So, I have been in Mexico all this time, and haven’t yet explained how this whole Gerson Therapy came along. For those interested, here is the story:

 “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in medical history.” – Nobel Laureate Albert Schweitzer, M.D

Given that those words were spoken by no less than a Nobel Prize winner, surely we ought to take note and consider them. Yet sadly much of Dr Max Gerson, M.D’s life and work was met with challenge, attack, and persecution. Despite all the odds being stacked against him, and armed only with his belief and resolve, he continued to spread his message to the word that he had discovered a cure for cancer and chronic degenerative disease.

He is, in my opinion, one of the biggest unsung heroes of modern medicine.


Max Gerson M.D stumbled across his whole body cure  largely by chance: he was trying to cure a headache.

As a young MD in Germany in the late 19th and early 20th century, Max Gerson was suffering from very frequent and terrible migraines. It got so bad that it started to interfere with his work. He was 25 yeras old, and the doctors that he asked told him he would eventually grow out of them around 55 years of age. After all the recommended treatments had failed to alleviate his symptoms and with little alternative, he turned his attention to his diet and started to experiment with different food combinations.

Through trial and error he managed to “decode” the correct dietary combination that cured him of migraines permanently. His discovery proved very popular and before long his “migraine diet” became his specialization and was treating numerous patients.


Whie Dr Gerson was practicing his effective migraine diet, someone very close to him was in need of help – his own daughter, Charlotte, who suffered from lupus. Not only had the diet cured this man of his migraines, but it had also cured his daughter of lupus– all of her skin lesions had disappeared!

Dr.Gerson had numerous people coming to him to seek help when conventional medicine failed them. He found his migranes were gone, then his daughers lupus, then advanced terminal lung TB that Albert Schwitzer’s wife suffered from. Then came gallstones, allergies, heart disease, diabetes, and numerous other problems. He was starting to see the symptoms are just manifestations of an underlying issue.

It was at this point that Dr Gerson started to understand the relationship between nutrition, the immune system, and disease. The possibility that many diseases could be related to a single cause, and that, rather than looking for symptomatic relief, the real cure was to flush out the “cause” of the illness became a lifelong fascination.


So by the early 1930′s Dr Gerson had developed the “Gerson-Sauerbrach-Hermannsdorfer diet” which they claimed was a massive advance in the treatment of tuberculosis, during which time under a clinical trial in Munich he was able to completely cure 446 out of 450 “lupus vulgaris” patients with his nutritional therapy. At time the disease was know to be a hideous and incurable skin tuberculosis.

American doctos have had an open invite to come check records, see for themselves what was going on with the Gerson therapy. NO American doctors have come forward to read the reports, see the lab tests, or see the cured patients.

The Nobel Prize winner Dr Albert Schweizer, was immensely impressed with Max Gerson’s therapy after the regimen not only cured his type II diabetes, but had also cured his wife’s life threatening tuberculosis condition, which had resisted all other forms of treatment. The two men formed a friendship which was to last their whole lives.

As well as attracting some renowned practitioners in the medical industry, the Gerson Diet was also starting to attract a lot of skepticism, and accusations that he was falsifying his data in his clinical trials, and accusations of quackery.

Undeterred Dr Gerson continued to develop and refine his diet therapy.


Dr Gerson was visited by a woman who had a case of advanced inoperable cancer, requesting him to administer his diet in an attempt to cure it. Gerson at this point had no reason to believe that his diet was an effective treatment for cancer and was very reluctant to treat this woman. However, at her insistence and offer to sign a statement waiving him of all responsibility should the treatment fail, he went to work. To his disbelief, his treatment cured the woman’s cancer and that of two of her friends.

Critics were really starting to make noise about his therapy, and Gerson openly admitted that he ad no idea why the therapy worked and instead decided to conduct a study.

Unfortunately, as the second world war began to take hold on the world, Max Gerson and his family fled Germany to the United States, leaving behind a large body of his work and studies.


In New York Dr Gerson set up a clinic and began a phase of study to refine and develop his therapy for the treatment of cancer. This was a very challenging time, as he was for the most part given patients that were terminal cases and considered hopeless cases by the medical industry.  Many of them were unable to eat and had suffered the effect of all conventional therapies to no avail. Coupled with that, if he was unable to come up with positive results the American Medical Association threatened to close his practice.

Not all of his cases were successful, and every time Dr Gerson was to lose a patient it weighed hard on his conscience.

Dr Gerson soon came to the conclusion that the process of most degenerative diseases in the body are more or less the same they are diseases of Toxicity & Deficiency and the health of the digestive system in the person. If these can be restored, it would be impossible for disease to exist in that environment.

Despite much contest from the AMA, Max Gerson continued to publish articles and case studies in the hope that his message can be heard and understood across America and the world. He submitted many cases of recovered patients to the AMA and was turned away many times, dismissed as “radical” and a “quack”.

Today, the best results for this therapy are found in advanced melanoma cases. They are the most quickly and easily healed of all cancers.

One case of importance was a young man with an astrocytoma, a brain tumor. The man went into surgery after he was getting horrible headaches and seizures, and they found a lemon sized tumor in his brain that was inoperable. They told him to get his affairs in order. This man’s wife was the sister of an MD, and that MD told him he had 3 months to live. The man didn’t accept death. He embarked on the Gerson protocol, and the Gerson clinic still has the MRI of his COMPLETELY CLEAN brain scan. after 6 years, this man is still doing amazing – and the wife’s brother still won’t accept the Gerson Therapy had anything to do with it.


Dr Max Gerson twice fell gravely ill in his lifetime. The first time, upon nursing himself back to health, he discovered that he was in fact poisoned… Not only that, but the manual of the book that he had intended to publish, stating his claim that he had found an effective treatment and cure for cancer, was stolen.

If Dr Gerson had not survived that attack, that manual would never have come to light and we would never know what he had discovered. His work would be lost forever.

Not one to be deterred, he set to work again and started to compile his studies. In 1958 he finally published his Life’s work ‘A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases’ detailing his results, theories, and practices.

The following year he fell gravely ill again, another poison attempt, and sadly was unable to recover.


We have much to be thankful for in Dr Max Gerson.Without his incredible mind, passion and the deep caring and love for the individuals with whom he worked the world would not be privy to the knowledge that we can prevent and cure most chronic degenerative disease, including Cancer, through the understanding of our bodily functions, and our lifestyle choices.

I cannot help but ponder what would motivate someone to poison a man of such value and integrity, and it must be for the reason that he possessed a secret that, if god forbid the world were to discover it, would bring a long standing multi-billion dollar industry crashing to it’s knees…

Can you imagine what he could have discovered if he could have kept working?