So, I have been saying I would keep people updated, even back here in the States once I returned, sorry I haven’t been up to par!! Life is absolutely CRAZY!! I haven’t made it 100% for even one day yet. It is absolutely impossible with Keegan constantly hanging on me, not allowing me to get anything done! To top it off, when I don’t eat, I don’t take my supplements, which means I finally figured out why myย  mood has been crazy and I have been sleeping over 12 hours a day – no thyroid meds! They are part of my supplement pack, and I forget to take them, so I get the symptoms of severe hypothyroid, which are definitly no fun!

I have found some great ways to make more juices and make them last, the coffee breaks are FINALLY to the point I can do them for 15 minutes and actually enjoy them – how wierd is it that I actually look forward to them now?! It’s kind of like breastfeeding – at first you are excited, because you know the immense benefit, then when it hurts like crazy, you wonder if you should do it, but still know deep down it is best, and you can do it, then finally its to the point it is enjoyable and you love doing it. I don’t know what comes after that, since as soon as I got there I was told I need to stop because of the cancer, but I’m guessing it continues to be good ๐Ÿ™‚

In all this, there is a bright light. My blood pressure has always been good. Normally 110/70. That is really typical for me. I thought it wouldn’t need any improvement, since it is a good level, but unfortunatly, as we are learning now twice over, outside appearance is really nothing when it comes to health. First, the high school student who passed away from an enlarged heart after his basketball game, then one ofย  my sisters close friends from college had her 30 year old brother pass away, and he was “healthy as a horse”! it scares me that we can’t see our insides to know what is going on, we just have to trust what we are doing is the right thing.

I was watching the Gerson videos that Charlotte made of her lectures, and even in “The Beautiful Truth” they took MRI imaging and showed the reconstruction of blood vessels over time with the Gerson Therapy. It is no big suprise that plant sterols are beneficial in blood pressure and cholesterol lowering functions. Here is a thought for you to chew on:

When the body is acidic, it pushes acid into fat. It also pushes medications there as well, they are stored in fat cells because they are furthest away form your organs. The quickest way to lose weight? Get alkaline! When you become alkaline, your body will release the acidic stuff out of your fat and let it leave the body. Let me make note here – I am speaking of intracellular pH right now, NOT blood pH.ย  Blood pH needs to be kept in a very close range, and not get messed with. Blood only makes up a small portion of the fluid in our bodies though. Lymph fluid is actually more than blood! Anyway, there is more fluid that passes in and out of your cells, bringing nutrients and washing the “junk” out of the cells to pass to the urine or feces or sweat and be excreted.

So anyway, back to acidity – so you are overly acidic, and your body needs to protect itself. Of course it would, our bodies are incredibly smart and innately want to protect us from ourselves. If you don’t believe me, take your blood pressure when you are running. Don’t think that happens because your body wants to get more blood out there and more oxygen so you can remain more alkaline? yup! Oxygen is also very alkalizing, but Ill bring that up later ๐Ÿ™‚

The body lays down something in extreme cases to protect itself, and that thing it lays down is cholesterol. It lines the arteries so your overly acidic self won’t literally chew holes through your blood vessels. Start taking cholesterol lowering drugs, and you wonder why there is such a huge increased risk of stroke and heart attack? well, your removing the plaque without removing the initial problem! The problem is acidity, not cholesterol! become alkaline, and your cholesterol levels will drop faster than you know! I know this because one person in the class I taught went from a 220 to a 160 after taking my pH course and learning how to lower cholesterol – it works, that’s all there is to it! The Gerson Therapy is incredibly alkalizing, therefore your cholesterol and blood pressure will drop quite a bit once you get all those plant sterols, which are known to rebuild healthy blood vessels.

As to date, my blood pressure had been 110/70 for the most part, it has been 90/60 since I have been checking it at home. I don’t exercize a lot, I would say light exercize daily, because of my son, but most times people exercize to drop bp values, which I wish I could do more, but the energy I have is supposed to go to healing, not working out. I have continued to lose weight as well, as my body alkalizes itself from my diet. I haven’t been below an 8 on the pH scale, and when I started this journey, I was a 5.5. My next post will be on pH and the importance of it ๐Ÿ™‚