I love the movie Monsters, Inc.  I loved it before, because the characters are so darn cute, but I love it 100 fold now, because for the first time since being diagnosed with cancer, I saw it on TV over the weekend. Funny how it took on a whole new meaning to me.

In the movie, the whole idea is laughter is more powerful than scaring. Of course, it takes the whole movie to figure that out, but it creates a better workplace, better relationships, better life.  Productivity increases, whole communities are improved, because of a simple yet profound change. The scary thing about fear – it sure can take a strong hold on you!! The entire medical establishment is based on that principle – keep ’em scared and fearful, that is a very low energy place, people are dormant then. Move to strength, research and power and all of a sudden that fear takes a back seat!

In the same respect, the power of truth and positivity is that much MORE powerful than anger and fear – maybe im looking in to it FAR too much, but I think that is an even more powerful statement if you choose to take it away from that movie. Yet some people will never get it – and never see, because they don’t think they have the strength or power themselves to change or see a difference. To this day, it boggles my mind when people are so ingrained in the medical ways, when there are SO many people doing alternative things!

I continually hear “wow, you are SO brave for the route you chose!” Actually, I’m not – I just research, then research more. When I think I’m done, I read another article, published or not, and over time, when you keep hearing the same things over and over and over again – you have a pretty good hold on what works. Choose to empower yourself. Choose to educate yourself! Anyone can do it, and I can PROMISE you, your life will improve because of your choice to take that step out of comfort and dis-ease, into education, power, and HEALTH!