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Finding Your Paradigm

There is lots of buzz about cancer lately. Heck, there has been a lot of buzz about LOTS of illnesses lately. At what point do you stop and think, wow, WHY are people getting SO sick? WHY, with all of the medical intervention we have, is our country rated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 72nd in chronic disease. Can you even name 72 other countries?!  The US spends in excess of $7,290 per person on healthcare. Britain, who scores healthier than Americans in EVERY major health category, spends $2,2992 per person. Why is that?

Italy ranks as one of the highest for health. Think about that – Italy, where people don’t shop processed foods, but have open markets – life isn’t slower, it is just accepted that time needs to be taken out of the day for rest and recouperation. Our lives are so filled with go, go, go all the time, we don’t take the time to sit back and enjoy what we have!

I was able to get some free time today, so as I was making some juices and preparing my coffee, a paradigm split hit me. It is nothing new to me, but just going over some comments that I have heard lately, and some other things going on in life, I really thought I needed to get some thoughts down.

We have two paradigms. One is the body can heal. The body is smart, and innately knows what to do to be well. It was created to be well, but there are things that can happen to block the avenues of health it seeks. At times, we don’t shine as bright as we can, because we have interference to the body. This causes a state of dis-ease. The body works SO hard to get back to homeostasis, but knows, ultimately, it can heal.

The other paradigm is that we are sick. Our body is weak, and can’t defend itself. Therefore, we must put medications, vaccinations, etc in it to prevent things from happening. How confusing must it be to constantly need something new to put in our body, because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do?

…wait, what did I just say? “because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do” – so, even the sick paradigm DOES understand our body is smart!! WHY, then, do we feel the need to constantly inject toxins into our bodies, to create health?

Every single day, our body is turning over cells, making new, getting rid of old. We create 150 BILLION new cells per day, and 60 trillion cells are replaced each year. Every day, during those 150 billion new cells, 2-3,000 go “bad”. No process is perfect, we all know that! Normally, the immune system comes through, clears it out, and we move on to the next day. In some people, though, those “bad” cells take off – and grow. We end up with cancer, or an autoimmune disorder.

That being understood, how does it make sense to put toxins in the body, in order to INCREASE immune function? Toxins are well known to DECREASE immune function – how is this a difficult concept?

We create what we want in life by thinking, doing, acting on what we want. Eating healthy foods, getting lots of water, sleep and positive energy in our lives, along with a little exercise can almost guarantee a long, happy life.



There are two sides to every single situation you have in life. How you choose your actions will determine your outcome, and determine your future. Choose wisely!


Chemo Kills. Cancer DOESN’T!

‎”According to the New York Times, adjusting for the size and age of the population, cancer death rates dropped only 5 percent from 1950 to 2005.

What other technology has performed so miserably over this fifty-five year period? Would you accept a medical therapy that has not improved much since 1950″ ???

As you all well know, I am SO sick of hearing all this “cancer awareness” month stuff – Cancer DOESN”T kill people – Chemo and radiation are what kill!

As of today, October 25th, Most of the people I knew that were diagnosed with cancer and have done the chemo/radiation route have passed on. Oh, I suppose I should mention – everyone on Gerson Therapy is alive and very well!

A young wife and a little baby boy grieve for their father.

Another wife, and two young children grieve for their father – who was diagnosed with melanoma at the same time I was.

A daughter grieves for her father.

I guess I can’t say each one. A very concerned, loving husband and father came to my practice the other day. He had heard about me, and came to talk to me about his wife. She had breast cancer, and went through the typical chemo/radiation route, and was told she was fine. She got in a car accident one year later, and her bones were so brittle, they broke. The doctors questioned why that would have happened. Well, turns out she had bone cancer now, that had spread throughout her body. She was told she was cancer free! Sadly, this is what happens with most of the “cured” by chemo and radiation cancers. We talked for quite some time, he was going to bring the scrapbook I made of my time in Mexico and my blog to his wife, and I just got an email saying she is just too tired, and doesn’t have the energy. I remember a family friend saying if you just want to give up and die, go ahead and do chemo and radiation. It will make your time go MUCH quicker.

There is SO much work that needs to be done. It is crazy to me that our society just accepts things, and never questions – doesn’t it seem odd to anyone else that your ONLY options are chemo, radiation, and surgery?

I am so happy to see the pinkwashing – Think Before You Pink campaign.   the word IS getting out, and hopefully people will stop with the completely terrible mammographies and go for thermography if they feel it is necessary. This group was started in 2002 by a growing number of people who wanted to draw attention to the joke that is the Susan G Komen Foundation. How concerned are you really about breast cancer, when you sell a perfume full of carcinogens for $60, and $1.59 goes to research? I will just ignore the fried chicken, donuts, and other sugar filled (cancer feeding) junk they promote!

Chatting with my insurance company, I asked them about my supplements. I pay $500 a month for my supplements. My insurance company won’t pay a DIME for any part of my therapy. Let’s make a logical choice on this one:

Gerson Therapy:

Plane tickets, stay in Mexico – $15,000

Juicer, Supplements, Food – $10,000/year

Total Cost – $25,000 for the first year, then maybe $10,000 the next year dramatically lower the third year.

Success Rate – 70- 90%

Medical Treatment

Surgery time in OR ($75/min) – $31,500

Chemo and Radiation treatments – $800,000

Total cost – $831,000 – that is without the cost of ANY of the drugs needed for surgery, the staff, the hospital stays

Success rate – 2.5% in 5 years

Now, if I was a smart insurance company, what would I choose? doesn’t seem like a very tough decision, but medicine wins every time! And people wonder why our country is so bankrupt….


New labs are in – results – absolutely NO sign of cancer! EVERY SINGLE lab value was in mid line perfect!! It’s so hard for me to be at work right now – I think I could run a marathon and still have energy to run another one after!!

Well, it’s been a LONG time coming – not as long as a LOT of people, but long for me. It’s most definitly not over, either – but now it’s more a fun ride, instead of a constant worry. Stress and worry feed cancer – Although I chose a positive attitude, there is always that little “thing” sitting on your shoulder, and when you get lab work done, it sure makes you nervous – I didn’t realize the weight it had on me until I saw my results.  This last year has been hell, and maybe it was a shake up I needed – actually, I KNOW it was the shake up I needed – to get my head put on straight and know what values are. Realize what I wanted in life, and what I wanted to fight for. Make connections with people and seek out the good in every situation.  It has been a LOOOOOONG 10  months – from the first diagnosis to the first clear blood work – and absolutely ZERO cancer flags.

This journey has changed my thinking, about a LOT of things. It has made me research, and really change the way I live my life. I have found my social networks and friends are all the postive, uplifting ones – people I WANT and CHOOSE to be associated with, instead of those that I just crave their attention – I crave no one’s attention anymore – crazy how life changes!

Will this be the end of therapy?! HECK no!! For one, this will be part of my life for the REST of my life – I have never felt better than I have on this therapy, and I couldn’t imagine living life differently. I am still going to remain on Gerson Therapy for at least 18 months – why stand next to a fire when you can be a world away from it? I want to be as FAR from danger as possible, and to me, that means continue on with what I am doing that got me here, because it obviously works! Life won’t change a whole ton for me, but that is ok.

You know that fear you always had opening a bill, or your report card, or something else that you just were worried of what it would say? That is exactly how I was, sitting in my office staring at that email that said “Lab Results” last month my TSH was 438. Normal is 1-5. Something was not right, that’s for sure! We changed dosage, and worked with it – that was the last thing that needed to even out, and sure enough, it did! I will be very happy to report to my endocrinologist now 🙂

Life is amazing. There is no way I could have done this without the support and love of my family and friends. Those who challenge me just made me really dig in to my research, and made me justify even more that I KNOW what I am doing is right, and is working. I am so thankful for those who did question my motives on this therapy, mainly because I know they care. They care enough to make sure I do what will heal me, and because of the challenge, I did find what would best heal me, and it has proven itself, yet again.

The Little Things

Just a little start into this, I am in a group in facebook that is private. It was a group that was started off another health group I am in, when things got more intimate, some of us didn’t want things posted for all the world to see, so we created a private group. The ladies in this group are some of the most amazing women I have met (besides my mom and sister, of course!) 🙂 and I learn SO much from these ladies. We all come from different aspects of life, but one thing is the same between all of us – we all are striving to learn, and through learning, becoming better. Better parents, people, spouses – whatever. We were discussing someone who had just passed, who had cancer, and did the chemo/radiation route, and my response was enough that finally had been a secret for a few weeks, that I didn’t know how to deal with, but it is out now, and I want to share it with you.

I haven’t said anything about this, but I’m wondering if I should, since this post unearthed it. I was sent an email a week or 2 ago by a person who was friends with my ex and myself through college. He sent me an email, basically saying I was never diagnosed with cancer, and he didn’t expect me to be doing this well. When he saw me at the benefit, he far from expected me to look as good as I did.

To that statement, I was floored. Isn’t the point of a benefit to HELP someone who has been injured, or is fighting something? Isn’t the POINT of a benefit to HOPE that someone fights their battle, and wins? Is our society SO stuck on sickness leads to death, that when a person survives, people don’t know how to respond? Now that I opened my practice, apparently I was “never sick to start with” because I have chosen the path I am on, and not the sick path. More than that, even, the fact EVERY DAY of my working life now, I have the ability to change other people’s lives is more than the best therapy I could imagine. I am helping people live their OWN lives to their optimum potential, with no nervous system interference. Nervous system interference is what led to me getting sick. The removal of it is helping me get well. I have the ability to help PREVENT this is someone else – who WOULDN”T want that opportunity?

I had talked to my coach and my mom about this, and they told me to send out a letter to EVERYONE who came to my benefit, and refund any money that was donated to me – which I agree to 100% – I don’t want your money if your plan was to watch me shrivel up and die. Please, if you were at the benefit, and you think I am faking this diagnosis, PLEASE contact me, and ANY money you donated to my health will be returned ASAP.

I guess my point is, people who don’t want to listen to alternatives most times are ready to give up. It may be they just don’t have the energy or strength to continue on, or the road just seems so long, a nice nap just sounds better to them. This is one of the reasons it is SO vitally important to take time out each day for yourself. Read a book, mediatate, do SOMETHING you enjoy – daily. don’t have time? well, do you have time to live a less than awesome life? because that’s what your trading – and who knows, it may also be the ultimate sacrifice – your spirit may leave its case and choose to be free,and unhindered from the hell it is enduring.

Our bodies want to be nourished. They don’t want to be depleted. Nourish them, not only with the right foods, but with the right thoughts, the right actions. Do things for others without expecting a thank you. Live life with a purpose, and you will be returned 100 fold.

The strangest thing happened this morning. I looked outside before I left for work, and Shawn, Keegan and I were all sitting in the living room, talking. There was this BEAUTIFUL area of sky where the sun was shining through the clouds, and literally made it look like they were gold. absolutely beautiful!! I wanted to take a picture, but my camera battery was dead. Then I remembered – how great is it to take a picture, versus seeing things for yourself? Sure, the picture is awesome, but does it really capture the same moment you were in when you saw that? no, it doesn’t – so appreciate that moment, instead of spending your life taking pictures and trying to remember those moments – don’t get me wrong, I am a self proclaimed camera freak – it doesn’t leave my side – but it was a wake up for me to cherish the moment, and not try to capture it so I could hope I would enjoy it later.

In other news, blood work was done yesterday – I will post results when I get them. Hope everyone has a fantastic holiday weekend and PLEASE take some time for yourself and your loved ones.

A Day in the Life of Gerson Therapy

This is my response to the many, MANY questions I have gotten regarding what a day in my life looks like now, with the practice, my family and of course, my new lifestyle. So, here ya go! 🙂

Ok, first off, my day starts at 6am – if im lucky. Im up, coffee break happens. We hope Keegan sleeps until 6, but we know he will sleep through me juicing! 🙂

Notice there are 2 buckets – one is for castor, one for coffee – I will NOT mix the two buckets for the simple reason I don’t want to deal with the sick feeling that comes from castor. It seems like all the soap you use can’t for sure take out all the castor! The coffee is 8oz coffee concentrate, 8oz hot water, and 16oz cold water

I get to listen to Louise Hay, John DeMartini, Dr Barbara Eaton or of course – Angry Birds 🙂


OK, so moving on. Next is showering, and then juicing. I make enough carrot juice to last until I can get home at lunch. It takes about 4 large carrots to make 8oz of juice, and this time is definitly different day to day – sometimes the carrots paint the counter, the plants, or the ceiling. For the longest time, I was getting SOOO mad when the juice would go shooting out the back of the juicer, and painting the green wall orange. Finally, Shawn suggested I change the cloth, and no problems have been since then!  So, now we know when the juicer starts going crazy, we know to change the cloth 🙂 one cloth lasts around a month. At the Gerson clinic, they went through one cloth a week!


                                The “before” juice!






Ok, next is breakfast!! Actually, I make breakfast and juice at the same time. I start the water, get it boiling, throw in the oatmeal and let it cook while I juice. When done juicing, I juice my Orange Juice, put in my potassium drops and iodine, and take my “before meal” supplements

This is 2 days worth of supplements. The top square is “before” (B12, Colostrum, Acidoll Pepsin, Inflazyme) the bottom  is “during” (Milk Thistle and Niacin) and the next one with the yellow (coq10) is “after” (CoQ10, Thyroid, Pancreatin) I make this every other night so I don’t have to worry about it each day.

So, breakfast is ready, juice is made and put in the thermos for the day

I get to put some dried fruit in my oatmeal 🙂 im such a rebel – sometimes I add extra prunes! woohoo! haha! I end up making my first green juice of the day and drink it before breakfast so I can get one in instead of having to clean the juicer and then juice again. Trying to work smarter, not harder!




  With the green juice, do NOT add Lugols (Iodine) to it – it will turn black!! All that goes in green juice is that dark bottle – potassium! The green juice doesn’t look too bad because carrot has been in it as well, a little carrot was left over and just got added to it. The rest of the “stuff” that comes from the juice goes into bags and goes to my parents house for the horses, which LOVE getting treats!!  This is what green juice looks like before it goes to the horses 🙂



So then i get to go upstairs and get ready for work – the actual “me” time – if you can call it that 🙂 And of course, Keegan acts like velcro at that time, since he knows Im trying to get something done!! Shawn is SOO amazing, watching him and helping me out so I can get all this stuff done. It would NEVER happen without him. Its CRAZY hard to get therapy done when Shawn isn’t here. I don’t do full therapy on days I dont’ have help. I don’t know what else to do with Keegan, he won’t let me do any therapy, he gets jealous and wants all my attention. I can ward him off with veggies, which keep his attention for some time, but it never lasts long!

So yeah, I come home at lunch, 2 coffee breaks, a salad, potato (that Shawn starts before I leave work) and green juice and carrot apple, play with Keegan, talk with Shawn, and I change it up, and make carrot apple juice instead – im supposed to be alternating them, but it just doesn’t work that way for me  🙂


I get to finish off my day, and rush back home to get Keegan picked up in some decent time from his daycare. We are moving to a nanny so he will finally be able to stay home all day and be watched here – it will be nice to have him nap here and play with other kids at the water park! 🙂


Back home, Keegan is in bed at 7, and my night just starts. Coffee break, 2 green juices finishes off my juices, then another coffee break before bed finishes those off. Every other night is cooking and prep night – although each night i make coffee.

Last night, for instance, was cooking and prep night. After Keegan is in bed, the FIRST thing I have to do is start the soup.

 Potato, Leek, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Celery all goes in a pot, distilled water to the top and it starts cooking low and slow for 3 hours. This soup is only good for 2 days, so it gets used up quick!


Then I also start coffee. You know you have an unhealthy coffee obsession when this is how much coffee you buy for two to three weeks! haha 5lbs of coffee from Cafe Mam – it ships quick and they have therapy blend and therapy grind – great company to work with! I get two pitchers of coffee and two of hot water that will last enough to get me through the day 🙂


Then of course, the supplements have to be filled. We had to make an ENTIRE drawer just for supplements – this is where it is currently – it is completely FILLED when im at the beginning of a supplement round. There is LOTS of stuff!





Next is green bag prep. The green juice is SUPER annoying to make if you make it on a per juice basis, so I don’t. This is what I start with. Normally there are other greens, but when they aren’t in season and avaliable, you have to use more of whatever you have. The one thing I had to go shopping for was the red cabbage, which I forgot in this picture! an apple goes in each drink, and 1/3 of a green pepper

 This is what it looks like in the end! Takes a lot of time, but totally worth it to just grab a bag and make the juice instead of having to do it all at the time!


So then I get dinner, if I haven’t been munching on different veggies this whole time.  By this time, its around 9:45 and im pretty tired. I normally wait for Shawn to come home, and he cools the soup and throws it in the fridge for me 🙂

If you are having problems with lack of sleep, feel free to start Gerson Therapy. You will NOT have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep!

I have probably forgotten something, and if so I will add it, but this is pretty much it! 🙂 lots of work, but well worth the effort!

Thoughts for the Weekend..

So, this morning got me all sorts of riled up when I was doing my morning enema and scanning over facebook. Normally I am listening to audio, Louise Hay – 101 Power Thoughts, John DeMartini, or my AWESOME coach, Dr. Barbara Eaton. This morning I happened to log onto facebook, and saw a man trying to say the American Cancer Society is “doing all they can to cure cancer, there just simply isn’t a cure” …and my day long rant started.

When will people wise up about this?! I mean really – It’s Relay For Life season all over the country, and I want to vomit every time I see a status on facebook about “I know someone who died from cancer, the only wish I have is for a cure” WAKE UP. THERE IS A CURE. Sheesh!

I took a video, which I don’t have the guts to post, because I don’t like hearing my own voice – on my way to work today. I HAD to get my ideas down to write this blog. I will write (as close) as word for word what I said in my video this morning – but its truly from the bottom of my heart what i feel about all this stuff. So here goes:

Today, people were talking about how there is no cure for cancer, which of course is a total lie, because of course, there is a cure. In the medical community, there is NOT a cure. No amount of poison will EVER cure you – I don’t care how much you try! Then there is the “natural” routes – I think people that go through a natural form of cancer therapy have a much more profound outlook on life – at least for me, that is what I have noticed.

It’s like having your best friend die.  This day marks the one year anniversary of my sorority sister, Trina, passing away from a blood clot. Oddly enough, the same day my sorority sister passed away, my best friend, Michelle, another sorority sister, found herself in the hospital with 3 blood clots in her lungs. BOTH of these girls had the same issue. One made it, one did not. I remember getting Michelle’s text that she was in the hospital. My eyes immediately filled with tears, since I had just learned about Trina’s passing. Michelle was really weak, and couldn’t talk. She was in tremendous amounts of pain. I remember thinking, wow, I got lucky. I get the opportunity to tell her still how much I love her and how much I value my friendship with her. I can’t do that with Trina. I will make a vow to keep in better contact.  We get to choose how we respond to situations. For an instant, a moment, a short amount of time, life is different. You tell people you love them, you spend time with your friends and family, you start to make more plans to get together with friends you haven’t seen in a long time. Life is different. It has meaning. You find what is truly meaningful to you. You’re passionate about what you do. You live life in a different way. You live life like it has meaning. You have purpose.

And then it kinda fades. You know you will always miss them, and you know you will always love them, but life continues to move on. Well, when you are forced to come back from a cancer naturally, and it takes time – 18 to 24 months of strict therapy – that death of a friend is every day. You live every day with that passion, that drive, because you realize – wow, my life COULD have taken a turn for the worst.  Granted, if you have changed your lifestyle and your diet and what not, the chances of you NOT making it are slim to none. It is still a thought in the back of your mind – you KNOW you have choices, but if going the restoration route is the way you want to do it, be prepared for a journey! That journey is worth it’s weight in gold!!

Charlotte Gerson used to say “if you don’t follow this 100%, if you do it 99%, you will not make it. You will fail” Well, I guess im on the path to failure then. I don’t get my juices every hour on the hour.  I do darn good with what I do – I do as close to perfect as I can get, and that is the best I can give. Unless you have all the money in the world to stop you from working, and allow to pay for childcare, or someone to do therapy for you, it isn’t happening. It’s hard. Incredibly hard. I have days that start at 5am and don’t get done till 11pm. Im supposed to be sleeping at LEAST 8 hours a night, plus resting all day. My “rest” consists of my enemas. I LOVE enemas now – its 15 minutes I get to relax. I cherish that time.

You get let down sometimes. Summer sucks. Winter will be a lot easier for me, because there aren’t cookouts all the time. You can’t be out at bonfires. You can’t just go with your friends when they want to hang out – and it’s that “perfect” night. Its in the mid 70’s, really warm – PERFECT night for a cold beer on the porch with your friends, or sitting around a bonfire, or having a beer with your husband after he has worked 6 days and you haven’t gotten to hang out with him at all. You can’t do that anymore. Your life has changed. Now it’s if I want to enjoy a carrot juice or a green juice – but of course I have to be careful as to not wake Keegan up when I juice.  It sucks sometimes, but it is better than the alternate.

Americans view food as comfort. They don’t view it as a means of life. When you view food, and think of everything you put in your mouth as, is this making me stronger or weaker – same as lifestyle choices. Every day you make choices to live or die. Do you take the stairs or the elevator? Do you let stress pass over you, or do you sit and let it steam when someone wrongs you? YOu make choices daily through your choices – do I get stronger or weaker? Sit on the couch when you get home, or go on a walk? It’s redundant because it’s true. Life changes you. Habits are lifelong habits.

When I am off Gerson Therapy, and my screenings have been awesome forever, I want to add back fish. Then again, I might get radiation, We will see. It’s hard to think about all that right now. I know I shouldn’t think about that. Im 10 weeks into an 18 to 24 month therapy. Im a preschooler. Everyone I have talked to that has done therapy is a HUGE motivation to me – they all look great, have a amazing outlook on life – a sense of self, a sense of worth – AWESOME inner peace. It is definitly something I strive for.

I remember when I first told people I was doing this therapy, they treated me like I was going to sit in a corner, stare at crystals and hum, hoping my cancer would go away magically. I can honestly tell you, I have never worked so hard in my entire life as I have with this diagnosis. I have never been so motivated to make a dramatic life change. I have FINALLY realized what it took for me to stay healthy. Weight loss never worked for me in college. I would work out, lose weight, feel and look great, then hit up the frat houses and pizza again. I yo-yo dieted like that for all the time I was at UWP. Most likely one of the causes I ended up with this wonderful cancer in the first place.

Every person has to make an individual choice as to what they want to do with their cancer. Everyone has an option, and everyone needs to exercize that option. Don’t wait until the diagnosis is staring you in the face. Do something now. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with some form of cancer in their lifetime. know your options, and know what is out there for you. I can 100% guarantee you that you can’t decide on treatment right now – It’s one thing to think about now, but its a WHOLE new thing to be sitting in that doctor’s office listening to them tell you the diagnosis, then scare you and use lots of fear mongering to get you to poison yourself back to health. Cuz that makes sense.

So, right now I am watching a guy die. Well, not literally, but kinda. He believes chemo and radiation are the way to go. Totally trusts his MD’s, thinks they are doing the best thing, when in reality, they are doing the ONLY thing they can. How can you expect to get better when your only options are to cut, burn and poison? That is supposed to cure you? to heal you? in what world? on what planet? It boggles my mind to think he isn’t fighting for his life. He has two small children, and is just willing to let everything go, and not try anything new. Part of me just sees it as selfish – your poor children. They are going to grow up without a dad. You have the answers at your finger tips, you have someone WANTING to work with you to help you, but you don’t want it.

One incredibly important thing my coach says is “care, don’t carry” you can only care SO much about someone or something, but ultimately, it’s not up to you, it’s up to them. I care. I care too much, most likely. I want to take this guy by the shoulders, shake him and tell him I have another friend, who just marked the two month anniversary of her husbands death from chemo and radiation. Notice I didn’t say he died of cancer. Because he didn’t. The cancer didn’t kill him. the drugs did. His wife and he tried everything they could to get him started on an alternate therapy once conventional medicine failed them. He was sent with hospice, and she started asking questions. They were doing all they could to get him on the right track, but he was too full of posion. It was too late. I don’t want it to be too late for others. I want people to know this stuff BEFORE it happens, since it seems like in our world, it will happen to at least each couple. Right now, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives. What will YOU do when that happens?

I have noticed something awesome lately. I have chosen to surround myself with people that all seem to be dedicated to the same thing. Continal learning. We are all here taking chances, with whatever we do really – every choice we make is a chance, we just hope its for a good chance! I no longer associate myself with people who aren’t on the same path, who want to learn. Part of me keeps posting things online, HOPING for a response, but most times I don’t get them.

Then out of the blue, I get an email. There are people that never say a word to me. Never comment on a post, never say anything to me, but they watch what I post. And I get an email about it, saying I am a huge motivation, and have really helped someone. WOW. I know I am on the right track. If I could change ONE persons quality of life by doing what I am doing, that’s all I want. I know I will change more, but as long as I can be a positive light in this world, my life is worth living.

This post is kind of all over the place – and today has been a crazy mix of emotion. Im hurting because I have a friend who is missing her husband daily, and I want to change another man’s life, so his wife doesn’ thave to feel the same pain, yet there is nothing I can do. This is the last it will come up, I am choosing to “care, not carry” and help those that I can. Help those that WANT the help, and are willing to make the life changes to live the most abundant, awesome life they could imagine.

Cancer isn’t a death sentance. It’s a life changing opportunity. Make the best of it!

Things aren’t what they seem…

I love how I am humbled on a daily basis. I continually learn to stop judging from the first thing I see or do, and let things happen for what they are, and see them for what they are. I also learned, whenever I am in the doctor’s office, I will expect the doctor experience to be the exact different one I had with the nurse! haha!

Today I learned something about fear. I learned that fear comes from lack of education. Let me tell you- those times in undergrad I missed a class, just to walk into the class the next time and we had an exam – VERY full of fear. I wasn’t prepared. I wasn’t ready. I was terrified. Same goes for everything in life! Education is POWER – it removes 99% of fear in a situation – if you know and learn all you can about something, when you make your decision, you can be confident, and happy, even proud – you made the choice you did, because you are empowered. It also means you have cofidence in explaining it to others, because you are educated about your decision. You can have educated communication, which turns into GREAT conversation!

Today was my follow up with Endocrinology. Dr. Chen, my surgeon, and Dr.Jaume, my endocrinologist, both said numerous times I would need radioactive iodine. I told them I wouldn’t do it at first, then thought it wouldn’t hurt, then I was back to no, then I thought – ok I have the Gerson protocol behind me, so do the radioactive iodine, and clean it up. Potassium Iodide is a POTENT supplement to rid the body of radioactive junk, and that is in the Lugol’s I take with Gerson – so I thought I had the best of both worlds. Then Shawn and I made our trek to Mexico, and I learned SO much about healing and rebuilding the body, I just couldn’t bring myself to do the radioactive iodine, knowing truly how much damage it would do to my system. An important note I want to make here – some friends and family think I wrote off medicine the day I was diagnosed. I haven’t. Just like I told my doc today, I want the best of both worlds. I have the best surgeon I could ask for. I have a fantastic endocrinologist. Both are world renouned for their work and research. When Dr.Jaume, my endocrinologist, couldn’t even look me in the eye today and tell me radioactive iodine was a good bet for me, I knew for 100% sure I was on the right path.

The nurse was HORRIBLE to me today. When I went in for my skin biopsy, the nurse wanted to hear all about my therapy – then the doctor acted like I was nuts. Today, it was the total opposite. The nurse, when I joked “Gee, wonder what Dr.Jaume will say when I tell him I won’t do radioactive iodine” looked at me like I was crazy and said “I don’t even want to get started on that!” and then proceeded to treat me like a parasite. Needless to say, I put my boxing gloves on, and readied myself for my encounter with the MD.

I walked in the room, and the doc had me sit down while he and the fellow with him stood by the table. He proceeded to tell me I had a very agressive cancer, since normally you don’t need a second surgery within 2 months of your primary surgery. He said I was young, and  my best option was radioactive iodine. He wouldn’t really look at me, which wasn’t normal, so when he did finally look at me, I point blank said, “You mean – its my only option, according to medical standards – tell me this – if you were in my shoes, my exact situation – would you do radioactive iodine?” Once again, eyes hit the ground, he wouldn’t look at me and stumbled through an answer of “well, it’s the best option we have now..”

He then looked at the Fellow, and said – “you know, in France, you can’t even get people to do radioactive iodine anymore” Gee – maybe because they are doing their reading and research!? He asked me what I had done for myself, noting I had lost 25 pounds since they saw me March 31st. I told him about Gerson, what I was doing and what not, and he nodded the whole time, seemingly in agreement. He is not US born and raised, so I have to hope (maybe) he would be a little more forgiving.

He then started speaking my language. Part of me wonders if he just wanted to make sure I was steadfast in my opinion and knowledge, but he told me something important that everyone should know. He told me there are no markers for my cancer. There is no way to know if radiation or chemo would even do any good for it. I asked him where the marker were – was it an issue of not being able to get to them? He said it hasn’t been researched yet. Flat out said – there is no guarantee radioactive iodine will do any good for anyone with papillary thyroid cancer, because there have been no researched markers found. People just take the word of the medical profession the minute they find out its thyroid cancer, and do radioactive iodine, because that is all that is given as an option.

I thought for sure he would dimsiss me from care. The way he was talking was pretty much telling me there was nothing I would be able to do with their office, but he smiled and said, “well, this will be a learning experience for both of us. I would like to follow up with you every 6 months, do a CT of your chest to watch the spot in your lung, and see what transpires.” The Fellow kicked in and asked about testing for thyroglobulin, and we decided we would continue to check it, knowing it will not ever be 0 because I didn’t do radioactive iodine. My issue was the CT though – one CT is the equivalent of 400 chest films – holy radiation!! I asked every 6 months, we could do a chest film, if the chest film warrants a CT, we can do a CT. Otherwise, I want to keep it as least invasive as possible. He agreed.

We were all smiles in the room, and the Doc said “Well, we know a healthy immune system can readily kill off this cancer, so if that can work, let’s let it take a chance!” NOW were speaking the same language!! I was incredibly happy he decided to stay on course with me and allow me to do what is best for me – and use the Western side if necessary. I know it won’t be, but if it makes them happy – they can believe whatever they want 🙂 I shouldn’t have judged what my experience would have been like, but once again, my expectations were exceeded. I am total peace now, not needing to worry about my medical team, since all of them back me and my decisions regarding my health. This is how it should be. MD’s shouldn’t have to be the ones to tell people what to do. Be a guide? yes. Empower patients to do their research, and really find out what is best for them? Absolutely!

Here is something else I want to share with you – If you have heard of the book “The Philosopher’s Notes” by Brian Johnson, it is an EXCELLENT read – These are the things I should have put in my head today, to not be bothered by the trials of the hospital, and who I may meet. I am steadfast in who I am, and love my decision on what works for me. I don’t need others to follow me, I love it if I can be of help, but I only want to help those that desire it.

From what I can see, the essence of Optimal Living comes down to these 10 Principles:

1. Optimism. If we can’t tame that crazy, drunk monkey in our mind and shape the contents of our consciousness, nothing else matters. Period.

2. Purpose. What inspires you? What’s your dharma? Your purpose? Your highest calling? Living an authentically awesome life requires creating an empowering vision and keeping your eye on your Highest Goal without losing yourself on a manic Holy Grail chase.

3. Self-Awareness. From the Oracle of Delphi and the Buddha to modern science, it’s clear: We’ve gotta know ourselves. How well do you know thyself?

4. Goals. Whether it’s meditating first thing tomorrow morning or starting your business (or family or painting or…), we’ve gotta have goals that inspire us.

5. Action. All that’s nice, but we’ve gotta follow Guru Nike’s advice and *Just Do It!* Are you just doing it or just talking about it?

6. Energy. We’re gonna have a hard time reaching our potential if we have a hard time getting out of bed or getting out of debt. Are you honoring the simple fundamentals of nutrition/exercise/rejuvenation/ money?

7. Wisdom. Wisdom is all about approaching life as our classroom and looking at every moment as another opportunity to live our ideals.

8. Courage. The word comes from the Latin word for “heart.” It’s the virtue that pumps blood to all the other virtues. Without it, none of this other stuff matters. How’s your courage pumping?

9. Love. Love, love, love. How’re your relationships? Are you studying love like you’d study a sport or a musical instrument or a language you want to master?

10.en*theos. God/Spirit/The Universe. Whatever you call the Force that beats our hearts and keeps the planets in line, it’s the center and circumference of everything. Connecting to it is a good idea. You plugged in?


Am I wierd?

Is what I chose to do, the journey I chose to embark on, really that wierd?

The looks and the “oh, wow!” responses I get to people learning about my therapy are no longer affecting me. It’s almost like they don’t think I have understood reality, and understood what my body is going through.

So in that case, am I wierd that when I was diagnosed, I didn’t really care? I didn’t worry? I just kind of said – oh, ok – and moved on?

People seem to think because I opened my practice (YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!) that I must not be bad off – and they are ABSOLUTELY correct!! do I have two forms of cancer? NO!

Was I diagnosed with two forms of cancer? YES

Do you see the difference in the two? When you take acceptance of something, it takes control of you. I have health. I have faith. I have love. I will accept those things. I want those things in my life, in abundance. What do I not want? cancer. jealousy. greed. hate. people that drag me down. people who gossip. I guess you could say I have been diagnosed with all of that in my life thus far, and didn’t understand the difference between the two. I let people back into my life that have been gone for a reason, and I am wondering if I chose the right thing to do. My old life was not something I was always proud of. I want to live a life worth it now. I want to look back at this journey, and realize the person I have grown into is someone who has more of a drive in life, for good, for the positive. How can you do that when you always have someone in your life that wants to slap you down?

I have CHOSEN to say yes, I was diagnosed with two forms of cancer, but do they own me? absolutely not! do they control me? yeah – uh, NO! nice try, come again! ha (well, actually- i would prefer you not come again if its still the cancer were talking about – this is enough for me! been there, done that, got the bumper sticker)

When you allow certain people in your life, to share it, to experience it with you, you open yourself up to everything they bring with them. A great guy I met in Mexico at the Gerson Clinic, Claude, said often we are spiritual beings in a physical form. The more I have realized and looked into spirituality, the more I agree whole heartedly with him.

My coach, Dr.Barbara Eaton, talks about the laws of quantum physics with people. Makes sense! Makes you really aware of who you should and shouldn’t be around. It goes like this: so, atoms resonate. We are all made of atoms – different moods, activities, what not vibrate at certain frequencies. This I know, as I teach in my nutrition class – put a living, organic piece of raw food on an MRI, it will glow. Now cook that food, do it again, and it looks like a blob. The “living force” of the food is dead. We are all the same. So, let’s say happy people ‘resonate’ at a level of 500. Happy people, walking around, great. Ok, we ALL know a Debbie downer, the hater, that person who you kinda grin and bear it, and deal. Mkaes e think I need to do some cleaning on facebook friends. HA! 🙂 Well, they resonate lower, maybe 200. so, as all matter needs equilibrium, your resonance will be added to them, to bring them up. Ever wonder why the term is “they suck the life out the room?” ya know!

Yet another reason people love the quote that talks about surrounding yourself with positive people – why do you want to drain your “love tank” for people who can’t seem to be happy with themselves and their surroundings? People can always find what is wrong in a situation – it takes an awesome “above the line” thinker – to find what is RIGHT about the situation. What is good, and what is worth smiling about. I love the people I have surrounded myself with since my journey with cancer began. They are all such fantastic, supportive, wonderful people. 

So basically, my whole reason for this rant tonight came from things I have noticed lately. I am becoming a stronger person to be able to remove people from my life when they start to get in those lower frequencies. Not meaning needing help from a friend, or having a tough time, that by no means changes anything – If anything, I will be there to help support and love that person through their time of trial. That is what friends are for. I guess I am just unable to thank people enough, or mean it enough, or say it enough, or show it enough – just how thankful I am, how greatful I am, that I am surrounded by the wonderful people I am surrounded by. If karma is true, my friends are in for one fantastic life!! 🙂 Thank you all for your love and support – it means the world to me!!

Gerson and Autoimmune Disorders

There is a really important point I want to bring up about the Gerson Therapy. I am doing this therapy because of my cancer diagnosis. This therapy was not designed to cure cancer though. Dr.Max Gerson designed this lifestyle to rid himself of migraines he had for years (where were the Chiropractors then!?) but this is an incredibly important point – there are three main stressors of the body – physical, chemical, and emotional. I truly feel you need to be in sync with all of them, and cure ALL of them before your body can have true healing. In Dr.Gerson’s case, he had a chemical cause of headaches. He found the trigger, and got rid of it. Once he cured his daughter, Charlotte, of lupus, he realized he may have something pretty fantastic. He learned, over time, that he was healing the ENTIRE body, not just one ailment. Lupus, and most other autoimmune disorders are still considered  “incurable” diseases – and the medical world is right – there is absolutely NOTHING they can give you to heal. The solution isn’t outside of the body, it is contained inside – the nervous system is begging and pleading for help!

When Dr.Gerson “accidently” cured a patient that was coming to him for migraines for the lupus they were also affected with, it got attention of another doctor. Dr. Ferdinand Sauerbruch was able to reproduce the therapy’s success with tuberculosis in a clinical trial: 450 “incurable” patients took part in the study, and 446 recovered. NO side effects. At this point, it became incredibly clear that restoring and strengthening the immune system was the way to cure most ailments.

The general public needs to be aware that “chronic disease” is not a death sentance. It simply means “try again”. Try something new. Try something that works. Orthodox medicine treats and supresses symptoms; but the disease does not dissapear. Proof? ask a cancer patient who was “cured” by conventional means just to later have a flare up that ends up taking their life. They didn’t ever remove the CAUSE of the problem, just masked the symptoms. When your orthodox medicine fails, you move on to more medication, often stronger doses. When that no longer works, they cut out the “diseased” organ, because you know, something working even at 20% is better than nothing at all!

Why does the body’s immune system fail? Why does it not heal, what are these chronic diseases? Essentially, the failures are due to deterioration of the body’s defenses, the vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and the huge load of toxins that accumulate in the body due to damage to soil, pesticides and fungicides, use of hormones in raising animals, as well as all the processed foods, drugs, alchol and toxic home cleaners and odorizors.

Orthodox medicine does not understand that all these things bogging down the body must be removed, and the body must be nourished in order to heal. To some extent, patients are to blame, until they know better – they take the drugs, suppress the symptoms, even have a quick surgery – and maintain the life they are used to, not making any changes after the drugs or surgery.

So, why the different diseases? couple answers – one could be heredity – say there is a known weak organ or system in the body. Another is often accidents with resulting scar tissue and areas of weakness. I call this “subluxation” in the Chiropractic world. I definitely feel this is one of the main causes. Another cause can be germ or viral infection. Since the middle of World War II, around 1943, antibiotics have been used. They have been severly overused, especially on children. People are so scared of fever, they rush to the MD as soon as their child gets a fever, and wants something to get rid of the fever. Did you know it takes a body temperature of 102 to start the white blood cell cascade to start taking over and destroying virus and bacteria? Fever is NECESSARY for normal body reactions! Also, by taking an antipyretic or NSAID (tylenol, ibuprofen) you actually prevent the body from creating tumor supressor gene – the gene that kills cancer cells. So every time you pop a pill for that fever, you are increasing your risk for cancer, because you are not allowing the body to do what it does best – heal.

The other main issue here is the resistance the antibiotics have created in our world. I never thought i would live to hear there are so many drug resistant strains of medications. Doesn’t that alone tell you were overmedicated? If our species can’t even handle taking care of the load, wouldn’t you want to try something different?

Pesticides and fungicides have been in mainstream use since 1943, starting with DDT. Within 18 months, it was detected in meat, butter, milk, and even breastmilk. As we know, embroys and infants are much more sensitive to these substances and more seriously damaged than older people. Worse, the pesticides have caused pests to become resistant, and in order to control them, stronger pesticides and GMO’s have been created. So 2 or 3 generations now have been exposed to many, many toxins in utero – and we are scratching our heads wondering why the number 1 killer of children under 17 is cancer?

So why are they called “autoimmune” diseases? it is assumed that the person’s immune system has been so altered that it doesn’t recognize the self from diseased tissue, germs and/or viruses. Actually, it is assumed that the altered immune system attacks the body’s normal healthy tissue. That is NOT TRUE; the immune system only attacks diseased or damaged tissue. Look up “autoimmunity” in Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary and you read that autoimmunity is formed when viruses or trauma changes cells so that they appear foreign. Since the Gerson Therapy restores and raises the immune system, if the immune system were alerady overactive, the therapy would worsen the condition! But it does not. So, we have to assume that the body becomes capable of restoring the damaged cells so they no longer appear foreign and are no longer the subject of attack by the body’s own immune system. And the disease dissapears.

This dictionary also gives a long list of diseases “considered to be autoimmune” implying that the idea is not really a proven fact. The list contains the following diseases: hemolytic anemia, myasthenia gravis, chronic thyroiditis, Graves’ disease, Systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis.

The true cause of all arthritis is the exess of animal proteins we eat. These forms as the end product of their digestion is uric acid. if the body is no longer able to secrete these masses of generated uric acid, they irritate the delicate membranes and cartilage lining the joints – and inflammation, pain and lumps appear.

Multiple Sclerosis is the breakdown of myelin sheaths that provide insulation for the nerves. The nerves have to carry message from all aprts of the body to the brain and spine (the Central Nervous System). However, in cases of MS, the sheaths have ulcerations, interruptions of the insulation. We understand that his causes ‘shorts’ to develop and messages are then distorted reaching the body. In the medical world, the “cause” of MS is “poorly understood” nonetheless, they assume it to be an autoimmune disorder, and start drugging to decrease the immune system, which just lets it take off and grow.

The one thing we do know is all autoimmune diseases are typically treated the same – drug, and “there is no cure” so you will live your life like that and have to suffer. but guess what? YOU DON”T HAVE TO! It is a lot of work? absolutely! is a life full of abundance worth it? definitly!!

Check Up

One of the groups on Facebook that I “like” had a quote the other day that couldn’t be closer to the truth. It said “If life knocks you down 7 times, get up 8”  I am confident that is how life is working for me at this point. I plan on getting up each time I get knocked down, so I guess as many times as I need to prove it, I will!!

The views of modern medicine astound me. As I have said a million times before, and will continue to say, I am very greatful for medicine, and the science that is in our medical establishments today. I am greatful for such great surgeons, and people who can fix others after accidents or those in severe need. However, I am certain they have absolutely NO place in curing  illness. It seems the more they try to do, the worse off we become.

Today was my “check up” to see how things are going. My first stop was the dermatologist. I have skin checks now every 3 months for a year, then every 6 months for another year or two, and for life, I will have a skin check once a year. I understand why they do this, but I couldn’t help but question today after my appointment, will they continue to do biopsies just so they get paid? So I am “worth it” to come into the office? My gut instinct is saying yes, which means I am not so sure I want to continue on with skin checks. Why do I sound so cynical? Well – let me tell you what happened today.

I went in to the office SUPER excited to show the dermatologist a few spots. Wierd, right?  when the nurse asked if I was in treatment for melanoma, I said yes, I was. She asked what they were doing, I said “they” aren’t doing anything, I have chosen a different route to heal myself naturally. She got really excited and said she loved hearing about people doing that, and asked a bunch of questions about it. She spent more time with me than the doctor!! Well, after we finished she left and said the doctor would be in. Let me note – I was a HUGE fan of this doc. She has been super nice and really down to earth and treated me like an equal, instead of the doctors who think Chiropractors have no education. The doc comes in, which she had been told what I was doing for “therapy” and started talking to me about skin spots I have noticed. She did a skin check, and found an odd spot on my back, which she biopsied. I was VERY excited to show her where a spot that MAY have been a melanoma or a  basal cell was, which had got all gross and bloody and is now a scar on my right hand. I didn’t know if they would biopsy it or not, just to see, but she didn’t.

I then showed her my thigh – where the UW staff actually took pictures to follow one mole because it was multi colored. They didn’t want to remove it, because they didn’t want to take so many biopsies, they had taken 4 that visit already, so they started taking photos. Well, I showed her the mole they took a photo of. It is no longer multi colored. It looks like a normal, boring mole. That is exactly what she said. I reminded her that was one they had a photo of, and does she want to document the change. She looked at me funny, said no, that isn’t one we would document, and ignored it. She said it must have been put in wrong in the computer, left lateral thigh wasn’t right – this couldn’t have been it.

The other spot was on my right medial thigh. It looks like a basal cell carcinoma. The shiny, pink raised spot. Well, it was at least. It is now flat, and brown, looks like a freckle. I showed her that one as well, and well, it’s just normal. No need to look at it.

I left the office pretty frustrated. When this is how people are treated when they work their butt off to heal themselves, it really makes medicine show its true colors. I was told when I got the diagnosis that there is no cure for melnoma. All they can do is excise and hope they get enough.

I no longer care if I lose every person I am “friends” with on facebook by telling the truth. I will be the biggest advocate of alternative therapies there is. I can’t BELIEVE a cure was staring this doctor straight in the face and she refused to see it. Sure, those spots may have been absolutely nothing, but the fact they are changing and dissapearing tells me they aren’t just “nothing”. I am known to have moderatly dysplastic nevus – that is typically what my biopsies show, so we know something not so right is going on. Well, if my body is reversing that, and turning them into normal cells, or just getting rid of the moderately dysplastic cells – you would think that would be a medical breakthrough! everyone should be taking aim at that and looking at it! I guess I will continue to do what I am doing, and hopefully more people will start to see what works, and what doesn’t.

Since I don’t have her permission, I won’t use names, but not to long ago, I became “facebook friends” with a very nice girl who first posed a question on the Gerson Facebook about her husband’s melanoma. He was stage IV and she wanted to know if Gerson could help. I commented and said she should give it a chance, I was diagnosed with the same, but mine isn’t stage IV and am doing therapy for it. She emailed me, discussion started, and we ended up friends on facebook. She is 25 years old, her and her husband have a BEAUTIFUL baby boy!! Her husband was on oxygen, so she started to bring him juices. They had set him up for home healthcare with hospice, saying there was no other options for him. She was certain there was. I supported her in any decision she had to make, since I obviously don’t know her entire situation, I just knew if she could get her husband to the Gerson clinic, she would most likely be very happy with the results. We emailed on and off, she had lots of questions, was trying to figure out the best way to get him down to Mexico, and I answered in any way I could.

I noticed she didn’t email me for a bit, and I was kind of excited for her! I thought he is doing great! I went to email her to see how things were going, and my heart sank to my feet. ALL over her facebook page were people sending her their love and support for the loss of her husband. 25 years old and a little baby. He was a soldier, serving our country and our country doesn’t care enough to get over themselves and give people the medical care they deserve. Medical care that will actually heal them. My heart is still broken for them, she did her best, had the best intention, but only if this information was out sooner! If only more people spoke of what they KNOW is right! How many more young people are going to have to experience this before they get mad enough to DEMAND something be done?

The next appointment I had to cancel, but had to cancel for a good reason! My last post, I spoke about what I thought was a healing reaction, which was most likely going on. I hadn’t been to my Chiropractor for about a month. The two week stay in Mexico, then when we got back it was really busy getting ready for the benefit and everything else, I just didn’t take the time. I didn’t feel any pain, so I didn’t go. I can’t believe I turned into a typical patient 🙂

Pain is gone, so stop recieving care, right? whew, glad that dentist visit is over! I can stop brushing and flossing till the next one!! uh – not so much!! I went in to get adjusted because of the headaches and light headedness and nausea. I just didn’t feel right. I didn’t even get to tension and I could tell my atlas (C1) was so out of place! I got adjusted, and the next day all the headache, light headedness and nausea were gone. Nothing else had changed, just the adjustment. Something else interesting – I was over 2 weeks late with my cycle. Once again, it just randomly started up again. 48 days between cycles this time – never ever has it been that long!

When I stopped to think about it, In the last month, we returned home from Mexico. I have lost 20 pounds, and become a size 2 – never in my LIFE do I remember being this size!! I have detoxed for a month and half. My body has gone through enormous changes, and I didn’t bother getting my nervous system checked at all during that time – how silly of me! Of course, my entire system is weight bearing differently, throwing off all the mechanics my body is used to. Needless to say, I am very happy to be back under intesive care to get out of pain, but I will definitly keep up my visits, regardless of what goes on in the future!

My mom came over to help me with Keegan tonight, and I am sending in another urine specimen to the Navarro Medical Clinic  Im gonna jump on a soapbox for a minute –

If you had the chance – the opportunity – to check and see if cancer is possibly taking place somewhere in your body, WHY wouldn’t you do it?! As we know, it takes YEARS for cancer symptoms to show up. There has to be whole system break downs BEFORE any symptoms show, so your body is eating away at itself growing a tumor for MONTHS or YEARS before you know it. Brain cancer is around at least 29 months before symptoms show. Skin cancer? It’s around 24 months before symptoms show. 27 months for fibrosarcoma of the abdomen. My point is – all this cancer in the world – and you have the opportunity to take charge of your health, and get checked so you can DO SOMETHING NOW instead of deal with the diagnosis later!! How I WISH I had known about this years ago!!

The Navarro Medical clinic uses urine specimen HCG to detect the presence of cancer cells. This was developed in the late 1950’s by Manuel Navarro, MD. He was an oncologist. Fast replicating cells secrete HCG – yes, this is what is tested in pregnancy, but tumors act the same as children (ha – that actually made me smile!) and anything fast growing will secrete HCG. The opportunity is there. Check your levels. You know, there is a greedy society that likes to say “feel your boobies” to “prevent” cancer.  They also support KFC. You want to prevent cancer? Get your urine tested, and actually know what is going on with your body. Take charge of your health and change your life now, so you don’t have to be like me, and sit in a cold hospital room with your baby and husband and listen to them tell you the hell you have to go through. Stop having to do surgery now. You won’t have to make the decision of chemo or radiation. Make it easier on yourself – if not for anyone else – do it for yourself. It’s $55. That’s it.

In the very beginning when I started blogging, I got my review of the urine HCG test. I was SO excited because mine was a 4!! SO pumped! Well, I was reading today what the levels mean, and had to look back at my email, where they send your results – My index was a 4, my units were 51.8. When they talk about levels, 0-49 is good to go, no cancer. This level was after surgery for both thyroid and melanoma. I am looking forward to sending out my new sample tomorrow, and hopefully my levels will be under that 49 marker, and will continue to dive. I pray everyone who reads this has an HCG marking of 0.

Tonight I leave with a heavy heart, partially frustrated and let down with today, and all the pain so many seem to be going through with the losses of their loved ones. I won’t let it keep me down though. There is nothing you can do about the past, all you can do is waste time thinking about it, but you have an opportunity to change your future. Every day is a new day, and you can choose to get up and move on, or stay upset about the past, and let it continue to eat at you. Tomorrow I will get up, make 13 juices, take 56 supplements, do 5 coffee breaks, eat my salad, my potato, my Hippocrates Soup and my fruit, and know Im killing off this cancer for good. God gives us 86,400 seconds each day. Do you thank him for any of them?