I never thought I would need to write a post like this one – but here it goes!

Never, EVER, do I want to make a decision for another person. That is not my purpose here. My purpose here is to educate and get people thinking about what they CAN do for their bodies, minds and souls. My PASSION is education and empowerment. Since opening my practice a little over a year ago, I have found my true voice comes out best when people come to me that WANT help, and WANT to be well – I don’t care WHERE you are in your journey, if you want help, I am open and willing to help you.

What I will NEVER do is become someone that just agrees with the “norm”. Had I done that, I likely wouldn’t be here today. Do you want to know what I was told by my Conventional MD? My survival chance over 5 years was 8.5%. Seriously? With a 3 month old and a husband I have waited all my life to meet? 8.5%?!?! That is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me!

Please, read that last sentance again. NOT ACCEPTABLE to ME.  Not you, not your mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend down the street, or person you have never met. ME. I have CHOSEN to empower myself for what works for ME. My goal, my blog, my LIFE is about what works for ME – and I highly suggest every person follow that same drive for themself.

This post comes after a nasty email after I posted a status on facebook (of all places, right? 🙂 ) My status was:

Random thought that came to me today:

I always hear “it’s so much easier STAY healthy than to GET healthy” 

Could that be because our bodies give off SO many signs that go unnoticed (fatigue,headache,irritability) and we have the ability to medicate them away, so we ignore them, then a super big sign smacks us in the face and we have NO idea how it happened!! (Hmmm…)

I was diagnosed with strep on Tuesday night – I filled the prescription because of the amount of pain I was in, I didn’t care what side effects were – I wanted the pain gone! But I came home, got adjusted and started extra juicing and glyconutrients – and I was back to my “normal self” by mid afternoon yesterday. 

Why did I respond so quickly? Why did my body heal so much faster? Let me tell you – it WASN’T luck. If you want your body to work at its very best, and be iron clad during this cold and flu season, and all seasons for that matter, start NOW. Don’t wait for the symptoms to hit, and not be able to get on top of them. Prevention is SO worth the extra effort!

Just for clarification – my posts are not directed to ANYONE – they are my thoughts, my feelings, etc – to attack my views and tell me I am “trying to be better than anyone else” to me is just borderline insanity. I am trying to be no better than the person I was yesterday. This entire journey for me has been just that – a journey. Learning what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Learning to let go of people and things in my life that in no way help me to grow into the person I want to be. I truly hope that everyone is able to do that.My passion comes out because I don’t WANT others to be sitting in that doctor office, hearing the 3 words that are so scary “you have cancer” – my goal is for people to hear those 3 words and say “ok, I’ve GOT this!” and start on a journey to health – better yet – NEVER hear those words in the FIRST place.

My research, the foods and supplements I stand firmly behind I do so because of months and YEARS of research. People trust me and I won’t let them down. I understand I am only human, and do as well as I can, but I have never once tried to push something for my own gain. Do I know if people listen to the nutritional or supplement advice I give, that they will get healthier? Absolutely! Do I know their body can just get stronger? Absolutely! Will their symptoms disappear and they will be dis-ease free for a lifetime? HA! I can’t even guarantee that for MYSELF – why on EARTH would I try to guarantee it for anyone else?

Im human, and Im on a mission to save as many lives as I can. If I can improve the quality of life you have, and that is what you are interested in, Im here with open arms. If you don’t want the advice, that’s great too – but PLEASE don’t tell me I am trying to be better than any other single person in this world, nothing could be further from the truth. I am me, living my own journey, and started this blog so others could get a glimpse of what the road I chose looks like. Love me or hate me, I will be me.

As my coach says “In life, you have fans, and you have critics. Live for your fans!” AMEN.