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Finding Your Paradigm

There is lots of buzz about cancer lately. Heck, there has been a lot of buzz about LOTS of illnesses lately. At what point do you stop and think, wow, WHY are people getting SO sick? WHY, with all of the medical intervention we have, is our country rated by the World Health Organization (WHO) as 72nd in chronic disease. Can you even name 72 other countries?!  The US spends in excess of $7,290 per person on healthcare. Britain, who scores healthier than Americans in EVERY major health category, spends $2,2992 per person. Why is that?

Italy ranks as one of the highest for health. Think about that – Italy, where people don’t shop processed foods, but have open markets – life isn’t slower, it is just accepted that time needs to be taken out of the day for rest and recouperation. Our lives are so filled with go, go, go all the time, we don’t take the time to sit back and enjoy what we have!

I was able to get some free time today, so as I was making some juices and preparing my coffee, a paradigm split hit me. It is nothing new to me, but just going over some comments that I have heard lately, and some other things going on in life, I really thought I needed to get some thoughts down.

We have two paradigms. One is the body can heal. The body is smart, and innately knows what to do to be well. It was created to be well, but there are things that can happen to block the avenues of health it seeks. At times, we don’t shine as bright as we can, because we have interference to the body. This causes a state of dis-ease. The body works SO hard to get back to homeostasis, but knows, ultimately, it can heal.

The other paradigm is that we are sick. Our body is weak, and can’t defend itself. Therefore, we must put medications, vaccinations, etc in it to prevent things from happening. How confusing must it be to constantly need something new to put in our body, because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do?

…wait, what did I just say? “because it is unable to do what it is supposed to do” – so, even the sick paradigm DOES understand our body is smart!! WHY, then, do we feel the need to constantly inject toxins into our bodies, to create health?

Every single day, our body is turning over cells, making new, getting rid of old. We create 150 BILLION new cells per day, and 60 trillion cells are replaced each year. Every day, during those 150 billion new cells, 2-3,000 go “bad”. No process is perfect, we all know that! Normally, the immune system comes through, clears it out, and we move on to the next day. In some people, though, those “bad” cells take off – and grow. We end up with cancer, or an autoimmune disorder.

That being understood, how does it make sense to put toxins in the body, in order to INCREASE immune function? Toxins are well known to DECREASE immune function – how is this a difficult concept?

We create what we want in life by thinking, doing, acting on what we want. Eating healthy foods, getting lots of water, sleep and positive energy in our lives, along with a little exercise can almost guarantee a long, happy life.



There are two sides to every single situation you have in life. How you choose your actions will determine your outcome, and determine your future. Choose wisely!


Chemo Kills. Cancer DOESN’T!

‎”According to the New York Times, adjusting for the size and age of the population, cancer death rates dropped only 5 percent from 1950 to 2005.

What other technology has performed so miserably over this fifty-five year period? Would you accept a medical therapy that has not improved much since 1950″ ???

As you all well know, I am SO sick of hearing all this “cancer awareness” month stuff – Cancer DOESN”T kill people – Chemo and radiation are what kill!

As of today, October 25th, Most of the people I knew that were diagnosed with cancer and have done the chemo/radiation route have passed on. Oh, I suppose I should mention – everyone on Gerson Therapy is alive and very well!

A young wife and a little baby boy grieve for their father.

Another wife, and two young children grieve for their father – who was diagnosed with melanoma at the same time I was.

A daughter grieves for her father.

I guess I can’t say each one. A very concerned, loving husband and father came to my practice the other day. He had heard about me, and came to talk to me about his wife. She had breast cancer, and went through the typical chemo/radiation route, and was told she was fine. She got in a car accident one year later, and her bones were so brittle, they broke. The doctors questioned why that would have happened. Well, turns out she had bone cancer now, that had spread throughout her body. She was told she was cancer free! Sadly, this is what happens with most of the “cured” by chemo and radiation cancers. We talked for quite some time, he was going to bring the scrapbook I made of my time in Mexico and my blog to his wife, and I just got an email saying she is just too tired, and doesn’t have the energy. I remember a family friend saying if you just want to give up and die, go ahead and do chemo and radiation. It will make your time go MUCH quicker.

There is SO much work that needs to be done. It is crazy to me that our society just accepts things, and never questions – doesn’t it seem odd to anyone else that your ONLY options are chemo, radiation, and surgery?

I am so happy to see the pinkwashing – Think Before You Pink campaign. http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=12   the word IS getting out, and hopefully people will stop with the completely terrible mammographies and go for thermography if they feel it is necessary. This group was started in 2002 by a growing number of people who wanted to draw attention to the joke that is the Susan G Komen Foundation. How concerned are you really about breast cancer, when you sell a perfume full of carcinogens for $60, and $1.59 goes to research? I will just ignore the fried chicken, donuts, and other sugar filled (cancer feeding) junk they promote!

Chatting with my insurance company, I asked them about my supplements. I pay $500 a month for my supplements. My insurance company won’t pay a DIME for any part of my therapy. Let’s make a logical choice on this one:

Gerson Therapy:

Plane tickets, stay in Mexico – $15,000

Juicer, Supplements, Food – $10,000/year

Total Cost – $25,000 for the first year, then maybe $10,000 the next year dramatically lower the third year.

Success Rate – 70- 90%

Medical Treatment

Surgery time in OR ($75/min) – $31,500

Chemo and Radiation treatments – $800,000

Total cost – $831,000 – that is without the cost of ANY of the drugs needed for surgery, the staff, the hospital stays

Success rate – 2.5% in 5 years

Now, if I was a smart insurance company, what would I choose? doesn’t seem like a very tough decision, but medicine wins every time! And people wonder why our country is so bankrupt….