I have a chip on my shoulder today. I woke up in a great mood, and my great mood started to falter at breakfast, and I’m working on bringing it back up. Audrey said something to me that really made me think of all the judgement that is out there in the world. She said to me when she found out what I did for a profession, “Wow, so you obviously couldn’t say anything to any of your colleagues – I mean, you are supposed to be living this healthy, great lifestyle – what patient would want to see you as their doctor when you have cancer?” She didn’t mean it in a mean way, she was literally shocked when I told her I was a DC. And the fact is, she is right.

I remember when I was first diagnosed, that wow – what WOULD people say? what would my patients say? would they judge me because here I am, supposedly this picture of perfect health, I eat healthy, exercize, meditate, have all my “stuff” together? HA! Show me a DC with their life that perfect – I want to know how it’s done! You can strive for perfection, but what is perfect for you isn’t perfect for someone else! You have to strive for perfect for YOU. I had to think a lot about that, and you know – I flat out told Audry I was happy I got this diagnosis. Just as Claude and I were talking about it before he left – this diagnosis is a blessing. It has taught me a LOT about myself, and in the coming weeks and months, it will show me a strength I probably will never even imagine. The ability to stick to this lifestyle and truly heal will be difficult. I don’t doubt that.  Normal people don’t have to do this lifestyle to the extreme I have to, but I have to in order to heal, and I’m willing and ready to do that. I just hope I can be an example to others, or maybe even a motivational person for someone battling cancer, or any auto immune disorder.

A patient that goes to a DC that has never been sick a day in their life, has this perfect health, what not – a patient can strive for that, but let’s face it – that isn’t the case for most patients. I would say about 90% of the patients have pain, or they wouldn’t be in the office. I am hoping that my practice will see patients in pain, but I really want to attract the patients who want to do better for themselves to PREVENT the issues from showing up. Personally, I think when people see what I am doing for my cancer, and living the lifestyle I am, they will see I practice what I preach, and that speaks volumes. To never have anything wrong is not human. How we decide to deal with what happens to us makes us a person.  I choose to make the choices I have, and I choose to look at lettuce and smile – some days it is through clenched teeth but it’s a smile, regardless!

Did you know, there IS a law in the US, that if you don’t treat cancer with surgery, radiation and chemo, you go to jail, get a $10,000 fine and lose your license?  How are we supposed to cure cancer with laws like that? This is the main reason the Gerson Institute is over the border in Mexico. Their main clinic is in San Diego, but they can’t “treat” people there, because of the laws. I asked Charlotte about kids getting treatment, since in her book, it says they don’t treat anyone under age 18. Want to know why that is? Someone didn’t want conventional care for their child, and tried to bring them to the Gerson Clinic in Mexcio, just a few years ago. Child Protective Services was called, and the PARENTS were accused of kidnapping and leaving the country because they knew there was better care for their child. That is purely insane! I really hope in my lifetime, this ban is lifted, and there is something else out there for the cure of cancer, but all I can do at this time is get the word out.

Sometimes, the easy “pill for every ill” is the easy way out, and some people seemingly have no reprecussions of doing that. Just like some people who do the whole chemo and radiation route and miraculously survive. They survive 3 things – cancer, chemo and radiation! what an incredibly strong person to overcome all of that! We met a man today (new friend) who has metastatic melanoma – stage IV. He went through some extra therapies in the States but they didn’t work for him, so now he is here too. I can’t wait for the day that people come here first! or even become preventative! There is actually a Gerson lifestyle for prevention – a totally healthy person could start on it to just live a healthier lifestyle. I wish I knew about that earlier, but then again – would I have done it? Before this diagnosis, I really did eat well, exercize, and take care of myself well. I thought cancer would never ever have a chance in finding me.