So, for the past two days, I think I have been in a healing reaction. They told us it is totally possible and will happen when we get home, around 3 months into therapy, but since everyone is different, every situation is different. It is supposed to be around 3 months and 6 months on therapy. Two days ago, I got a severe headache behind my right eye. It has been there now for two days, gets a LOT worse at night, to the point I can’t sleep. Last night was the first time I was nauseaus, and the enemas actually made the headache and nausea worse – that has NEVER happened before.

I think sometimes I forget I even have a lessened immune system. I feel great, and have been letting life take over. I want to start working, get my life going, but these past few days have been a definite realization that my health is first and foremost if I want to continue on. I am in contact with my doctor in Mexico to see what he suggest I do or change if I need to do anything or just ride it out. I am greatful for friends willing to help me with Keegan so I can rest. He makes it so difficult to do juices and my daily stuff needed for therapy, but I have changed things around so it will work. I get all my juices ready at night now, all the veggies washed and in bags ready to just throw in the juicer so Keegan can do whatever he wants and I can still juice 🙂

All through college (both of them) I have been a list person. I love making lists and checking things off – it’s an odd sense of accomplishment for me 🙂 it was easy to do in grad school, since there was always SO much to do, taking 40 credits a trimester. I have a list of daily to-do’s now. It is 32 items long – WOW. That is a lot of stuff to do each day, but it is causing me to grow and get more organized, which can’t hurt!

I am greatful I feel this way, because I know not only is therapy working, and another large set of toxins are being released from my body, but it means my immune system is taking over and doing what it should – which means it is getting stronger! I would jump up and cheer if I had the energy to do so 🙂 just like in Mexico, when I couldn’t move from my bed I was so sick – all I can think is, I’m greatful I know this will be over in time. I know I will feel better, I just need to take extra time for me at this point, which I think everyone needs once in a while. I couldn’t be more greatful for the loving friends and family that are surrounding us with prayers and thoughts and help at this time. The longer I am on therapy, the less sick I will feel – and that is something I will work toward!