Every morning when I wake up, I get to experience a great new day. A day I have never lived before. It will have its own special experiences, and I’m glad to be alive! We wake up to this beautiful sun, and a beautiful day, then follow it with a gorgeous sunset – I am so blessed! 🙂

Ah, newbies. I remember when we first got to the “compound” as Shawn calls it – I guess I’m a little guilty of that as well 🙂 It seems like a week and a half was so long ago, especially when we are now one of the “oldest” couples here. One couple who will be here 3 weeks got here the day before us, so they will outlast us, which is totally fine with me! I definitly think I only needed one week down here, but since they don’t allow that, we will stay 2. Today Jerry and Novaline left on their journey to health and  we met two new sets of people, one couple is from Colombia, and they speak NO English, and there is a woman (Audrey) and her brother (Jeff) who are from Minnesota. Audrey has colon cancer that has metastasized to her liver. She has done no chemo or radiation, but has done surgery and has a colostomy. She looks quite young, although I am not sure of her age.

I got to talk with Audrey a little after dinner. I noticed when she got here, she was very slow with moving, and said it is incredibly uncomfortable for her to walk. I noticed she seems to hold on to her sacrum as she does move – I can’t imagine the pain she is in, and I pray she is out of that severe pain soon. When I spoke to her after dinner, she sounded defeated, kind of like one of my earlier posts. I saw in her the same way I felt when I thought no one backed me. She is so full of positive energy, I can see it in her and I know she wants to get moving, but she is currently unable. She said she couldn’t wait to talk more, and I could almost see her eyes smile when all of us were talking. She feels comfortable – finally. She feels she can talk to people who understand what she is going through – finally. I told her we talk about enemas at the dinner table, she looked at me like I was crazy, guess she will find out I’m not kidding tomorrow! 🙂 After talking with her for about a half hour, I had a date with Shawn to go to the ocean and watch the sunset, so I excused myself and went out for a half hour or so 🙂

When we got back from watching the sunset, which literally lasted 5 minutes – I got the picture at the top but that was it! that sun sure goes down fast! Audrey and her brother were still sitting in the dining room, talking. We asked her again if she would like to go to the ocean, and she said she would love to, but there isn’t a chance she can walk the two blocks to the ocean. We are using a wheel chair tomorrow to take her down there 🙂 You can’t leave here without seeing a sunset!

We played Rummikub with Bob and Kathy until our coffee breaks at 9, then came back to bed. I got to speak with the doctor and find out some answers to some issues I have been having. Im a little upset I have to give up potatoes tomorrow. A potato with nothing on it is seriously the highlight of my meal. I LOVE those potatoes. Now they are taking them away, because I am bloating like crazy and they don’t know why, so now they take away my carbs and see if the bloating goes away. Boo. The other thing I am noticing is ALL my clothes are falling off me, but my weight isn”t changing very much – that to me says I am losing muscle, not fat. They don’t want us to exercize because they want us to heal, but I think pilates will be joining my zumba plan when I get home! I have lost almost 20 pounds since starting all of this, so I don’t know how much more I can lose! I would be happy with 5 more coming off 🙂

Today was the first time I actually had a little anxiety of going home. I talked with my mom and she is getting stuff ready for our return, but it’s scary thinking when we get home, were home really late on the 4th, then the 5th I know will be crazy getting ready for the benefit the 6th, and some time in there we have to get all of our organic suppliers contacted and paid, as well as 5 coffee breaks, 13 juices, 3 meals and about 56 supplements. yikes. Oh – did I mention the bread and salad for the benefit are being provided by Texas Roadhouse? Yeah – the bread, you know, with the honey and cinnamon whipped butter – and the spaghetti – all that I CAN’T eat.  But hey, I’m learning to turn every experience into an opportunity. When I experience a problem, I immediately say “out of this situation, only good will come.  This is easily resolved for the highest good of all concerned.” Therefore, My supplements will assemble themselves, juices will come together easily and quickly, and the day will be spent in bliss – all because we get to be together as a family again 🙂