After watching Charlotte’s video, There were some points I thought would be of interest as of some of the reasons why this therapy is the way it is. This is a little insight as to why we eat the way we do. Know that protein is added in after 6 weeks, but carrots are actually a great source of protein!

This therapy works on the basis there are two reasons for all chronic disease: Deficiency and Toxicity.

Deficiency – from the foods we eat. They are manufactured, processed, bleached, pickled, jarred and preserved. All the living enzymes and vitamins are gone. They take the seed off wheat because it has Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids in it – now it won’t go bad as fast, but they have removed vital components! They add preservatives that even maggots won’t eat – they won’t eat it because they know they won’t survive off it! now that food is called “enriched”

Toxicity – we think we need meat for strength and energy. Meat doesn’t provide us with that. Most animals, if not organic grass fed animals are fattened in a feed lot, and are 20-30% fat. The meat our ancestors hunted had 3% fat, and there is a LOT lower fat in free range food. Pigs in feed lots are 40-60% fat, boars in the wild have 3% fat. In the US, 10% of pigs die from a heart attack before they even get to slaughter – and you are putting that in your body!

Something we don’t know is when we are scared, we get acidic. The body releases a bunch of chemicals to stimulate our “fight or flight” reflex – adrenaline is one of those. Adrenaline makes us very acidic, but our bodies can regulate it through the liver. Have you ever noticed a wild animal that “plays” with its food before it eats it? Even wild animals know the food is bad if it is just killed without the liver getting rid of all that acid in the body. We do the opposite. Animals in fear are incredibly acidic – ever notice a really tough piece of meat? one that you have to cook forever to get it able to chew? That animal was incredibly stressed before it died. Then, if meat is heated above 212 degrees, the protein deteriorates into polycyclic amines – these are a MAIN cause of colon cancer. In 1978, the US Government did a study and found that meat eaters in the US are 1ox more likely to get colon cancer.

Think taking vitamins are your best bet? Sure – add all those nutrients back with lots of vitamins and supplements! A gentleman with colon cancer was taking lots of vitamins, in hopes he could get his stores up – he stopped taking them and 8 months later, dozens of pills were found in his ascending colon – not even used! Granted, that is not the case for all, but when you do fresh juices, there is no chance anything will get stopped up in you – and the enzymes and nutrients are put to work immediately. We are drinking about a gallon of liquid per day.

One case of importance was a young man with an astrocytoma, a brain tumor. The man went into surgery after he was getting horrible headaches and seizures, and they found a lemon sized tumor in his brain that was inoperable. They told him to get his affairs in order. This man’s wife was the sister of an MD, and that MD told him he had 3 months to live. The man didn’t accept death. He embarked on the Gerson protocol, and the Gerson clinic still has the MRI of his COMPLETELY CLEAN brain scan. after 6 years, this man is still doing amazing – and the wife’s brother still won’t accept the Gerson Therapy had anything to do with it.


I found this study really interesting – in Japan 2 researchers painted rabbits ears with tar. At 3 months, they examined the rabbits to see if there was any damage to the esential organs – the liver, kidney, lung or brain. There were no tumors.

Again, at 6 months, they looked at the rabbits internal organs again. Still no tumor, but there was extensive damage to the organs.

It took 7-9 months for the tumor to appear, but what we can learn from this is chronic disease doesn’t occur until there is already extensive damage to the organs. All these essential organs were very damaged before the tumor or chronic disease state showed up.

The medical community is quick to cut out the organ, but they fail to restore the underlying tissues and organ systems that have been damaged. There are no drugs for toxicity or deficiencey. Killing cells will just ADD to the damage, and the body defenses aren’t working already, so this just acclerates the problems.


In the beginning of all chronic disease, there is a loss of potassium from the cell system, and an invasion of sodium. All natural foods are high in potassium, and processed foods are low in potassium, high in sodium. Potassium activates enzymes, sodium is an enzyme inhibitor and once it penetrates cells, it makes the cells less able to take in the enzymes they need.

Our foods today are so processed, the body is always being flooded with excess sodium, but our body is smart – it has ways of getting rid of all that – perspiration, urine, feces, tears, and mucous membranes all get rid of sodium.

The reason the foods we have on this lifestyle are the way they are is that foods are made perfect. Raw, natural foods are created with the correct enzymes necessary to break down that food. Calcium can’t be assimilated without Magnesium, Vit A and Vit D. These are all found in plants in the right amount! They are there just waiting to be assimilated. As soon as we think we are smarter and can add synthetic vitamins to our diet, they can’t be assimlated correctly, and can’t all be put to use.