I am literally on cloud 9 right now. Life could NOT get better! I am SO excited I have the opportunity to help others get healthy!  Maybe it’s because of the sense of peace I feel inside myself after starting this journey, or maybe coming to the realization that my life is absolutely perfect, just the way it is. I honestly don’t think I want life any other way! I’m learning SO much about myself and others – stuff I never thought I would ever do, I do.

This may be incredibly hard for some of you to believe – but I am possibly one of the shyest people you will meet. I didn’t like talking to people, but my experiences in 4-H and forensics really helped that out when I was younger. I somehow found this confidence in myself over the past few months that makes me a lot more secure in me. I don’t know what it is or how I all of a sudden started feeling it, but it’s there.  I love it. Maybe it’s because I am so certain that what I am doing is the right thing, that nothing else matters. I know in my heart that I WILL get people better, and if I could even have a hint of the clarity I feel right now and pass that along to someone else, my life would be complete.

This new lifestyle sure takes a lot to get used to! I have been back home now for 1 week, and still haven’t done a day perfectly. No biggie – it’s a work in progress! I am FINALLY to the point I can do a whole 15 minute coffee break – that only took 3 weeks to figure out! J but hey – it’s a step in the right direction, and it means progress, so that’s awesome. I literally laughed out loud last night – I was craving sweets really really bad. I REALLY wanted something sweet – but didn’t know what I was craving. I open the pantry door where all my supplements are and there is the perfect thing. The thing im craving. I sit there and think about it – wonder if I should really eat it, I mean, I don’t want to mess up my protocol and feel guilty. I decide you know what – I’m going to. I’m gonna eat it and I’m not gonna feel guilty about it. I then proceeded to eat two dried prunes. I’m a rebel – I know J Just the thought of me feeling guilty for eating two prunes is CRAZY! Before, it would have been 3 margaritas and I feel guilty – now I just know I’m supposed to keep dried fruit to a minimum, so I feel like a rebel. Ah, the little things J

Im so proud of myself and my family for taking these steps toward our future and our health. I get the opportunity to not only live this lifestyle, but to show others it can be done. I can only imagine the feeling of accomplishement I will have in 2 years (or sooner!) when the doctors tell me “You are cancer free!” 

Today I was told I am a Chiropractor, and the state of Wisconsin regards me as a Chiropractor, and not a nutritionist. Even if I get a degree in nutrition, I am still a Chiropractor, and my rights are the same of those who take the 48 hours of nutrition certification, and that is it. I can’t become a Gerson practitioner 😦  I for now will obviously stick with what I know and love, and people WILL get nutrition advice in the practice, I just can’t help anyone in the practice with Gerson protocol. Not to happy about that, but I guess I will just go to people’s homes and help them get set up to do therapy, and as long as I don’t adjust them, it’s a totally different deal! I just can’t see not passing this information on, even before I get the all clear.

I know this isn’t really about anything – but to me it’s about everything and nothing at the same time. I just continue to be amazed by how awesome my life is – the people in it and every situation I come across!  Im so happy I think I could make a rock smile 🙂  I promise next post I’ll talk about pregnancy and supplements like I promised 🙂