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Someone I love very much came to me and told me they had gotten a “pre-cancerous” diagnosis after a biopsy was performed on a skin lesion. When I asked what they thought of that, the reply was “well, I’ll clean up my diet, get healthier, but it’s no big deal!”


Before I was finally diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma, I had over 26 biopsies, MOST were “pre cancer” – I WISH someone would have said to me “hey, guess what? that is the BIGGEST warning sign EVER that you need to change – your body is telling you it can make weird cells in clusters – guess what THAT means?!”

But of course, my response to those test results were “Meh, I’ll be fine – it’s just ‘pre-cancer’.”


So, I got the learning experience I did, and if I didn’t get the blessing to have this experience, I wouldn’t be able to help other people learn – so while that is all great and wonderful, I would urge you to take my word and NOT treat a ‘pre-cancer’ lesion as if it is nothing – no big deal.

Then again, I wouldn’t be who I am today without the trials and challenges that led me to this point. For that, I am truly honored!

Anyway, back to ‘pre-cancer’. Have you noticed our entire society works on that SAME theory?

I work with people in all aspects of health. One of the main things I work with is regulating blood sugar levels – it is one of the courses I teach. I had someone come to me who had gotten a physical, and they did a blood sugar test on him. When the results came in, they told him “Your blood sugar levels are elevated, you are pre-diabetic.” He then asked what should he do? He certainly didn’t want diabetes! The answer? “When the levels get higher we will put you on medication to control it.”

Does anyone else see a problem with that thinking? Wait until it is SO bad you have no other option, then you have to take drastic measures. That is how medicine works, it has NEVER been a way to prevent ANY dis-ease.

“pre cancer” – well, it isn’t full out cancer – we can’t do chemo and radiation – oh WAIT – now if you have a GENE that says you have a POSSIBILITY of breast cancer, just lop off your breasts! no biggie – I mean, really, who needs them anyway?! Don’t worry about it yet!

Traditional labs have changed SO much – A1C levels have come down, blood pressure, triglyceride levels, TSH even – thyroid levels, cholesterol have all changed so they are inching closer and closer to by the time they are out of “normal” range, they MUST be medicated.

PLEASE – if there is no other take away – THINK about what these “diagnosis” mean!

You have TWO types of cells: healthy ones and unhealthy ones. If you have “sick” cells – guess what? you are already in the disease process, but just because Western Medicine says it isn’t broken down ENOUGH yet, just broken down a little bit, they don’t need to “treat” you.

IF you ever get a “pre-cancer” diagnosis – the next step is to check out the Navarro Medical Clinic to see where you TRULY are in the dis-ease state. According to their website:

“The test detects the presence of brain cancer as early as early as 29 months before symptoms appear; 27 months for fibro sarcoma of the abdomen; 24 months for skin cancer; 12 months for cancer of the bones (metastasis from the breast extirpated 2 years earlier).”

What a GREAT, inexpensive way to see how your body is functioning from a cellular level, in regard to fast replicating cells. This is currently what I use, since there is nothing that can really be a marker for me since I never did radiation.

Have you used the Navarro test? Would you be willing to?


The road less traveled…

I never thought I would need to write a post like this one – but here it goes!

Never, EVER, do I want to make a decision for another person. That is not my purpose here. My purpose here is to educate and get people thinking about what they CAN do for their bodies, minds and souls. My PASSION is education and empowerment. Since opening my practice a little over a year ago, I have found my true voice comes out best when people come to me that WANT help, and WANT to be well – I don’t care WHERE you are in your journey, if you want help, I am open and willing to help you.

What I will NEVER do is become someone that just agrees with the “norm”. Had I done that, I likely wouldn’t be here today. Do you want to know what I was told by my Conventional MD? My survival chance over 5 years was 8.5%. Seriously? With a 3 month old and a husband I have waited all my life to meet? 8.5%?!?! That is NOT ACCEPTABLE to me!

Please, read that last sentance again. NOT ACCEPTABLE to ME.  Not you, not your mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend down the street, or person you have never met. ME. I have CHOSEN to empower myself for what works for ME. My goal, my blog, my LIFE is about what works for ME – and I highly suggest every person follow that same drive for themself.

This post comes after a nasty email after I posted a status on facebook (of all places, right? 🙂 ) My status was:

Random thought that came to me today:

I always hear “it’s so much easier STAY healthy than to GET healthy” 

Could that be because our bodies give off SO many signs that go unnoticed (fatigue,headache,irritability) and we have the ability to medicate them away, so we ignore them, then a super big sign smacks us in the face and we have NO idea how it happened!! (Hmmm…)

I was diagnosed with strep on Tuesday night – I filled the prescription because of the amount of pain I was in, I didn’t care what side effects were – I wanted the pain gone! But I came home, got adjusted and started extra juicing and glyconutrients – and I was back to my “normal self” by mid afternoon yesterday. 

Why did I respond so quickly? Why did my body heal so much faster? Let me tell you – it WASN’T luck. If you want your body to work at its very best, and be iron clad during this cold and flu season, and all seasons for that matter, start NOW. Don’t wait for the symptoms to hit, and not be able to get on top of them. Prevention is SO worth the extra effort!

Just for clarification – my posts are not directed to ANYONE – they are my thoughts, my feelings, etc – to attack my views and tell me I am “trying to be better than anyone else” to me is just borderline insanity. I am trying to be no better than the person I was yesterday. This entire journey for me has been just that – a journey. Learning what has worked for me and what hasn’t. Learning to let go of people and things in my life that in no way help me to grow into the person I want to be. I truly hope that everyone is able to do that.My passion comes out because I don’t WANT others to be sitting in that doctor office, hearing the 3 words that are so scary “you have cancer” – my goal is for people to hear those 3 words and say “ok, I’ve GOT this!” and start on a journey to health – better yet – NEVER hear those words in the FIRST place.

My research, the foods and supplements I stand firmly behind I do so because of months and YEARS of research. People trust me and I won’t let them down. I understand I am only human, and do as well as I can, but I have never once tried to push something for my own gain. Do I know if people listen to the nutritional or supplement advice I give, that they will get healthier? Absolutely! Do I know their body can just get stronger? Absolutely! Will their symptoms disappear and they will be dis-ease free for a lifetime? HA! I can’t even guarantee that for MYSELF – why on EARTH would I try to guarantee it for anyone else?

Im human, and Im on a mission to save as many lives as I can. If I can improve the quality of life you have, and that is what you are interested in, Im here with open arms. If you don’t want the advice, that’s great too – but PLEASE don’t tell me I am trying to be better than any other single person in this world, nothing could be further from the truth. I am me, living my own journey, and started this blog so others could get a glimpse of what the road I chose looks like. Love me or hate me, I will be me.

As my coach says “In life, you have fans, and you have critics. Live for your fans!” AMEN.


“True forgiveness is when you can say, “Thank you for that experience.”
― Oprah Winfrey


How often is it that we go through life, and can thank those who have hurt us in the past? How is it that we can look at a situation, and be happy that it happened? Sure, it is easy if it was a positive experience, but what makes for a positive experience?

I am getting better, but still feel a bit odd when people ask me about my cancer journey, and I tell them “it’s been a great ride!” but to be honest, it truly has – was it all fun and happy and stress free? obviously not, but did I learn from it? you bet! did I help others because of it? I sure hope so! Did I make a difference? i’ll never know, but that is my ultimate goal, so maybe one day, I will know I helped someone, I made a difference in someones life.

So many times people are so angry when illness comes into their life, or their loved ones life. Understandable! I remember when a fellow Gerson Person wrote about our time here – it isn’t up to us – when we get to the point that we say it is no longer up to us, we don’t know when our time is up, life takes on a different meaning. I keep having to remind myself of that daily, and it sure puts a different twist on how you live your life – if you don’t believe me, try it for a week!

Today I am feeling very honored and humbled by my experience thus far through my journey. I keep meeting people, and sometimes I can feel the tears welling up in my eyes talking to them, as they are re-living my days that I found out I had cancer – the fear and uncertainty that first comes – but the fierce confidence and strength I see come through the supporters, the spouses, of these people just amaze me. To those of you who support, there isn’t a big enough hug, a special enough vacation, or all the love in the world that can say thank you for all you do. Eternal gratitude may not even say it, but I guess that is what love does. Every time I talk to a supporter, the surge my heart feels is incredible – I can literally FEEL how much that person cares about their spouse, and that bond is something that once you have been through, you will never forget.

So, I know this is a more random post by me, and I have promised people I would update more often, so I will make a point to do so, but if there is one message I could send out this week, forgive yourself. Whatever health issues, relationship issues, anything – forgive yourself, start over new tomorrow, and put the different twist on your life. Prepare to be amazed ❤

To all of you who still follow and support me, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!





Does it ever end?

“Help me find the cure! Donate to SGK today!”

“I’m walking for a cure – donate today!”

“I’m supporting XYZ  with this “race for the cure” event – donate today!”

Let me tell you a little story about this supposed “race for the cure” and the monopoly behind it. While I sympathize with the families and those that lost their life to chemo and radiation, you would think by now we would realize the “war on cancer” is the biggest joke in the history of medicine.

Think about it – what other medical treatment has never EVER been changed since it’s start? “Oh, but cancer treatment is always being changed!”


You get diagnosed with cancer. What are your options? Ask your MD. Go ahead, I challenge you! You will get 3 answers. Chemo. Radiation. Surgery. That’s it – oh, and don’t change your diet! Don’t add in good foods – because that will mess with your chemo! That was almost as dumb as hearing women shouldn’t breastfeed because it makes vaccines not as good.

It is disheartening to see our society put so much faith in a failing system, and then look to those of us who have come out on top, healthier than ever, as “not scientifically valid” umm….I’m still looking to figure out how science finds our current treatments “scientifically valid”. Cancer diagnosis is at an all time high, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women WILL be diagnosed at some point in their lives with cancer. Is cancer the enemy? Absolutely NOT! We need to stop fighting our bodies, and believing that we are damaged goods.

This post comes as I had been preparing a speech. Someone has nominated me for “Hero of the Year” for the American Cancer Society.  I got a call from a representative for the ACS, and we chatted a bit, she was really excited to have me speak, and we hung up. I started thinking of what to say – my main goal to bring hope and light to those with cancer. I have that down, for sure! I love talking to people about cancer, what it is, and what it isn’t – and I can guarantee you, when you start to look at cancer as a blessing instead of an evil, terrible thing, your outlook changes dramatically.

Anyway, so a few weeks go by, and I get a call from another person, apparently higher up in the ACS. She tells me they unfortunately, can’t have me speak, as they need someone “cured” of cancer via “scientifically based methods”

Me: you mean, chemo and radiation?

ACS Lady: yes.

Me: “you do realize, chemo and radiation have a 2.1% success rate over 5 years, right? SCIENCE says don’t do it!”

ACS Lady: (silence…)

Although we talked about 20  minutes, and she said she wanted to talk to her committee about having me speak, because she thought I had a very valid point, and we SHOULD have informed consent, especially with the people having such meek outlooks with current treatment, her hands were tied. Odd. I have heard that one before!

So please, before you jump on the Relay For Life bandwagon this year, realize the truth that abundantly clear to those of us who have successfully treated our bodies, and don’t have such a thing called “remission” because we have gotten to the true source of the problem, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Cancer HAS a cure. But like anything else worth having, it doesn’t come overnight.

Happy Birthday, Claude!!

When I was down in Mexico, one of the first people I met was Claude Venter. He is from South Africa, and he and his long time friend, Grant, made the 3 day journey to Mexico to start on therapy. I couldn’t have asked for more positive, motivating individuals than these two men. It is an absolute honor to know them, and even from countries apart, be in their life.

We joked in Mexico about our 3 year reunion. All of us would meet for a celebration of life, cancer free. We chose that place to be Panama, where Claude and Grant plan on moving.

Today is Claude’s birthday, and I wanted to share his story with all of you, to gain even more understanding of what we are doing for health and wellness!

Today has been one year since being diagnosed, labeled, put in a category by an allopathic doctor. He cut out some of my lymph nodes, declared that ‘they’ had found lymphoma. After all that there was nothing they could do but buy me some time with large doses of chemo. Thanks for the business and go straight to the oncologist after having visited the account department.
With the help of my friend of 25 years, Grant Horak, we did some investigation. Remembering this is a highly emotional and stressful time it was life saving to have Grants calm leadership. According to the American cancer association Chemo offers u a 2,5 % chance of survival after 5 years. In fact, and this is the really scary part, chemo or radiation is noted as a statistical success if the patient is alive after one year. How is that for lallapalooza science? More over,If u die a day after 5 years u go down as a cancer survivor. Ironically Steve Jobs of Apple is a cancer survivor. Bet u didn’t know that.
The Gerson therapy, in my circumstances, has a 85% survival rate and unlike with the chemo patients, u can actually speak the Gerson patients. They are not a secret. Their testimonials are there and so is their contact info. So it was a no brainier. I choose Gerson!

Sadly everyone diagnosed at the same time as me, who did chemo or radiation, is now dead. Including Andy Whitfield (1971–2011) the star of the TV hit mini series called Spartacus. He was diagnosed in the same week and with the same cancer as me. He did chemo in feb and died in November last year. So much pain and suffering because of big pharma. greed.

All the people I met at the Gerson clinic are alive and well, including me. A humbling realisation. My bloods show no signs of spreading or tumour growth. My red blood count (the % of oxygen in your blood) is above average. My white blood cells show no infections (strong immune system) etc etc. Cancer is not a fight, we all have it. Strong immune systems keep it under control. Cancer out of control is a result of a suppressed immune system. Correct the system and cancer goes back to normal. Create an environment that is alkaline and cancer can not thrive. It is all logical. People often comment and say how brave I am! With a 2.5% survival rate after 5 years choosing chemo is brave. I am just logical.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am very proudly turning 49.
People think I am a little nuts when I say that cancer and the subsequent Gerson journey, can be seen as the best thing that had ever happened to me. Not as in a ‘wining lottery ticket’ kind of way but that i have been given the opportunity to go through the process of rebirth.
Briefly for those who don’t know what I have been doing for the last year:
I choose not to do chemo but to do ‘the Gerson Therapy’. This is a nutritionally based treatment designed by Dr. Max Gerson in Germany in the 1920’s. It is a diet high in potassium and low in sodium. No animal protein. 9carrot and 5 lettuce based veg juices a day and up to 5 coffee enemas a day. All organic. It takes between 2 and 3 years to complete.
In April last year i went, with my friend Grant, to San Diego in the United States to learn how to do the treatment. We met Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr Max Gerson, the founder of the treatment and the doctors who have monitored me, through blood analysis every 6 weeks, for the last 10 months via email and phone calls.
The process the detox takes u through changes u on a cellular level, forever. To realise u are healing, changing, is a message, a whisper from within in a language they don’t teach u at school. Its not a doctor diagnosing or telling u so and therefore believing it as we are wired to.
On the Gerson journey you have to take responsibility for your own healing. There is no magic pill. All u are doing is healing . Allowing. Listening. Letting go. Trusting in your healing process.
To illustrate this i want to share something that happened this morning. It was a very organic dream like emotional experience of hearing my inner self, presented in the form of ‘romantic’ self realisation.
I was doing a drawing at my desk, arms half crossed, my one hand drawing the other on my arm, my bicep. For the first time I became aware of what the inside of my hand, my palm felt like. It’s like when someone u just met holds your hand and u are very aware of how the person feels. Just at small point of connectivity. It was a very intimate realisation. A transfer of warm energy, a bridging, a door opening. I suddenly realise that this had never been allowed before. I think we all have these blockages which can inhibit, as it did me, from knowing who all of me is, thereby stopping me from loving the real me. I think Its Iike living two stories above yourself amd only getting glimpses of yourself through a window. It’s another step in the dance of healing. I continue nose to the wind following the scent of freedom, ear to the ground listening to the throb of the beat of the universe.

Gerson Article

2010 was my year. I had absolutely everything going for me, and felt the top of the world was just within my reach. The year started off with a bang, marrying my best friend on February 19th. I was overjoyed! Next came graduation from Palmer College of Chiropractic. I was a Doctor, something I never thought I would do. I chose that profession because it was the one thing that made sense to me. Heal from above down, inside out. Healing comes from within. The power that made the body is the same power that will heal the body. It all made sense to me. I also know nutrition has the ability to do the same, little did I know how true that would come to be!

To add to our already amazing year, we found out we were expecting! On August 25th, our first child, Keegan, joined us. My heart could have literally burst, I was so happy.  When I went to the hospital in labor, the nurse was concerned, not because I was 17 days post “due” but because of the size of my thyroid gland. I had noticed it a big large since 2005, but thought nothing of it.

Come to think of it, my professor in Physical Diagnosis actually asked me to get it checked out. I had no insurance, so I did nothing about it. I noticed it from time to time, but just let it go. When I got pregnant, my thyroid seemed to take off. It was very large, but I didn’t take notice, because all my labs were completely normal, and I had no symptoms.

At my son’s 6 week well baby visit, the midwives wanted to run more tests on me. We did, and they all came back normal. They suggested going to an endocrinologist. I finally made the appointment in December when I could no longer extend my head without swallowing issues. Yes, in hindsight I know that was too late, and I wish I had taken action earlier, but I was a bit busy with a new baby and new life! The endocrinologist got me in very quickly when I explained my situation.

They ran tests and did a needle biopsy. As they prepped the slides in the room, I joked with my husband about it, knowing it would be nothing.  My son, 3 months old at the time, seemed intrigued by the whole thing. After 4 needle samples, they all left the room and said they would be back with primary test results.

The endocrinologist’s face told the story before he said anything. Papillary thyroid cancer. I looked at my husband and son, and just shook my head. “There are support groups, and this is a successfully treated cancer” the endocrinologist said. At that point, I lost it. I was so frustrated – how could my perfect year be ending this way!? I had SO much on my plate, so much to live for – why was this the test I was chosen for?

In that same instant, I decided I would kick this cancer out of next year.  Had it not been for my mother healing breast cancer and melanoma naturally, and my education in Chiropractic college and Nutrition, I don’t know what I had done.  “Papillary Thyroid Cancer, surgery in January” I texted to my mom and sister as I left the hospital.

I went into surgery on January 3rd, 2011 determined this was the year this cancer would be found, but leave as quickly as it was found. In surgery, they did a total thyroidectomy and took 30 lymph nodes out of the left side of my neck, and 26 tested positive for cancer. My thyroid was the size of my surgeon’s fist!  We were now dealing with metastatic thyroid cancer. We made a follow up appointment for a CT scan in March.

I decided to get a skin checkup, since I had been on yearly skin checks. The dermatologist said she dreaded making the phone call to me on an early morning in February to tell me I tested positive for malignant melanoma.  I had surgery for that as well, and was busily researching my options. I already knew the benefits of diet, and had started juicing, but didn’t know how I would get to Mexico.

In March, I had a CT of my neck and chest. They found another enlarged lymph node and a mass in my right lung. Surgery happened again, and they took 41 lymph nodes out of the right side of my neck. It was a relief to me in a way, as the scar on my neck is now even! I worked to find humor in my situation, but the truth was, surgery was a lot more painful the second time around, and I was sick of being labeled as “sick”. Of the 41 lymph nodes taken, 4 were positive.

Thanks to some of the most giving, selfless people in the entire world, I was able to take the trip to the Gerson Clinic, and my husband, Shawn, and I left on April 19th, 2011. Words can’t describe my experience at the clinic. We were warmly welcomed when we got there, the other people regaining health were open and willing to share their diagnosis and what they had been doing up to this time. The knowledge and peace I received as a patient at the clinic will stay with me my entire life.

I fell into a routine. Every night I cut my carrots, prepare vegetables for the green juice and prepare the soup vegetables. I have 2 juicers. As the number of enemas I had to do decreased, I found I was able to do more things as well.

My blood work has been coming out normal and my chest xrays showed that my lungs are clear. I get regular skin checks and my skin is clear of melanoma. My endocrinologist said that I am cancer free, less than a year after my original diagnosis.

Treating cancer is a choice. We all have choices every single day of our life. Every person down in Mexico, and in San Diego gets to see the bright side of that choice. Cancer is absolutely incurable – in the medical world. Never once will poison heal, and I am a living testament of that.

2011 is my year. I have defeated cancer, I have opened my practice, and I am living proof a positive attitude, supportive, loving friends and family, and lots of carrot juice can make all the difference in your world. Cancer is ABSOLUTELY curable, and I will not stop my crusade to help others with this fantastic therapy – I will pay it forward to anyone who will listen!

Care, don’t carry

Well, I have a confession to make. I gave in to fear. Told I was cancer free, scans clear, bloodwork clear, following protocol still for 18 months, a random series of events happened over the past 2 weeks that lead me to believe the cancer I was free of  was metastasizing. The last 2 weeks have been hell.

I was in a MINOR (like 3mph minor) car incident. Someone hit the front of our vehicle backing out of a garage. I was sideways in the truck putting our son in his carseat, so I got jarred and hit my shoulder and head on the passenger seat. Didn’t hurt, disregarded it. Got home and it was carrot day, they were HUGE – took me 2 hours to cut the things so they would fit in the Norwalk!! I went to bed that night with a very sore mid back.

Had a tough time sleeping that night, and could barely move the next day. Had to cancel a half day of appointments with my practice because of the pain. Got adjusted twice, got a massage that day and the next, and it finally started to relax a bit, but not go away, so I asked Stephanie, the massage therapist from next door, to take a chest film of myself.

What I saw put me on my last nerve. I had a radiodensity right by my spine, along the entire pulmonary tree in my right lung. My heart skipped a few beats as I stared at this long mass that seemed to go through all 3 lobes, but not any lobe in particular. The original mass was in the right middle lobe, so of course my eyes went there first. I decided I would call my Primary and get chest films from her, so a radiologist could look at them. I called and they got me in, did a bunch of blood work, and took films.

Results came in today. My bloodwork is absolutely perfect (minus a slight increase in TSH, because I did the hcg test over the weekend) my thyroglobulin is undetectable – no mets with that!! The only thing that is needing improvement is my Vitamin D, which I will increase very willingly 🙂

Next came x-ray results. “No evidence of lung disease”   WHAT? so what WAS that stuff that is now seeming to take over my bronchial tree?  the answer – metals and junk from my lungs. Our cells replicate daily – it takes between 12-24 hours to replicate a cell, and months to replicate an organ. That said, we have a “new body” every 7 years. So I got a snapshot of where I was at this moment in time in my detox protocol. Not only is that AWESOME to know I am getting new lungs, it is even more proof that my body is kicking this thing to the curb with ease!

This brings up an important point. People are lead to believe they will be sick forever, or have “XYZ” ailment forever. If your cells replicate on a DAILY basis, why should you believe you will be forever burdened with whatever ails you? Why don’t you find what you can do to make sure that when that cell divides again, which it will, it has the right stuff to divide with, it has the building blocks, the amino acids, sugars and glyconutrients it needs to replicate as healthy as it can. It has free and clear signaling from the nervous system, to tell cancer to stop replicating, and good cells to continue on with normal function.

As for me, I haven’t said anything until I knew what was happening, but felt like a complete failure over the past two weeks. Here I was, supposedly a success story for alternative cancer therapies, and thought I blew it. Had no idea how I could possibly have done it, but lost faith in myself and my therapy.  Very few people knew what was happening, but that same thought came up again, when I thought I had more to deal with – what are my options? do I stick with Gerson Therapy? do I try something else? What can I change? What can I do?

There are three reasons people get sick. Stress. Physical, Chemical, or Emotional stress. I know that. It takes all 3, or if you have 1 strong enough, im sure that could do it as well. Chemical stress- I kicked that one, I KNEW that wasn’t the issue. Physical stress – didn’t really make sense. But emotional? how could THAT be?  It took some absolutely amazing nutty friends of mine to make me realize something – something my coach tends to tell me a lot.

Care, don’t carry

That phrase needs to be tattoed on my head for eternity! I find myself trying to do everything I can, do more, help more, when people don’t want the help! I think I am doing everything I can to get them the best possible outcome, but it turns out I just burn myself because I care more for their health than they do! I won’t change who I am as a person, but this situation has truly opened my eyes that I need to be sure I am putting myself first, and not letting others and the choices they put on themselves stress me out and upset me. Stress alone causes dis-ease, and the whole point of this learning journey was to learn how to deal and remove those stressors so I build back a healthy body. Guess it was just God telling me to take a step back and realize I help people better when I let them figure out their own journey, and I focus on mine.

My Hospital Trip

Well, this last weekend was sure a fun one! Shawn had off of work (only happens every 6 weeks) so we had planned a weekend for our family. Get photos with Santa, finish shopping, and just do family stuff. We were pretty excited for our weekend! Saturday we got to go shopping, and ended up buying a TV for my practice, so I can more easily do my power points and health talks. I was so excited – we got a GREAT deal on it! It got set up, we got Keegan home, and Charlie Brown Christmas was on. What a perfect day!!

Sunday, well, that was different. I woke up at 6:45 with Keegan, and didn’t feel well at ALL. Just a disclaimer, if you don’t like hearing about sickness, might want to skip to the last paragraph now 😉 Anyway, I always joke I would be the worlds WORST bulemic. I would rather sit and be sick to my stomach for a week instead of just get it over with and throw up. So when Shawn woke up to me throwing up for yet another time by 8 (it all started at 7) he took over Keegan care. Between 7am and 3:30pm, the wastebasket was my absolute best friend in the whole world. I was going through the WORST sweats and chills I think I have ever experienced!  By 3:30, when it still hadn’t calmed down, I called my mom. I had done activated charcoal to try and stop it, that came back to see me in 15 minutes. I tried water. I tried Saltines (shh..don’t tell Gerson 🙂 ) I was willing to do ANYTHING at that point to make things better. Shawn got me some Sierra Mist, now that one I wouldn’t touch. I knew he meant well though!

My mom came and I asked Shawn to take me to Urgent Care. I wanted IV fluids. I knew I was dehydrated and knew I wanted to be better. The entire time we were headed to UC I was thinking “wow, it’s sunday night, how am I supposed to tell my practice members what has happened? how do I cancel appointments tomorrow?” Shawn said we would figure something out, no worries.

We get to Urgent Care, they take my blood pressure, which was 85/49 when I woke up in the morning. My pulse was over 200. They knew I was dehydrated (yup) Then I made a mistake. They asked about past health issues, if I had any. I said no, but I did have two forms of cancer at one point. The doc asked about chemo and what not, I said absolutely not, I didn’t do that. I did a natural therapy, and your hospital actually gave me the all clear. He said he would be back. Left, came back, did a short abdominal exam then said he would be sending me to the ER. I should probably mention I had a headache as well, that had been there strong for 3 days. When coffee enemas don’t break down a headache, you KNOW they are bad!

So the doc is concerned I have cancer metastsis to the brain or other organs. Pacreatitis was his excuse. So off we go to ER. I get to ER, they ask me all sorts of questions as well about the cancer, how I have been feeling – they totally think they are going to see all this crazy cancer everywhere. They even asked if I had made a living will!!! CRAZY! I said no, but since I have a child, I probably should. Anyway, so they start the IV, get bloodwork and did an ultrasound of my abdomen. They wanted a CT, which I said no thanks, didn’t find it necessary.

At that point, Shawn said he didn’t feel to great. Followed shortly by the start of what I started Sunday morning. In a tiny hospital room. Poor guy 😦 I felt terrible I passed my bug onto him!! He was pretty miserable, but stuck it out for me – I sure love him!!!

The doctor doing my ultrasound kept saying how awesome my organs look. He was on my kidney and said “wow, that’s the best looking kidney I have seen in a while!” then on my gallbladder, I asked if there were any signs of stones, and he said it actually looks fantastic – totally clear, just slightly enlarged because of not eating. But overall, my organ systems all look fantastic. He just seemed so amazed – it was almost funny, but just too weird. When my blood work came back “absolutely perfect” (direct quote) I was all smiles – not because I felt great, but because I absolutely knew in my heart of hearts this had NOTHING to do with cancer. Im grateful for modern medicine, IV fluid to be exact, and I am grateful they did what they did to ensure to themselves I was just fine, and I had a virus that needed to work itself through. The fluids helped a ton, and I am grateful the nurses and doctors at UW Hospital ER are such talented, NICE people. They were so respectful the entire time, didn’t push the CT once I said no, and really did do their best to use the least to most invasive testing, which I respect more than I could ever say!

I was able to start moving again Monday around 2, went out and got some natural remedies (coconut water, ViraStop, etc) things that would help my electrolyte balance and return us to normal. Got Shawn started on all that, and he started getting better pretty quickly. We both decided an 8:30pm bedtime was good for us Monday night. Around 11:30pm Monday, we heard something – not quite right. Sure enough, little Keegan picked up our bug 😦 I put him on a lessened version of what Shawn was on, and he improved within an hour, and hasn’t been sick since!! I love both medicine and alternative therapies – there truly IS a time and place for BOTH, just learning when is key!!

Happy Anniversary!!

“We are products of our past. We don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

One year ago, at 3:30pm (gosh, feels like i’m about to give birth)  I was sitting in UW Hospital, after having 4 needles stuck in my neck. Keegan wasn’t yet talking, or really moving much for that matter. 3 months old – wow, what a difference a year makes!!

I still remember Dr.Jaume coming in that room with the fellow. He was so quiet when he told me the diagnosis. He spoke quietly, and pretty quickly. It’s funny how I can remember that like it was yesterday. To this day, I STILL shake my head at the fact I texted my family to tell them I had cancer – ha – who does that?! I have to laugh though, to honestly see it as that small of an issue that I could just text the information out is crazy to me.

It hasn’t been all fun and games, and it hasn’t been all lighthearted. When Dr.Jaume started telling me about the support groups at the hospital, and how papillary thyroid cancer has great results – I lost it. To be honest, I wasn’t scared at all, I was pissed off. The days and nights I had spent with Keegan, both of us learning to breastfeed. Going through everything to make it comfortable for both of us, it had JUST gotten to the point of being ok, I didn’t cringe every time I fed him, and now I was supposed to give it up. Not a chance! We are so ingrained with what we learn, and what we want that is best, sometimes we don’t see the immediate situation. When the nurse said “it’s your choice – get your baby a good first year of breastfeeding, or don’t watch him graduate high school”  I knew the point she was making.  I still didn’t stop breastfeeding.

Surgery would happen on January 3rd – total thyroidectomy and 30 lymph nodes removed. Later we would find out 26 were positive for cancer. My world would once again be rocked in February. Once again, I remember that morning I was half awake in bed, and my phone started vibrating. My eyes flew open, and my gut churned – I had this sinking feeling it was UW Hospital, once again. Sure enough. I answered the phone and it was the dermatologist, and she said “You don’t even know how hard it is for me to say this to you..” Malignant Melanoma.

My strength at that point was gone. No more happy, go lucky Marcia. That was the first time I actually got scared. I remember laying in bed, crying. I was SO frustrated!  What was going on in my body that made it so toxic? What was happening to me? Was I bound to have to do the chemo and radiation route? That thought didn’t stay long, but it did cross my mind once or twice. Unfortunately, it only crossed my mind when well meaning people that I love very much were scared for me, and only wanted what they thought was best.

Poor Shawn – who signs up for this?! In one year – a marriage, a baby and cancer. He never showed me his fear. We talked a lot about it, and he knew very well my desires – mainly that I was put on this earth, and I have no idea when my time to go is, so I’ll do what I can, and if it is meant to be, it is up to me! He has been such a rock through all of this, I can’t imagine my life without him – I know I never would have gotten through all of this without his help, and let me tell you – we have been through more in 2 years of marriage than I would wish on anyone!!

In March, when the CT came back positive for cancer, I was just irritated all over again. I had done zeolite, cesium protocol, and jucing had started. I knew Gerson Therapy was my choice, but we were getting rid of as much cancer as we could.  Victim mentality had left my persona, and I was ready to face whatever I had to in order to live my life to the fullest.  I made a deal with God. Let me live, let me serve – and I will do so abundantly. The new favorite phrase came to mind “if it is to be, it is up to me”

An almost overwhelming sense of peace took over after that last CT scan. I knew I was going to Mexico. We didn’t have the funds, and started looking into bank loans. We got accepted for the bank loan. The stress of how we would pay it back got pretty intense, but unknowingly to us, angels are here on earth. We got an interest free loan and we were on our way to start healing! I knew then there wasn’t a doubt I would kick this thing out of next year. Not a chance it would stick. Was my sense of peace because I learned a lesson I needed to learn? Was I really THAT hard headed I needed cancer to make me change my ways? If so, ok, I mean, I would have appreciated it  bit later, but hey, at least it’s over, and I can get on to enjoying the rest of my life with a renewed sense of self and honor.

People think I have lived this last year in a bubble. Maybe I have. I have been told I am “too happy to have cancer” NEWS FLASH – it ISN’T about what happens to you, it is COMPLETELY about how you respond to what happens to you!! You can choose to live life in a bubble, and constantly think the world will cave in on you, or you can put yourself out there and make a difference. I chose to write this blog for many reasons, one being to keep family and friends updated, but after this year, I also think it was a part of my therapy. For me. I probably am too personal with a lot of the things I write, and I know Shawn has made some executive decisions and some things haven’t made the cut. I truly believe one of the reasons this cancer graced my life was because I wasn’t honest and open when I was younger. I just wanted approval. Quite obviously, that has changed!!

Cliches are so…chiche. But wow, there is no wonder as to why they were said, and why they stick! I am SO honored I was chosen for this cancer, to learn this way, and to take charge of my health and life, physically, mentally, emotionally. I never would have met the people I have met, I wouldn’t have the friendships I have, and I wouldn’t have the PROFOUND difference in life experiences that I now have.

You don’t start living until you find your purpose. Some people live their whole lives searching for purpose. Everything DOES happen for a reason, and I am humbled and honored to learn the true strength and power the human mind and body can comprehend.



Finding Your Paradigm

There is lots of buzz about cancer lately. Heck, there has been a lot of buzz about LOTS of illnesses lately. At what point do you stop and think, wow, WHY are people getting SO sick? WHY, with all of the medical intervention we have, is our country rated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 72nd in chronic disease. Can you even name 72 other countries?!  The US spends in excess of $7,290 per person on healthcare. Britain, who scores healthier than Americans in EVERY major health category, spends $2,2992 per person. Why is that?

Italy ranks as one of the highest for health. Think about that – Italy, where people don’t shop processed foods, but have open markets – life isn’t slower, it is just accepted that time needs to be taken out of the day for rest and recouperation. Our lives are so filled with go, go, go all the time, we don’t take the time to sit back and enjoy what we have!

I was able to get some free time today, so as I was making some juices and preparing my coffee, a paradigm split hit me. It is nothing new to me, but just going over some comments that I have heard lately, and some other things going on in life, I really thought I needed to get some thoughts down.

We have two paradigms. One is the body can heal. The body is smart, and innately knows what to do to be well. It was created to be well, but there are things that can happen to block the avenues of health it seeks. At times, we don’t shine as bright as we can, because we have interference to the body. This causes a state of dis-ease. The body works SO hard to get back to homeostasis, but knows, ultimately, it can heal.

The other paradigm is that we are sick. Our body is weak, and can’t defend itself. Therefore, we must put medications, vaccinations, etc in it to prevent things from happening. How confusing must it be to constantly need something new to put in our body, because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do?

…wait, what did I just say? “because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do” – so, even the sick paradigm DOES understand our body is smart!! WHY, then, do we feel the need to constantly inject toxins into our bodies, to create health?

Every single day, our body is turning over cells, making new, getting rid of old. We create 150 BILLION new cells per day, and 60 trillion cells are replaced each year. Every day, during those 150 billion new cells, 2-3,000 go “bad”. No process is perfect, we all know that! Normally, the immune system comes through, clears it out, and we move on to the next day. In some people, though, those “bad” cells take off – and grow. We end up with cancer, or an autoimmune disorder.

That being understood, how does it make sense to put toxins in the body, in order to INCREASE immune function? Toxins are well known to DECREASE immune function – how is this a difficult concept?

We create what we want in life by thinking, doing, acting on what we want. Eating healthy foods, getting lots of water, sleep and positive energy in our lives, along with a little exercise can almost guarantee a long, happy life.



There are two sides to every single situation you have in life. How you choose your actions will determine your outcome, and determine your future. Choose wisely!