Am I wierd?

Is what I chose to do, the journey I chose to embark on, really that wierd?

The looks and the “oh, wow!” responses I get to people learning about my therapy are no longer affecting me. It’s almost like they don’t think I have understood reality, and understood what my body is going through.

So in that case, am I wierd that when I was diagnosed, I didn’t really care? I didn’t worry? I just kind of said – oh, ok – and moved on?

People seem to think because I opened my practice (YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!) that I must not be bad off – and they are ABSOLUTELY correct!! do I have two forms of cancer? NO!

Was I diagnosed with two forms of cancer? YES

Do you see the difference in the two? When you take acceptance of something, it takes control of you. I have health. I have faith. I have love. I will accept those things. I want those things in my life, in abundance. What do I not want? cancer. jealousy. greed. hate. people that drag me down. people who gossip. I guess you could say I have been diagnosed with all of that in my life thus far, and didn’t understand the difference between the two. I let people back into my life that have been gone for a reason, and I am wondering if I chose the right thing to do. My old life was not something I was always proud of. I want to live a life worth it now. I want to look back at this journey, and realize the person I have grown into is someone who has more of a drive in life, for good, for the positive. How can you do that when you always have someone in your life that wants to slap you down?

I have CHOSEN to say yes, I was diagnosed with two forms of cancer, but do they own me? absolutely not! do they control me? yeah – uh, NO! nice try, come again! ha (well, actually- i would prefer you not come again if its still the cancer were talking about – this is enough for me! been there, done that, got the bumper sticker)

When you allow certain people in your life, to share it, to experience it with you, you open yourself up to everything they bring with them. A great guy I met in Mexico at the Gerson Clinic, Claude, said often we are spiritual beings in a physical form. The more I have realized and looked into spirituality, the more I agree whole heartedly with him.

My coach, Dr.Barbara Eaton, talks about the laws of quantum physics with people. Makes sense! Makes you really aware of who you should and shouldn’t be around. It goes like this: so, atoms resonate. We are all made of atoms – different moods, activities, what not vibrate at certain frequencies. This I know, as I teach in my nutrition class – put a living, organic piece of raw food on an MRI, it will glow. Now cook that food, do it again, and it looks like a blob. The “living force” of the food is dead. We are all the same. So, let’s say happy people ‘resonate’ at a level of 500. Happy people, walking around, great. Ok, we ALL know a Debbie downer, the hater, that person who you kinda grin and bear it, and deal. Mkaes e think I need to do some cleaning on facebook friends. HA! 🙂 Well, they resonate lower, maybe 200. so, as all matter needs equilibrium, your resonance will be added to them, to bring them up. Ever wonder why the term is “they suck the life out the room?” ya know!

Yet another reason people love the quote that talks about surrounding yourself with positive people – why do you want to drain your “love tank” for people who can’t seem to be happy with themselves and their surroundings? People can always find what is wrong in a situation – it takes an awesome “above the line” thinker – to find what is RIGHT about the situation. What is good, and what is worth smiling about. I love the people I have surrounded myself with since my journey with cancer began. They are all such fantastic, supportive, wonderful people. 

So basically, my whole reason for this rant tonight came from things I have noticed lately. I am becoming a stronger person to be able to remove people from my life when they start to get in those lower frequencies. Not meaning needing help from a friend, or having a tough time, that by no means changes anything – If anything, I will be there to help support and love that person through their time of trial. That is what friends are for. I guess I am just unable to thank people enough, or mean it enough, or say it enough, or show it enough – just how thankful I am, how greatful I am, that I am surrounded by the wonderful people I am surrounded by. If karma is true, my friends are in for one fantastic life!! 🙂 Thank you all for your love and support – it means the world to me!!