Do you know how good it feels to give up? Get away from the negativity in life, and focus on what will bring you peace and happiness? No, Im not going to go live in a forest somewhere and start talking to trees. I just refuse to focus on the bad stuff. It has been a journey for me to come to this, but low and behold, im starting to get what this whole life thing is all about – it’s what you make of it. And I want a happy life. Grant said it perfect this morning at breakfast – life is like a television station. You can choose to watch the war and news 24/7, or you could watch Americas Funniest Home Videos. Do you know how different your outlook on life would be if you only watched enriching, happy shows? Im not saying ignore the outside world – although sometimes I think that’s not a bad thing – but if Keegan could rule the world, we would watch Wheel of Fortune 24/7. I have no problems with that. It seems like the news just wants to focus on drama in the world – what is bad, what they can complain about. I wonder I they would ever consider making a news program that saw the bad, but just brought up solutions to the problems, instead of just saying how it is so terrible and we are all going to die. Wouldn’t that be worth watching?

Today all of our friends started on their health journey by themselves, at home.  I’m a little upset today is castor oil day for me, and I have been sick all morning, so couldn’t really say goodbye to everyone, but I am pretty sure they know I wish only the best for them.  They are such strong people, and so determined to meet true health with a smile. One gentleman from Michigan has lost his sister, his brother, and his daughter to cancer. He starts on his journey to health today, positive his outcome will be different. I am certain it will be, and I can’t wait for the Michigan/Wisconsin Badger game on October 8th of this year – Shawn, Keegan and I will be making a trip to Michigan to watch the game with them!! I can’t wait! It’s great to vacation with Gerson patients – they get what we need and have juices available.

I have chosen to switch blogs since today the site erased half my blog again after I wrote it. Maybe the site is trying to tell me something though lol – maybe I was just meant to not put what I put, and it was God’s way of saying – meh – try over. Will do, but with another blog, thanks 🙂

I wanted to answer some questions I have been asked lately,  If one person has the question, I am sure others do as well, and I am more than happy to answer any questions – if you can’t tell, a lot of this therapy requires rest, so Im taking full advantage of that when I can – here it goes!

First question – if you don’t drink caffeine, is the enema going to give you heart palpitations or a caffeine high?  

                Not at all! That is the amazing joy of the coffee break. The caffeine in the coffee is only there to facilitate dilation of the hepatic portal system and bile duct. It functions to open and move “stuff” through the digestive tract, and facilitates the super production of glutathione. Glutathione is a VERY beneficial antioxidant, and doing the coffee enema causes the production of glutathione –s –transferase at 700% its normal production – talk about awesome!! If you actually do the enema, you will find a calm, aware, alert reaction. It’s actually quite peaceful. . . Once the cramping stops

Another great question – cost wise, how will this affect you and Shawn

              It is amazing to know eating raw/vegan is actually cheaper than buying all the processed junk. Granted we really have never had a ton of processed stuff, we still had a budget of $400 per month for groceries. We used that up quite easily until I started this way of eating. I can make green juice for the week for about $25. I buy organic juicing carrots, 25 pounds is $17.99 or $23 (I pay more for Tipi Produce – love them!) so that lasts a week. We haven’t priced everything, we get that fun joy once we get home, but when I was living that way I was under budget by at least $100 per month. Ill take it! The funny thing is, you don’t eat nearly as much either, because you actually get full quicker when you have the fiber to break down. For me, it’s a win-win. And babies LOVE the carrot juice and it is great for them as well 🙂

Dr.Barb, an amazing woman I can’t WAIT to start working with when I open the practice. She is super motivational and has the BEST outlook on things – I am so excited to get moving forward with life and not let this educational experience mess up my dreams of my practice 🙂 She sent this to me today, and I just wanted to pass it along, to help maybe bridge the gap of what we do.

Difference between medicine and Chiropractic?
1- Medicine believes that disease causes a lack of health.
2- Chiropractic knows that a lack of health causes disease.
3- Consequently, medicine treats disease while chiropractic addresses the cause for a lack of health.
4- An alternative is a different way of achieving the same objective. Hence, chiropractic cannot be an alternative to medicine.

I have learned even more that I agree nutrition and Chiropractic go hand in hand. Chiropractic will always be my primary, and I wish I could have someone who could adjust me down here, but I’ll take what I can, I get great care in Madison. I think this experience will give me a GREAT foundation to help ALL sorts of patients with very different backrounds, mainly because I now have two main sources that cause dis-ease. Both the nervous system and the digestive system! I love it and can’t wait to get to work!! 🙂