I love how I am humbled on a daily basis. I continually learn to stop judging from the first thing I see or do, and let things happen for what they are, and see them for what they are. I also learned, whenever I am in the doctor’s office, I will expect the doctor experience to be the exact different one I had with the nurse! haha!

Today I learned something about fear. I learned that fear comes from lack of education. Let me tell you- those times in undergrad I missed a class, just to walk into the class the next time and we had an exam – VERY full of fear. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready. I was terrified. Same goes for everything in life! Education is POWER – it removes 99% of fear in a situation – if you know and learn all you can about something, when you make your decision, you can be confident, and happy, even proud – you made the choice you did, because you are empowered. It also means you have cofidence in explaining it to others, because you are educated about your decision. You can have educated communication, which turns into GREAT conversation!

Today was my follow up with Endocrinology. Dr. Chen, my surgeon, and Dr.Jaume, my endocrinologist, both said numerous times I would need radioactive iodine. I told them I wouldn’t do it at first, then thought it wouldn’t hurt, then I was back to no, then I thought – ok I have the Gerson protocol behind me, so do the radioactive iodine, and clean it up. Potassium Iodide is a POTENT supplement to rid the body of radioactive junk, and that is in the Lugol’s I take with Gerson – so I thought I had the best of both worlds. Then Shawn and I made our trek to Mexico, and I learned SO much about healing and rebuilding the body, I just couldn’t bring myself to do the radioactive iodine, knowing truly how much damage it would do to my system. An important note I want to make here – some friends and family think I wrote off medicine the day I was diagnosed. I haven’t. Just like I told my doc today, I want the best of both worlds. I have the best surgeon I could ask for. I have a fantastic endocrinologist. Both are world renouned for their work and research. When Dr.Jaume, my endocrinologist, couldn’t even look me in the eye today and tell me radioactive iodine was a good bet for me, I knew for 100% sure I was on the right path.

The nurse was HORRIBLE to me today. When I went in for my skin biopsy, the nurse wanted to hear all about my therapy – then the doctor acted like I was nuts. Today, it was the total opposite. The nurse, when I joked “Gee, wonder what Dr.Jaume will say when I tell him I won’t do radioactive iodine” looked at me like I was crazy and said “I don’t even want to get started on that!” and then proceeded to treat me like a parasite. Needless to say, I put my boxing gloves on, and readied myself for my encounter with the MD.

I walked in the room, and the doc had me sit down while he and the fellow with him stood by the table. He proceeded to tell me I had a very agressive cancer, since normally you don’t need a second surgery within 2 months of your primary surgery. He said I was young, and  my best option was radioactive iodine. He wouldn’t really look at me, which wasn’t normal, so when he did finally look at me, I point blank said, “You mean – its my only option, according to medical standards – tell me this – if you were in my shoes, my exact situation – would you do radioactive iodine?” Once again, eyes hit the ground, he wouldn’t look at me and stumbled through an answer of “well, it’s the best option we have now..”

He then looked at the Fellow, and said – “you know, in France, you can’t even get people to do radioactive iodine anymore” Gee – maybe because they are doing their reading and research!? He asked me what I had done for myself, noting I had lost 25 pounds since they saw me March 31st. I told him about Gerson, what I was doing and what not, and he nodded the whole time, seemingly in agreement. He is not US born and raised, so I have to hope (maybe) he would be a little more forgiving.

He then started speaking my language. Part of me wonders if he just wanted to make sure I was steadfast in my opinion and knowledge, but he told me something important that everyone should know. He told me there are no markers for my cancer. There is no way to know if radiation or chemo would even do any good for it. I asked him where the marker were – was it an issue of not being able to get to them? He said it hasn’t been researched yet. Flat out said – there is no guarantee radioactive iodine will do any good for anyone with papillary thyroid cancer, because there have been no researched markers found. People just take the word of the medical profession the minute they find out its thyroid cancer, and do radioactive iodine, because that is all that is given as an option.

I thought for sure he would dimsiss me from care. The way he was talking was pretty much telling me there was nothing I would be able to do with their office, but he smiled and said, “well, this will be a learning experience for both of us. I would like to follow up with you every 6 months, do a CT of your chest to watch the spot in your lung, and see what transpires.” The Fellow kicked in and asked about testing for thyroglobulin, and we decided we would continue to check it, knowing it will not ever be 0 because I didn’t do radioactive iodine. My issue was the CT though – one CT is the equivalent of 400 chest films – holy radiation!! I asked every 6 months, we could do a chest film, if the chest film warrants a CT, we can do a CT. Otherwise, I want to keep it as least invasive as possible. He agreed.

We were all smiles in the room, and the Doc said “Well, we know a healthy immune system can readily kill off this cancer, so if that can work, let’s let it take a chance!” NOW were speaking the same language!! I was incredibly happy he decided to stay on course with me and allow me to do what is best for me – and use the Western side if necessary. I know it won’t be, but if it makes them happy – they can believe whatever they want 🙂 I shouldn’t have judged what my experience would have been like, but once again, my expectations were exceeded. I am total peace now, not needing to worry about my medical team, since all of them back me and my decisions regarding my health. This is how it should be. MD’s shouldn’t have to be the ones to tell people what to do. Be a guide? yes. Empower patients to do their research, and really find out what is best for them? Absolutely!

Here is something else I want to share with you – If you have heard of the book “The Philosopher’s Notes” by Brian Johnson, it is an EXCELLENT read – These are the things I should have put in my head today, to not be bothered by the trials of the hospital, and who I may meet. I am steadfast in who I am, and love my decision on what works for me. I don’t need others to follow me, I love it if I can be of help, but I only want to help those that desire it.

From what I can see, the essence of Optimal Living comes down to these 10 Principles:

1. Optimism. If we can’t tame that crazy, drunk monkey in our mind and shape the contents of our consciousness, nothing else matters. Period.

2. Purpose. What inspires you? What’s your dharma? Your purpose? Your highest calling? Living an authentically awesome life requires creating an empowering vision and keeping your eye on your Highest Goal without losing yourself on a manic Holy Grail chase.

3. Self-Awareness. From the Oracle of Delphi and the Buddha to modern science, it’s clear: We’ve gotta know ourselves. How well do you know thyself?

4. Goals. Whether it’s meditating first thing tomorrow morning or starting your business (or family or painting or…), we’ve gotta have goals that inspire us.

5. Action. All that’s nice, but we’ve gotta follow Guru Nike’s advice and *Just Do It!* Are you just doing it or just talking about it?

6. Energy. We’re gonna have a hard time reaching our potential if we have a hard time getting out of bed or getting out of debt. Are you honoring the simple fundamentals of nutrition/exercise/rejuvenation/ money?

7. Wisdom. Wisdom is all about approaching life as our classroom and looking at every moment as another opportunity to live our ideals.

8. Courage. The word comes from the Latin word for “heart.” It’s the virtue that pumps blood to all the other virtues. Without it, none of this other stuff matters. How’s your courage pumping?

9. Love. Love, love, love. How’re your relationships? Are you studying love like you’d study a sport or a musical instrument or a language you want to master?

10.en*theos. God/Spirit/The Universe. Whatever you call the Force that beats our hearts and keeps the planets in line, it’s the center and circumference of everything. Connecting to it is a good idea. You plugged in?