One of the groups on Facebook that I “like” had a quote the other day that couldn’t be closer to the truth. It said “If life knocks you down 7 times, get up 8”  I am confident that is how life is working for me at this point. I plan on getting up each time I get knocked down, so I guess as many times as I need to prove it, I will!!

The views of modern medicine astound me. As I have said a million times before, and will continue to say, I am very greatful for medicine, and the science that is in our medical establishments today. I am greatful for such great surgeons, and people who can fix others after accidents or those in severe need. However, I am certain they have absolutely NO place in curing  illness. It seems the more they try to do, the worse off we become.

Today was my “check up” to see how things are going. My first stop was the dermatologist. I have skin checks now every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months for another year or two, and for life, I will have a skin check once a year. I understand why they do this, but I couldn’t help but question today after my appointment, will they continue to do biopsies just so they get paid? So I am “worth it” to come into the office? My gut instinct is saying yes, which means I am not so sure I want to continue on with skin checks. Why do I sound so cynical? Well – let me tell you what happened today.

I went in to the office SUPER excited to show the dermatologist a few spots. Wierd, right?  when the nurse asked if I was in treatment for melanoma, I said yes, I was. She asked what they were doing, I said “they” aren’t doing anything, I have chosen a different route to heal myself naturally. She got really excited and said she loved hearing about people doing that, and asked a bunch of questions about it. She spent more time with me than the doctor!! Well, after we finished she left and said the doctor would be in. Let me note – I was a HUGE fan of this doc. She has been super nice and really down to earth and treated me like an equal, instead of the doctors who think Chiropractors have no education. The doc comes in, which she had been told what I was doing for “therapy” and started talking to me about skin spots I have noticed. She did a skin check, and found an odd spot on my back, which she biopsied. I was VERY excited to show her where a spot that MAY have been a melanoma or a  basal cell was, which had got all gross and bloody and is now a scar on my right hand. I didn’t know if they would biopsy it or not, just to see, but she didn’t.

I then showed her my thigh – where the UW staff actually took pictures to follow one mole because it was multi colored. They didn’t want to remove it, because they didn’t want to take so many biopsies, they had taken 4 that visit already, so they started taking photos. Well, I showed her the mole they took a photo of. It is no longer multi colored. It looks like a normal, boring mole. That is exactly what she said. I reminded her that was one they had a photo of, and does she want to document the change. She looked at me funny, said no, that isn’t one we would document, and ignored it. She said it must have been put in wrong in the computer, left lateral thigh wasn’t right – this couldn’t have been it.

The other spot was on my right medial thigh. It looks like a basal cell carcinoma. The shiny, pink raised spot. Well, it was at least. It is now flat, and brown, looks like a freckle. I showed her that one as well, and well, it’s just normal. No need to look at it.

I left the office pretty frustrated. When this is how people are treated when they work their butt off to heal themselves, it really makes medicine show its true colors. I was told when I got the diagnosis that there is no cure for melnoma. All they can do is excise and hope they get enough.

I no longer care if I lose every person I am “friends” with on facebook by telling the truth. I will be the biggest advocate of alternative therapies there is. I can’t BELIEVE a cure was staring this doctor straight in the face and she refused to see it. Sure, those spots may have been absolutely nothing, but the fact they are changing and dissapearing tells me they aren’t just “nothing”. I am known to have moderatly dysplastic nevus – that is typically what my biopsies show, so we know something not so right is going on. Well, if my body is reversing that, and turning them into normal cells, or just getting rid of the moderately dysplastic cells – you would think that would be a medical breakthrough! everyone should be taking aim at that and looking at it! I guess I will continue to do what I am doing, and hopefully more people will start to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Since I don’t have her permission, I won’t use names, but not to long ago, I became “facebook friends” with a very nice girl who first posed a question on the Gerson Facebook about her husband’s melanoma. He was stage IV and she wanted to know if Gerson could help. I commented and said she should give it a chance, I was diagnosed with the same, but mine isn’t stage IV and am doing therapy for it. She emailed me, discussion started, and we ended up friends on facebook. She is 25 years old, her and her husband have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!! Her husband was on oxygen, so she started to bring him juices. They had set him up for home healthcare with hospice, saying there was no other options for him. She was certain there was. I supported her in any decision she had to make, since I obviously don’t know her entire situation, I just knew if she could get her husband to the Gerson clinic, she would most likely be very happy with the results. We emailed on and off, she had lots of questions, was trying to figure out the best way to get him down to Mexico, and I answered in any way I could.

I noticed she didn’t email me for a bit, and I was kind of excited for her! I thought he is doing great! I went to email her to see how things were going, and my heart sank to my feet. ALL over her facebook page were people sending her their love and support for the loss of her husband. 25 years old and a little baby. He was a soldier, serving our country and our country doesn’t care enough to get over themselves and give people the medical care they deserve. Medical care that will actually heal them. My heart is still broken for them, she did her best, had the best intention, but only if this information was out sooner! If only more people spoke of what they KNOW is right! How many more young people are going to have to experience this before they get mad enough to DEMAND something be done?

The next appointment I had to cancel, but had to cancel for a good reason! My last post, I spoke about what I thought was a healing reaction, which was most likely going on. I hadn’t been to my Chiropractor for about a month. The two week stay in Mexico, then when we got back it was really busy getting ready for the benefit and everything else, I just didn’t take the time. I didn’t feel any pain, so I didn’t go. I can’t believe I turned into a typical patient 🙂

Pain is gone, so stop recieving care, right? whew, glad that dentist visit is over! I can stop brushing and flossing till the next one!! uh – not so much!! I went in to get adjusted because of the headaches and light headedness and nausea. I just didn’t feel right. I didn’t even get to tension and I could tell my atlas (C1) was so out of place! I got adjusted, and the next day all the headache, light headedness and nausea were gone. Nothing else had changed, just the adjustment. Something else interesting – I was over 2 weeks late with my cycle. Once again, it just randomly started up again. 48 days between cycles this time – never ever has it been that long!

When I stopped to think about it, In the last month, we returned home from Mexico. I have lost 20 pounds, and become a size 2 – never in my LIFE do I remember being this size!! I have detoxed for a month and half. My body has gone through enormous changes, and I didn’t bother getting my nervous system checked at all during that time – how silly of me! Of course, my entire system is weight bearing differently, throwing off all the mechanics my body is used to. Needless to say, I am very happy to be back under intesive care to get out of pain, but I will definitly keep up my visits, regardless of what goes on in the future!

My mom came over to help me with Keegan tonight, and I am sending in another urine specimen to the Navarro Medical Clinic  Im gonna jump on a soapbox for a minute –

If you had the chance – the opportunity – to check and see if cancer is possibly taking place somewhere in your body, WHY wouldn’t you do it?! As we know, it takes YEARS for cancer symptoms to show up. There has to be whole system break downs BEFORE any symptoms show, so your body is eating away at itself growing a tumor for MONTHS or YEARS before you know it. Brain cancer is around at least 29 months before symptoms show. Skin cancer? It’s around 24 months before symptoms show. 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen. My point is – all this cancer in the world – and you have the opportunity to take charge of your health, and get checked so you can DO SOMETHING NOW instead of deal with the diagnosis later!! How I WISH I had known about this years ago!!

The Navarro Medical clinic uses urine specimen HCG to detect the presence of cancer cells. This was developed in the late 1950’s by Manuel Navarro, MD. He was an oncologist. Fast replicating cells secrete HCG – yes, this is what is tested in pregnancy, but tumors act the same as children (ha – that actually made me smile!) and anything fast growing will secrete HCG. The opportunity is there. Check your levels. You know, there is a greedy society that likes to say “feel your boobies” to “prevent” cancer.  They also support KFC. You want to prevent cancer? Get your urine tested, and actually know what is going on with your body. Take charge of your health and change your life now, so you don’t have to be like me, and sit in a cold hospital room with your baby and husband and listen to them tell you the hell you have to go through. Stop having to do surgery now. You won’t have to make the decision of chemo or radiation. Make it easier on yourself – if not for anyone else – do it for yourself. It’s $55. That’s it.

In the very beginning when I started blogging, I got my review of the urine HCG test. I was SO excited because mine was a 4!! SO pumped! Well, I was reading today what the levels mean, and had to look back at my email, where they send your results – My index was a 4, my units were 51.8. When they talk about levels, 0-49 is good to go, no cancer. This level was after surgery for both thyroid and melanoma. I am looking forward to sending out my new sample tomorrow, and hopefully my levels will be under that 49 marker, and will continue to dive. I pray everyone who reads this has an HCG marking of 0.

Tonight I leave with a heavy heart, partially frustrated and let down with today, and all the pain so many seem to be going through with the losses of their loved ones. I won’t let it keep me down though. There is nothing you can do about the past, all you can do is waste time thinking about it, but you have an opportunity to change your future. Every day is a new day, and you can choose to get up and move on, or stay upset about the past, and let it continue to eat at you. Tomorrow I will get up, make 13 juices, take 56 supplements, do 5 coffee breaks, eat my salad, my potato, my Hippocrates Soup and my fruit, and know Im killing off this cancer for good. God gives us 86,400 seconds each day. Do you thank him for any of them?