Someone I love very much came to me and told me they had gotten a “pre-cancerous” diagnosis after a biopsy was performed on a skin lesion. When I asked what they thought of that, the reply was “well, I’ll clean up my diet, get healthier, but it’s no big deal!”


Before I was finally diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, I had over 26 biopsies, MOST were “pre cancer” – I WISH someone would have said to me “hey, guess what? that is the BIGGEST warning sign EVER that you need to change – your body is telling you it can make weird cells in clusters – guess what THAT means?!”

But of course, my response to those test results were “Meh, I’ll be fine – it’s just ‘pre-cancer’.”


So, I got the learning experience I did, and if I didn’t get the blessing to have this experience, I wouldn’t be able to help other people learn – so while that is all great and wonderful, I would urge you to take my word and NOT treat a ‘pre-cancer’ lesion as if it is nothing – no big deal.

Then again, I wouldn’t be who I am today without the trials and challenges that led me to this point. For that, I am truly honored!

Anyway, back to ‘pre-cancer’. Have you noticed our entire society works on that SAME theory?

I work with people in all aspects of health. One of the main things I work with is regulating blood sugar levels – it is one of the courses I teach. I had someone come to me who had gotten a physical, and they did a blood sugar test on him. When the results came in, they told him “Your blood sugar levels are elevated, you are pre-diabetic.” He then asked what should he do? He certainly didn’t want diabetes! The answer? “When the levels get higher we will put you on medication to control it.”

Does anyone else see a problem with that thinking? Wait until it is SO bad you have no other option, then you have to take drastic measures. That is how medicine works, it has NEVER been a way to prevent ANY dis-ease.

“pre cancer” – well, it isn’t full out cancer – we can’t do chemo and radiation – oh WAIT – now if you have a GENE that says you have a POSSIBILITY of breast cancer, just lop off your breasts! no biggie – I mean, really, who needs them anyway?! Don’t worry about it yet!

Traditional labs have changed SO much – A1C levels have come down, blood pressure, triglyceride levels, TSH even – thyroid levels, cholesterol have all changed so they are inching closer and closer to by the time they are out of “normal” range, they MUST be medicated.

PLEASE – if there is no other take away – THINK about what these “diagnosis” mean!

You have TWO types of cells: healthy ones and unhealthy ones. If you have “sick” cells – guess what? you are already in the disease process, but just because Western Medicine says it isn’t broken down ENOUGH yet, just broken down a little bit, they don’t need to “treat” you.

IF you ever get a “pre-cancer” diagnosis – the next step is to check out the Navarro Medical Clinic to see where you TRULY are in the dis-ease state. According to their website:

“The test detects the presence of brain cancer as early as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibro sarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from the breast extirpated 2 years earlier).”

What a GREAT, inexpensive way to see how your body is functioning from a cellular level, in regard to fast replicating cells. This is currently what I use, since there is nothing that can really be a marker for me since I never did radiation.

Have you used the Navarro test? Would you be willing to?