Any men can disregard this first paragraph. The second one too. Just a forwarning. So, I have felt kinda bloated, junky, whatever for the past few days. I thought it was just because I was sad the majority of the group left, I was a little down. Well, yesterday when we went swimming, I noticed I was really REALLY bloated. I’m definitly not one to bring up issues to a doctor like that, I just figured I needed to drink more water (no clue how THAT could be possible) so last night I got so uncomfortable I actually said something to the night doc. She gave me charcoal tablets and said it would knock the bloating out. She also said I have to stay away from potato (TEAR). After I got back to the room, Mother Nature decided to grace me with her presence – I wasn’t sure when it was going to show up, since I was suppo0sed to get my visit on the 16th, and it never happened.

Well, today is a whole new story – ask Shawn’s mom or sister! They got the joy of seeing me when I finally could move out of bed around 10:30am. I got up at 6am to take my castor oil like normal, since today is castor oil day, and that went RIGHT through me and I got really REALLY sick. I was up every half hour for about an hour and a half then finally fell back asleep. Shawn went to breakfast and got me some stuff, but any smells made me horribly nauseaus, so I didn’t eat anything, and finally around 10 was able to eat a piece of toast. I finally got the courage to get up and go talk to the doctor to find out what was going on. Normally, women have normal cycles, well, in my case, since I just started it again after having a baby, they can’t regulate me correctly. I am not allowed to take niacin or the thyroid medication during my cycle, because it causes a lot of excess blood flow and that obviously will lead to problems. I hope this gets cleared up. The doc told me to stay away from Romaine Lettuce and potatoes – who would have thought?! Apparently those are big bloating culprits.  I also am not supposed to do any castor treatments for the time being, and just relax. Can’t say I’m too upset about that!  He said this reaction is the same as a flare up for other cancer patients, which they will notice around 3 months and again at 6 months into treatment. Joy. Im trying to look at it as a postivie – it means my body is regulating itself and things are going back to normal – which means I am getting healthy and my body is able to heal! And, more importantly – it means my body is capable of carrying another baby 🙂 NOT happening anytime soon – but to know its possible is great! 🙂

I love the Wellness Warrior. She is a woman who lives in Australia, and is my age, and was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. She too, went to the Gerson clinic and chose this therapy, and now she writes a blog with fun wellness stuff. She is an inspiration and on her blog I saw this poem that I thought was amazing – I plan on reading it to Keegan and I hope he can understand the meaning!

The Plum

You can learn that you cannot be loved by all people
You can be the finest PLUM in the world,
And offer yourself to all.
However you must remember there will always be people who do not like plums.
You can learn to understand that if you are the world’s finest plum,
And someone you like does not like plums
You have a choice of becoming a banana.
However, you need to be warned that if you choose to become a banana,
You will be a second-rate banana,
However, you can always be the best plum.
You need to understand that if you choose to be a second-rate banana,
There will always be people who do not like bananas,
Furthermore, you can spend your life trying to become the best banana (which is impossible if you are a plum),
Or: You can seek again to be the

Stop trying to make others happy. You are amazing human being who has a ton to offer and what makes you happy will make you shine, which in turn will make other people see you and smile. You can fake being happy all you want, but most can see right through it. When you do what you truly love, it is so evident you don’t care what others think, because you are in your own true bliss. I want to live life like that daily 🙂 I know I have a lot to do, but I’m willing 🙂

I missed our walk to the sunset tonight 😦 I slept almost all day, and didn’t move far from the room all day. I can’t believe we only have 3 days before we embark on the trip home. It’s starting to get scary that I have to do all this stuff on my own. Today at lunch we were all talking about it and how much of an effort it would be, and I eventually said – There is no other option! What are we supposed to do? It is what it is – if health was that easy, everyone would be healthy, but were working on getting our health back!