So, apparently coffee breaks are a pretty popular subject. I have been asked by FAR more questions when this subject comes up, so I have decided to give you their history, and exactly how to do them.

Coffee has an extremely powerful healing effect on the human body. It is one of the most powerful natural detoxifiers that we have. Coffee, taken as an enema (oh yes!) is one of the fastest, natural ways to relieve the liver of the burden of exporting the overload of toxins when healing itself of cancer or autoimmune diseases. Most people squirm at the thought of using coffee “upside down” so to speak, however – in typical Hollywood style it has become quite a fad among celebrities and celebrity diets.

This little secret was discovered purely by chance during the first world war. The medical facilities in German hospitals had run out of morphine and the nursing staff were at a loss what to do to help relieve the pain of the wounded German soldiers. However, since the nursing staff were working around the clock they were given a plentiful supply of coffee to keep them awake to fulfill their duties. As a last resort they decided to put some of the coffee into the enemas, that were already prescribed to many patients for constipation, in an attempt to make the soldiers feel like they were doing “something” to relieve the pain.

To everyone’s surprise, the patients started reporting back with very positive results and many of them experienced excellent levels of pain relief.

After the War ended, a couple of German doctors decided to test the coffee enema phenomena scientifically and had discovered that it actually caused the liver to flush bile ducts, which then allowed toxins to be released out of the body.  Dr.Max Gerson soon realised the importance of Coffee enema detoxification and included it in the Gerson Therapy, and it has since been included in many other therapies as a detoxifier. However, since it’s discovery more than half a century ago, it remains to this day a somewhat controversial topic of discussion. Some people don’t understand how something like coffee, a common recreational drink, can possible be linked to healing, and others i think are just plain nervous about the idea of coffee entering the body through the rear passage – kinda seems unnatural…

Well the most common misconception with coffee enemas is that it is related to colonic irrigation. Unlike water enemas that are used to aid the passing of bowel movements and to cleanse the intestines, the coffee enema has nothing to do with that – although the process is very similar.

The coffee enema works because of a “secret pathway” to the liver through the hemorrhoidal vein that connects the liver to the anus. The caffeine travels up this vein and begins to “irritate” the liver. In order to combat this irritant, the liver starts flushing its bile ducts as a result of the increase of the enzyme glutathione-S-transferase.

The result? Relief of pain, tension, nervousness, the elimination of toxins and an all round feeling of well being!

How to do them:

OK, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. If you are on the Gerson Therapy, or if you just want to use coffee enemas as part of your detoxification program, the correct method of doing coffee enemas is actually quite specific. I have been asked by someone if they can just brew a pot of Nescafé and “would that work ok?”. The answer is a very big “No!”… To understand coffee enemas fully i’ll break it down into 2 phases:

Ok here’s the formula to prepare solution for just 1 coffee enema, although normally you’d be preparing up to 5 or 6 at any one time if you are following a cancer therapy such as the Gerson Therapy.

Things you’re going to need:

  1. 3 tbsp COFFEE – (Always fresh, light or medium roast, ORGANIC ground coffee – NOT INSTANT COFEE!)
  2. SAUCEPAN & LID – (Always use a stainless steel pan, a glass lid is also ok. NEVER Alminium)
  3. 8fl Oz WATER,   – (Must be either distilled or purified by Reverse Osmosis)

Ok. First things first. Put the water into the pan and bring to the boil. Once you bring it to the boil you add the coffee, return in to a boil, then bring it down to a low heat and let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Once this is done pour the coffee enema solution through the mesh filter into the glass jug or glass lined thermos. Do not substitute the mesh for paper coffee filters! If some grains get through into the solution that’s perfectly fine, don’t worry about it at all.

Typically, because of the boiling process, you’ll probably end up with  a little less than 8floz of coffee solution in your jug, so at this point you should add PRE-BOILED water to the solution to top it back up.

This is your coffee enema concentrate, and you can store it in the fridge for up to 3 days before using.

To DO it:

Things you’ll need:

  1. Enema kit – (Bucket is best if you can get one)
  2. Padding for the ground
  3. Towel
  4. A Good Book
  5. Vaseline
  6. Sense of humour!

Alrighty, you’re going to be lying on the floor, so you should have some sort of padding down to make you comfortable, maybe a quilt or something. I’d also have a towel handy because, if you’re new to the enema world, you may be “splashing” :-) !

STEP1: Make sure the tube of your enema bucket is closed shut with the pinching device before you begin. Pour the previously prepared coffee enema solution into the enema bucket. You should have 8flOz of solution. Next you want to ad 16 flOz of lukewarm water to the solution to make up a total of 24 flOz.  The temperature of the water is important! If it is too hot  you’ll burn yourself and if it is too cold you’ll get cramps, make sure it is lukewarm before attemptimg the enema.

STEP2: Next, holding the enema bucket BELOW the level of the tube, release the pinching device and gently raise the buck to allow the coffee to flow down the tube until it starts to come out of the end, then close the device again. This will ensure no air gets trapped causing discomfort during the enema retention.

Dip the tip of the enema tube in Vaseline. You’ll know why… :-)

STEP 3: You are going to lie on your RIGHT hand side. This is very important as this is the side where the hemorrhoidal veins absorb the coffee  and transport it to the liver. Insert the tube about 2 inches into the anus. You will want the bucket to be approximately 18 inches or so above you, so popping it on the lid of the toilet is a good alternative to holding it with your hand. Release the catch and allow the coffee to flow all the way into the colon. You can slow or speed up the pressure by squeezing the tube or by raising or lowering the bucket.

STEP4: Once the coffee has entered into the colon you can remove the tube and set it aside. Now, the TARGET is to retain the coffee for 12 minutes. If you can do that you’re home and dry. If it’s your first time you may not be able to hold it for that long – just do your best, and the more you do the better you’ll get as your body will get used to it. Have something fun to do for those 12 minutes, maybe read a book or, listen to affirmations, which is my favorite 🙂

Once you are done, release into the toilet and flush away! Clean out the bucket ready for the next enema.

Don’t expect it to be a smooth clean operation first time round. Or the second even. Everyone is different, some people I know had no issues whatsoever with their first one!

Final note: Coffee enemas are not the only enemas that can be done on the Gerson Therapy. There are times, such as if you have upset stomach, ulcerative colitis or diarrhoea, where the coffee enema may actually irritate the colon and bowels. In those cases a chamomile tea enema is recommended and has its own great soothing effects.

If you really want to clean house, have a go at a castor oil enema – more on that in another post!

Thanks to the Gerson Institute for the research and information!