This is my response to the many, MANY questions I have gotten regarding what a day in my life looks like now, with the practice, my family and of course, my new lifestyle. So, here ya go! 🙂

Ok, first off, my day starts at 6am – if im lucky. Im up, coffee break happens. We hope Keegan sleeps until 6, but we know he will sleep through me juicing! 🙂

Notice there are 2 buckets – one is for castor, one for coffee – I will NOT mix the two buckets for the simple reason I don’t want to deal with the sick feeling that comes from castor. It seems like all the soap you use can’t for sure take out all the castor! The coffee is 8oz coffee concentrate, 8oz hot water, and 16oz cold water

I get to listen to Louise Hay, John DeMartini, Dr Barbara Eaton or of course – Angry Birds 🙂


OK, so moving on. Next is showering, and then juicing. I make enough carrot juice to last until I can get home at lunch. It takes about 4 large carrots to make 8oz of juice, and this time is definitly different day to day – sometimes the carrots paint the counter, the plants, or the ceiling. For the longest time, I was getting SOOO mad when the juice would go shooting out the back of the juicer, and painting the green wall orange. Finally, Shawn suggested I change the cloth, and no problems have been since then!  So, now we know when the juicer starts going crazy, we know to change the cloth 🙂 one cloth lasts around a month. At the Gerson clinic, they went through one cloth a week!


                                The “before” juice!






Ok, next is breakfast!! Actually, I make breakfast and juice at the same time. I start the water, get it boiling, throw in the oatmeal and let it cook while I juice. When done juicing, I juice my Orange Juice, put in my potassium drops and iodine, and take my “before meal” supplements

This is 2 days worth of supplements. The top square is “before” (B12, Colostrum, Acidoll Pepsin, Inflazyme) the bottom  is “during” (Milk Thistle and Niacin) and the next one with the yellow (coq10) is “after” (CoQ10, Thyroid, Pancreatin) I make this every other night so I don’t have to worry about it each day.

So, breakfast is ready, juice is made and put in the thermos for the day

I get to put some dried fruit in my oatmeal 🙂 im such a rebel – sometimes I add extra prunes! woohoo! haha! I end up making my first green juice of the day and drink it before breakfast so I can get one in instead of having to clean the juicer and then juice again. Trying to work smarter, not harder!




  With the green juice, do NOT add Lugols (Iodine) to it – it will turn black!! All that goes in green juice is that dark bottle – potassium! The green juice doesn’t look too bad because carrot has been in it as well, a little carrot was left over and just got added to it. The rest of the “stuff” that comes from the juice goes into bags and goes to my parents house for the horses, which LOVE getting treats!!  This is what green juice looks like before it goes to the horses 🙂



So then i get to go upstairs and get ready for work – the actual “me” time – if you can call it that 🙂 And of course, Keegan acts like velcro at that time, since he knows Im trying to get something done!! Shawn is SOO amazing, watching him and helping me out so I can get all this stuff done. It would NEVER happen without him. Its CRAZY hard to get therapy done when Shawn isn’t here. I don’t do full therapy on days I dont’ have help. I don’t know what else to do with Keegan, he won’t let me do any therapy, he gets jealous and wants all my attention. I can ward him off with veggies, which keep his attention for some time, but it never lasts long!

So yeah, I come home at lunch, 2 coffee breaks, a salad, potato (that Shawn starts before I leave work) and green juice and carrot apple, play with Keegan, talk with Shawn, and I change it up, and make carrot apple juice instead – im supposed to be alternating them, but it just doesn’t work that way for me  🙂


I get to finish off my day, and rush back home to get Keegan picked up in some decent time from his daycare. We are moving to a nanny so he will finally be able to stay home all day and be watched here – it will be nice to have him nap here and play with other kids at the water park! 🙂


Back home, Keegan is in bed at 7, and my night just starts. Coffee break, 2 green juices finishes off my juices, then another coffee break before bed finishes those off. Every other night is cooking and prep night – although each night i make coffee.

Last night, for instance, was cooking and prep night. After Keegan is in bed, the FIRST thing I have to do is start the soup.

 Potato, Leek, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Celery all goes in a pot, distilled water to the top and it starts cooking low and slow for 3 hours. This soup is only good for 2 days, so it gets used up quick!


Then I also start coffee. You know you have an unhealthy coffee obsession when this is how much coffee you buy for two to three weeks! haha 5lbs of coffee from Cafe Mam – it ships quick and they have therapy blend and therapy grind – great company to work with! I get two pitchers of coffee and two of hot water that will last enough to get me through the day 🙂


Then of course, the supplements have to be filled. We had to make an ENTIRE drawer just for supplements – this is where it is currently – it is completely FILLED when im at the beginning of a supplement round. There is LOTS of stuff!





Next is green bag prep. The green juice is SUPER annoying to make if you make it on a per juice basis, so I don’t. This is what I start with. Normally there are other greens, but when they aren’t in season and avaliable, you have to use more of whatever you have. The one thing I had to go shopping for was the red cabbage, which I forgot in this picture! an apple goes in each drink, and 1/3 of a green pepper

 This is what it looks like in the end! Takes a lot of time, but totally worth it to just grab a bag and make the juice instead of having to do it all at the time!


So then I get dinner, if I haven’t been munching on different veggies this whole time.  By this time, its around 9:45 and im pretty tired. I normally wait for Shawn to come home, and he cools the soup and throws it in the fridge for me 🙂

If you are having problems with lack of sleep, feel free to start Gerson Therapy. You will NOT have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep!

I have probably forgotten something, and if so I will add it, but this is pretty much it! 🙂 lots of work, but well worth the effort!