Does it ever end?

“Help me find the cure! Donate to SGK today!”

“I’m walking for a cure – donate today!”

“I’m supporting XYZ  with this “race for the cure” event – donate today!”

Let me tell you a little story about this supposed “race for the cure” and the monopoly behind it. While I sympathize with the families and those that lost their life to chemo and radiation, you would think by now we would realize the “war on cancer” is the biggest joke in the history of medicine.

Think about it – what other medical treatment has never EVER been changed since it’s start? “Oh, but cancer treatment is always being changed!”


You get diagnosed with cancer. What are your options? Ask your MD. Go ahead, I challenge you! You will get 3 answers. Chemo. Radiation. Surgery. That’s it – oh, and don’t change your diet! Don’t add in good foods – because that will mess with your chemo! That was almost as dumb as hearing women shouldn’t breastfeed because it makes vaccines not as good.

It is disheartening to see our society put so much faith in a failing system, and then look to those of us who have come out on top, healthier than ever, as “not scientifically valid” umm….I’m still looking to figure out how science finds our current treatments “scientifically valid”. Cancer diagnosis is at an all time high, 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women WILL be diagnosed at some point in their lives with cancer. Is cancer the enemy? Absolutely NOT! We need to stop fighting our bodies, and believing that we are damaged goods.

This post comes as I had been preparing a speech. Someone has nominated me for “Hero of the Year” for the American Cancer Society.  I got a call from a representative for the ACS, and we chatted a bit, she was really excited to have me speak, and we hung up. I started thinking of what to say – my main goal to bring hope and light to those with cancer. I have that down, for sure! I love talking to people about cancer, what it is, and what it isn’t – and I can guarantee you, when you start to look at cancer as a blessing instead of an evil, terrible thing, your outlook changes dramatically.

Anyway, so a few weeks go by, and I get a call from another person, apparently higher up in the ACS. She tells me they unfortunately, can’t have me speak, as they need someone “cured” of cancer via “scientifically based methods”

Me: you mean, chemo and radiation?

ACS Lady: yes.

Me: “you do realize, chemo and radiation have a 2.1% success rate over 5 years, right? SCIENCE says don’t do it!”

ACS Lady: (silence…)

Although we talked about 20  minutes, and she said she wanted to talk to her committee about having me speak, because she thought I had a very valid point, and we SHOULD have informed consent, especially with the people having such meek outlooks with current treatment, her hands were tied. Odd. I have heard that one before!

So please, before you jump on the Relay For Life bandwagon this year, realize the truth that abundantly clear to those of us who have successfully treated our bodies, and don’t have such a thing called “remission” because we have gotten to the true source of the problem, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Cancer HAS a cure. But like anything else worth having, it doesn’t come overnight.