WOW! pretty much all I can really find to say. The benefit was more than I ever could have imagined – what a turnout! We had at least 445 people there, almost 90 silent auction items and LOTS of spaghetti!! Of course, Texas Roadhouse donated their amazing rolls and butter with whipped honey and cinnamon, which of course, I couldn’t eat. I enjoyed my potato, Hippocrates soup and carrot juice while everyone had their spaghetti 🙂 I was too busy running around talking to people to eat much anyway! I was exhausted by the time I got home, poor Keegan was asleep before we even got out of the church parking lot 🙂 he was so good at the benefit, and he finally slept through the night – something we REALLY needed.

The human spirit continues to amaze me. I could literally feel energy and love in the church last night! My mom told me today of a conversation that occured last night with someone making conversation, asking another how they knew me. They replied, “I don’t know her, I saw the ad in the paper, and came to show support” how i WISH i knew who that was!! If I have learned anything from this experience, I will be paying it forward in every opportunity I can get. People are so selfless, so giving of themselves, in thoughts, prayers and well wishes – it is truly amazing!

In college (UWP) I was absolutely attached at the hip to a sorority sister. We ran together, did everything together – best friends, without a doubt. She was who I talked to about everything, I love her dearly!  One morning, I woke up to all these people on facebook joining a certain group “God Bless Eric Percival” no idea what had happened. Eric was a soldier and had spent time overseas. Although I knew he was home, I thought at first for some reason something had happened overseas. I talked to a friend in his fraternity, and found out he had been killed in an auto accident. He had been drinking and was going home, and took a turn too fast. I couldn’t move. How do you talk to your best friend about this? what could you possibly say? what could EVER ease this pain? We were in our  mid 20’s – they were planning on getting married – how could this happen?

Then, just this last year, it happened again. Lots of my sorority members started saying how much they would miss a sister in the sorority. What now? I remember seeing her facebook updates about how she was boating and had hurt her knee. It was still hurting and she was going to the doctor – ok still hurting, but she was dealing with it… now Rest in Peace? Turns out she got a blood clot from that knee injury, and it got to her lung.

I never got a chance to say goodbye to either. I remember going to Dubuque to have breakfast with Eric and Leah before I came back up to Madison. I had spent the night at their house coming up from Davenport, and we were grabbing a bite to eat quick. With Trina, I remember adjusting her at the sorority house when I stopped by in Platteville to see the girls.

I told myself a valuable thing with both of those situations. It was that I would NEVER take life for granted. I would never forget to tell people that I love how much they mean to me and how much I love them. For weeks after each funeral, it was good, everyone was really talkative, but slowly, it starts to back off. We promise to keep in better touch, to talk more, and get together more often. We mean well. Soon, it is a memory, but people go back to “normal” life. Would you still act they way you do every day if you had a terminal disease? I find much more often now, although I don’t have a terminal disease, I do live a lot more like I’m dying, because in all reality, I am. Everyone dies sometime :)I was told I can’t be happy all the time – it’s fake. It would make me fake. The only problem with that statement is people are NEVER happy 100% of the time. It’s how they CHOOSE to take a situation. I choose to see the good in the situation. I CHOOSE to be positive, and live in a happy place. I will stay in my happy place, thank you, and you can stay in your pissed off all the time place if you would like!

Anyway, onto other things 🙂 Today was my first day alone with Shawn back to work. He had training today so he worked 6am-4pm. Lucky for me Keegan took almost a 2 hour nap this morning, but I didn’t get to sit down until he went down for nap at 12:30! I know this will get easier, Im just on a learning curve that has a strict protocol! Last night, people kept saying to me – “Wow, I can’t believe you have this much energy with cancer!” It’s sad to me that people view cancer as weak, tired and sick. Cancer is NOT weak, tired and sick. Chemo and radiation are weak, tired and sick!! Let me throw this one in there – there ARE some cancers that chemo has shown to be more beneficial for – namely childhood leukemia and I have heard testicular cancer responds very well to chemo. I know to each their own – but wow, why can’t this information be out there, so people can make an educated decision? What happened to informed consent?

A radio station here in town has been putting status updates up all week since they are working with the childrens hospital, for all these kids that have cancer or other diseases. It breaks my heart these kids are having to go through this, thinking it is the only way. What is even worse when they talk about kids that didn’t make it. How do you educate the masses? I constantly have this good guy/bad guy thing going on – I want to tell people about the Gerson Therapy, and my experience with it, but I feel they either don’t want to hear it, or think im running a paid infomercial. It sounds too good to be true! There are things people could do in their every day life to not need to go on strict therapy, but how many would actually do it? If you had a chance to prevent something,  would you do it? If you could make your meals have a living food in them – raw, not cooked in any way, could you do it? Something THAT small would make a HUGE impact on your wellness. Well, that and carrot juice 😉

I can’t believe how popular carrot juice is for healing! First off, its really sweet, so kids like it – I can guarantee you it will be the only juice Keegan gets! If he gets any juice it will be coming from the juicer. Fresh pineapple juice from the juicer – WOW can you say FANtastic?! I juiced an entire pineapple before I left for Mexico – I would do that MUCH more often if I could, but pineapple is really good by itself, doesn’t really need to be juiced! I get off topic easily, sorry! anyway, when people saw me drinking carrot juice, they nodded with the “all knowing” nod and said “oh yeah, carrot juice, good stuff!” apparently that is a powerful thing – but hey, why wouldn’t it be? Its the top alkalizing vegetable, it is sweet, awesome mixed with carrot in juice, and carrots have protein in them – win win win!! add celery to it and it will just get better 🙂  heal the body with what God gave you – it’s what it is there for! Medicine is good and fantastic – but not for cancer. Time after time it’s proving to do more harm than good.

Ok, so as you can tell, I’m all over the place with my thought process – must be all the veggies 😉 Tomorrow will be a better day – I WILL get my juices in – coffee breaks too!  and I will remember how the people made me feel last night, all the love and all the support – that will stay with me for life.