Feb 7th, 2011

Well, I decided to go to the dermatologist to get some skin spots checked out, like I was supposed to do for a while, since pregnancy I had some wierd spots. The dermatologist said if I got a phone call from her, it wasn’t a good thing, but if I got a letter from the clinic, i’m good to go.

This morning at about 9am, I got a call from the dermatology clinic. Of the 3 spots they took, one was dysplastic (pre cancerous) and one was melanoma. The third, which oddly enough, was thought to be the really bad one, was just a wierd scar that healed wrong! Go figure!!

I don’t know if its a bad thing or not that I feel numb with this news, no reaction whatsoever. I have to go back to get it recized, they will cut out a bigger chunk to make sure they got it all. They said I don’t need a lymph node biopsy or chest film, but the lymph nodes were positive last time anyway! ugh. I just want this over with!

Im trying postive affirmations, thinking positive, everything I can, and this is just getting to the point of dragging me down. I have been so good with the thyroid stuff, i have accepted it, and I guess all I can do now is accept this as well, and move on. I have to get more biopsies now as well, to get more spots the dermatologist thought she would just watch.

 In other news, Im SUPER excited to go to Davenport tomorrow with my mom and Keegan. We are going to see Joe Dunning, the nutritionist who has helped me learn alot of what I know about nutrition. He has brought back several stage 4 cancer patients who were sent home to live out their last wishes, and granted, that is nothing that I am at, I do firmly believe because of the change in diet and chiropractic care, The cancer has not spread the way it could.

All those things I wish I could take back now..the tanning when I was younger, the negative lifestyle and incredibly negative influences I had through high school..I refuse to surround myself with people that are downers and make people feel inferior. I have dealt with that way to long, and if I didn’t believe it was time for change before, I sure do now!