Alrighty, here is the supplement talk – let me start this off with talking about what I drink. I don’t drink any water. I’m not allowed. Well, ok that isn’t totally true, no one is holding a gun to my head, but they don’t want us to drink water, since we are working on our acid supply in our stomachs and our digestion.

The only stuff I drink is my juices, and if I really want something else, I have some peppermint or chammomile tea. If I ever drank water, distilled is what they want us to use. Now, if you know me and know any of the nutritional information I teach, you know normally I would NEVER say to drink distilled, as what I have learned and been taught is it leeches minerals from the body. This is actually not a true statement. The minerals added to typical water are inorganic, and the body doesn’t take them up as well as promised. Not only do they not get taken up correctly, minerals all need enzymes to be taken up in the body. Just like calcium needs magnesium, vitamin A & D to be properly assimilated in the body, so do other minerals. The best way to get those minerals and vitamins? Drink some fresh pressed juice, and eat raw foods. God made them perfect for a reason, just as He made you!!

Also, you will notice I don’t take any vitamins, for the same reasons. The best way to get your vitamins is through the juices and fresh veggies. If you find there is still a problem, THEN supplement, but good luck needing a supplement 🙂

Ok, so if you are reading Charlotte’s book, there are some different things in it supplement wise than what we actually take. First off, we do not do liver and B12 injections. We take capsules. The only reason for this is they lost the source they were using. They told us they would be bringing it back :/ I highly doubt I will take the injections – I HATE needles, and don’t want to give myself injections, even if it is only once a week. SO, now that all that is said, here is what I take, and why I take it:

Pre Meal Supplements

1. Acidol-Pepsin – These are taken before meals – they supply digestive stomach juices needed by patients suffering from chronic disease as they tend to have insufficinet stomach acid and digestive pepsin. As a result, they have poor appetite and poor digestion. Acidol pepsin aids protein digestion and absorption of iron, while helping eliminate gas and bloating. No acidol is given in cases of reflux, stomach ulcers or inflammatory or irritated conditions of the stomach.

* Please take note – LOTS of people assume they have acid reflux, and take acid blockers because of it. Most of the times, this is NOT the case, you in fact make too LITTLE acid! Here is a fun home test to see which it is for you:

Take 2 8oz glasses – fill both with water. In one glass, put 1tsp baking soda, in the other glass, 2tsp apple cider vinegar. When you start to feel the coming on of your reflux, Drink the glass of apple cider vinegar. If the acid flares up, you indeed make too much acid, and you have your glass of baking soda to chill it out. If it gets better, you aren’t making enough in the first place 🙂

2. Inflazyme – Another digestive enzyme that aids the stomach in getting enough digestive enzymes and helps out the liver 🙂

3. Colostrum – This is defatted colostrum, as you know is the first fluid that a baby gets from mom. Incredibly important, called “liquid gold” this helps set up a babies immune system, and keeps them free from sickness. It helps strengthen and flags the defense system of immune deficient people. The most important thing this has is Immunoglobulins, which function as antibodies. They serve to counteract toxins, viruses and bacteria in our lymphatic and circulatory systems. It has IgG which counteracts bacteria and toxins in the blood and lymphatic system, IgM which seeks out and attaches itself to viruses in the circulatory system, and IgA which provides protection against microbes proliferating in body secretions, especially those in the digestive and respiratory tract. No wonder this stuff is so important for babies!! There are many, many other benefits to colostrum, but this is the main thing we are using it for.

Supplements taken with meals

1. Niacin – common name Nicotinic Acid, or Vitamin B3, assists in digestion of protein and helps to open capillary circulation, bringing freshly oxygenated blood to all body tissues. By improving circulation, it also works to reduce ascites (abdominal bloating) and pain. I take a 50mg tablet six times a day, taken during meals. This vitamin causes “niacin flush” a temporary reddening of the face and upper chest area, and is associated with itchiness. I first notice it in my hands and cheeks 🙂 then I realize what is going on, and it spreads up my arms. If you remember in a previous post, my first niacin flush freaked me out, but now I know what it is 🙂 nonflushing niacin in ineffective, as the “flush” is the blood vessels reacting to the niacin. This needs to be discontinued during women’s cycles or bleeding of any kind.

2. Milk Thistle –  this is a very unique herb that even the medical community won’t deny its powerful affect on protecting the liver. Milk thistle can even detox our bodies from many synthetic drugs, from acetominophen to alcohol to heavy metal and radiation. The active part of the milk thistle is silymarin helps repair liver cells by stimulating protein synthesis. By changing the outside layer of the liver cells, it also prevents certain toxins from getting inside. Silymarin also seems to encourage liver cell growth, which for us is a big deal, since we essentially get a new liver (all cells replace themselves) every 2 months, and for Gerson patients, they want the cells to turn over at least 13 times to be sure it is clean and good, which is why we are on therapy for 2 years.

Supplements taken After Meals

1. Thyroid – Research has found, even in Dr.Gerson’s day, that most cancer patients are suffering from a low basal metabolism. Much of the problem is caused by chlorine, widely used in the purification of water supply, and even worse, by fluoridation of water. Both are halogens, and both are smaller than iodine, which is readily displaced by them when they are avaliable.  They will remove iodine from the thyroid gland, reducing its ability to function properly. The thyroid regulates the metabolic rate, allowing the body to create fever. It also helps regulate the immune system as well as working with all hormone systems. I take thyroid and Lugol’s solution to help reactivate my immune system and heal. Once my metabolic rate was figured out for correct dosage, We work with it from there with the help of both my state side doctor and my doctor in Mexico. Most cancer patients start with 5 grains (NOT grams) of thyroid and 18 drops of 2% Lugol’s solution, for 3 to 4 weeks. Then the amounts are reduced to 2 to 2 1/2  grains of thyroid and 12 drops of Lugol’s and will continue to be adjusted. I, of course, will be on thyroid for the rest of my life because of having it removed

2. Coenzyme Q10 – this is something that is normally made in the body. Research found in 1961 that cancer patients have a very decreased amount of CoQ10 in their bloodstream. It is needed to have enzymes function correctly. It is used by the cell to create energy for cell growth and maintenence, and is also used as an antioxidant. The obvious benefit of any antioixdant is to remove free radicals from the body, and this supplement is very good at that! It also stimulates the immune system and helps the body have increased resistance to disease.

3. Pancreatin – This is an extract of vairous pancreatic digestive enzymes, normally needed to digest fats, proteins and sugar. Gerson patients don’t consume those substances; however, these enzymes are very important in the digestion and elimination of tumor tissue. The dose is 3 tablets of 325mg each 4 times a day – one after each meal, plus an additional mid afternoon dose. These are omitted for sarcoma patients.

Other supplements taken daily

1. B12 – this awesome vitamin benefits the body in 3 ways:

– production of red blood cells, giving us energy and strength to complete daily activities.

– formation of DNA and RNA, which obviously affects every cell in our body! also important with gene expression, which effects every metabolic activity in our body

–  maintaining the functional and structural mechanisms in the nervous system. Allows for normal sensation and motion of our bodies, and the ability to process the information correctly.

2. Potassium – In the late ’70’s the physicist, mathematician and biophysicist Freeman Widener Cope, MD, wrote in a paper “The high potassium, low sodium diet of the Gerson Therapy has been observed experimentally to cure many cases of advanced cancer in man” In another paper, Cope stated that, “first the cell will lose potassium, second it will accept sodium, and third the cell wills wellw ith too much water (cellular edema). When the cell ahs swollen with too much water, energy production in inhibited, along with protein synthesis and lipid (fat) metabolism.” Dr. Gerson was able to manipulate tissue damage syndrome, which he recognized clinically in the 1920’s, but his dietary changes, eliminating sodium, supplementing a high potassium diet.

We take a LOT of potassium on a daily basis. There are 4 drops in each of the 13 drinks, and it is a cornerstone of the therapy. VERY important part to cut out sodium and get a potassium rich diet.

3. Castor Oil – let me tell you, castor oil days are the not so great days – but as soon as it doesn’t drive me crazy anymore, I will know I am doing better! The body sees castor oil as poison – literally! It forces contraction of smooth muscle, which brings on contractions for pregnancy and massive contraction of the bowels – a VERY helpful supplement if you are constipated – you no longer will be after this stuff! Other uses:

  1. Digestive – castor oil over the liver and abdomen helps to treat constipation, inflammatory bowel, liver congestion, gall bladder disease, bowel adhesions, lymphatic congestion, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and  even infections in pelvic organs such as bladder and vaginal tract.
  2. Skin – when used over other areas of the body castor oil can help with bacterial or fungal skin infections, rashes, acne, boils, abscesses, age spots, sebaceous cysts, warts, preventing stretch marks, ringworm, skin keratosis, swollen lymph nodes and eczema.
  3. Pain – topical castor oil can also be used to relieve pain and inflammation from many causes.  This includes uterine cramping and abdominal pain related to the menses, joint pain and inflammation from arthritis, bursitis or tendonitis, muscle and ligament sprains, pain due to fluid retention in extremities, painful lymph nodes, even pain from appendicitis (although it’s still a good policy to get to the ER post haste)

4. Flaxseed Oil – fantastic stuff! has both linolenic and linoleic acid – essential fatty acids and is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The theraputic effects of flax oil are:

– It attracts oxygen at the cell membrane and transports oxygen into the cell

– it is able to detox fat soluble toxins and helps to dissolve and remove plaque

– It is a carrier of Vitamin A, which is important for the immune system

– It removes excess cholesterol, an important function, since patients cholesterol levels sometimes rise in inital parts of therapy.

WHEW! If I remember anything else, Ill make another post – this was too crazy long!