There is a really important point I want to bring up about the Gerson Therapy. I am doing this therapy because of my cancer diagnosis. This therapy was not designed to cure cancer though. Dr.Max Gerson designed this lifestyle to rid himself of migraines he had for years (where were the Chiropractors then!?) but this is an incredibly important point – there are three main stressors of the body – physical, chemical, and emotional. I truly feel you need to be in sync with all of them, and cure ALL of them before your body can have true healing. In Dr.Gerson’s case, he had a chemical cause of headaches. He found the trigger, and got rid of it. Once he cured his daughter, Charlotte, of lupus, he realized he may have something pretty fantastic. He learned, over time, that he was healing the ENTIRE body, not just one ailment. Lupus, and most other autoimmune disorders are still considered  “incurable” diseases – and the medical world is right – there is absolutely NOTHING they can give you to heal. The solution isn’t outside of the body, it is contained inside – the nervous system is begging and pleading for help!

When Dr.Gerson “accidently” cured a patient that was coming to him for migraines for the lupus they were also affected with, it got attention of another doctor. Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch was able to reproduce the therapy’s success with tuberculosis in a clinical trial: 450 “incurable” patients took part in the study, and 446 recovered. NO side effects. At this point, it became incredibly clear that restoring and strengthening the immune system was the way to cure most ailments.

The general public needs to be aware that “chronic disease” is not a death sentance. It simply means “try again”. Try something new. Try something that works. Orthodox medicine treats and supresses symptoms; but the disease does not dissapear. Proof? ask a cancer patient who was “cured” by conventional means just to later have a flare up that ends up taking their life. They didn’t ever remove the CAUSE of the problem, just masked the symptoms. When your orthodox medicine fails, you move on to more medication, often stronger doses. When that no longer works, they cut out the “diseased” organ, because you know, something working even at 20% is better than nothing at all!

Why does the body’s immune system fail? Why does it not heal, what are these chronic diseases? Essentially, the failures are due to deterioration of the body’s defenses, the vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the huge load of toxins that accumulate in the body due to damage to soil, pesticides and fungicides, use of hormones in raising animals, as well as all the processed foods, drugs, alchol and toxic home cleaners and odorizors.

Orthodox medicine does not understand that all these things bogging down the body must be removed, and the body must be nourished in order to heal. To some extent, patients are to blame, until they know better – they take the drugs, suppress the symptoms, even have a quick surgery – and maintain the life they are used to, not making any changes after the drugs or surgery.

So, why the different diseases? couple answers – one could be heredity – say there is a known weak organ or system in the body. Another is often accidents with resulting scar tissue and areas of weakness. I call this “subluxation” in the Chiropractic world. I definitely feel this is one of the main causes. Another cause can be germ or viral infection. Since the middle of World War II, around 1943, antibiotics have been used. They have been severly overused, especially on children. People are so scared of fever, they rush to the MD as soon as their child gets a fever, and wants something to get rid of the fever. Did you know it takes a body temperature of 102 to start the white blood cell cascade to start taking over and destroying virus and bacteria? Fever is NECESSARY for normal body reactions! Also, by taking an antipyretic or NSAID (tylenol, ibuprofen) you actually prevent the body from creating tumor supressor gene – the gene that kills cancer cells. So every time you pop a pill for that fever, you are increasing your risk for cancer, because you are not allowing the body to do what it does best – heal.

The other main issue here is the resistance the antibiotics have created in our world. I never thought i would live to hear there are so many drug resistant strains of medications. Doesn’t that alone tell you were overmedicated? If our species can’t even handle taking care of the load, wouldn’t you want to try something different?

Pesticides and fungicides have been in mainstream use since 1943, starting with DDT. Within 18 months, it was detected in meat, butter, milk, and even breastmilk. As we know, embroys and infants are much more sensitive to these substances and more seriously damaged than older people. Worse, the pesticides have caused pests to become resistant, and in order to control them, stronger pesticides and GMO’s have been created. So 2 or 3 generations now have been exposed to many, many toxins in utero – and we are scratching our heads wondering why the number 1 killer of children under 17 is cancer?

So why are they called “autoimmune” diseases? it is assumed that the person’s immune system has been so altered that it doesn’t recognize the self from diseased tissue, germs and/or viruses. Actually, it is assumed that the altered immune system attacks the body’s normal healthy tissue. That is NOT TRUE; the immune system only attacks diseased or damaged tissue. Look up “autoimmunity” in Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and you read that autoimmunity is formed when viruses or trauma changes cells so that they appear foreign. Since the Gerson Therapy restores and raises the immune system, if the immune system were alerady overactive, the therapy would worsen the condition! But it does not. So, we have to assume that the body becomes capable of restoring the damaged cells so they no longer appear foreign and are no longer the subject of attack by the body’s own immune system. And the disease dissapears.

This dictionary also gives a long list of diseases “considered to be autoimmune” implying that the idea is not really a proven fact. The list contains the following diseases: hemolytic anemia, myasthenia gravis, chronic thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis.

The true cause of all arthritis is the exess of animal proteins we eat. These forms as the end product of their digestion is uric acid. if the body is no longer able to secrete these masses of generated uric acid, they irritate the delicate membranes and cartilage lining the joints – and inflammation, pain and lumps appear.

Multiple Sclerosis is the breakdown of myelin sheaths that provide insulation for the nerves. The nerves have to carry message from all aprts of the body to the brain and spine (the Central Nervous System). However, in cases of MS, the sheaths have ulcerations, interruptions of the insulation. We understand that his causes ‘shorts’ to develop and messages are then distorted reaching the body. In the medical world, the “cause” of MS is “poorly understood” nonetheless, they assume it to be an autoimmune disorder, and start drugging to decrease the immune system, which just lets it take off and grow.

The one thing we do know is all autoimmune diseases are typically treated the same – drug, and “there is no cure” so you will live your life like that and have to suffer. but guess what? YOU DON”T HAVE TO! It is a lot of work? absolutely! is a life full of abundance worth it? definitly!!