a little scary, but I think we will be in good hands! I will update as often as I can down there, and let you know how I am doing! 🙂