Just a little start into this, I am in a group in facebook that is private. It was a group that was started off another health group I am in, when things got more intimate, some of us didn’t want things posted for all the world to see, so we created a private group. The ladies in this group are some of the most amazing women I have met (besides my mom and sister, of course!) 🙂 and I learn SO much from these ladies. We all come from different aspects of life, but one thing is the same between all of us – we all are striving to learn, and through learning, becoming better. Better parents, people, spouses – whatever. We were discussing someone who had just passed, who had cancer, and did the chemo/radiation route, and my response was enough that finally had been a secret for a few weeks, that I didn’t know how to deal with, but it is out now, and I want to share it with you.

I haven’t said anything about this, but I’m wondering if I should, since this post unearthed it. I was sent an email a week or 2 ago by a person who was friends with my ex and myself through college. He sent me an email, basically saying I was never diagnosed with cancer, and he didn’t expect me to be doing this well. When he saw me at the benefit, he far from expected me to look as good as I did.

To that statement, I was floored. Isn’t the point of a benefit to HELP someone who has been injured, or is fighting something? Isn’t the POINT of a benefit to HOPE that someone fights their battle, and wins? Is our society SO stuck on sickness leads to death, that when a person survives, people don’t know how to respond? Now that I opened my practice, apparently I was “never sick to start with” because I have chosen the path I am on, and not the sick path. More than that, even, the fact EVERY DAY of my working life now, I have the ability to change other people’s lives is more than the best therapy I could imagine. I am helping people live their OWN lives to their optimum potential, with no nervous system interference. Nervous system interference is what led to me getting sick. The removal of it is helping me get well. I have the ability to help PREVENT this is someone else – who WOULDN”T want that opportunity?

I had talked to my coach and my mom about this, and they told me to send out a letter to EVERYONE who came to my benefit, and refund any money that was donated to me – which I agree to 100% – I don’t want your money if your plan was to watch me shrivel up and die. Please, if you were at the benefit, and you think I am faking this diagnosis, PLEASE contact me, and ANY money you donated to my health will be returned ASAP.

I guess my point is, people who don’t want to listen to alternatives most times are ready to give up. It may be they just don’t have the energy or strength to continue on, or the road just seems so long, a nice nap just sounds better to them. This is one of the reasons it is SO vitally important to take time out each day for yourself. Read a book, mediatate, do SOMETHING you enjoy – daily. don’t have time? well, do you have time to live a less than awesome life? because that’s what your trading – and who knows, it may also be the ultimate sacrifice – your spirit may leave its case and choose to be free,and unhindered from the hell it is enduring.

Our bodies want to be nourished. They don’t want to be depleted. Nourish them, not only with the right foods, but with the right thoughts, the right actions. Do things for others without expecting a thank you. Live life with a purpose, and you will be returned 100 fold.

The strangest thing happened this morning. I looked outside before I left for work, and Shawn, Keegan and I were all sitting in the living room, talking. There was this BEAUTIFUL area of sky where the sun was shining through the clouds, and literally made it look like they were gold. absolutely beautiful!! I wanted to take a picture, but my camera battery was dead. Then I remembered – how great is it to take a picture, versus seeing things for yourself? Sure, the picture is awesome, but does it really capture the same moment you were in when you saw that? no, it doesn’t – so appreciate that moment, instead of spending your life taking pictures and trying to remember those moments – don’t get me wrong, I am a self proclaimed camera freak – it doesn’t leave my side – but it was a wake up for me to cherish the moment, and not try to capture it so I could hope I would enjoy it later.

In other news, blood work was done yesterday – I will post results when I get them. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend and PLEASE take some time for yourself and your loved ones.