Well, this last weekend was sure a fun one! Shawn had off of work (only happens every 6 weeks) so we had planned a weekend for our family. Get photos with Santa, finish shopping, and just do family stuff. We were pretty excited for our weekend! Saturday we got to go shopping, and ended up buying a TV for my practice, so I can more easily do my power points and health talks. I was so excited – we got a GREAT deal on it! It got set up, we got Keegan home, and Charlie Brown Christmas was on. What a perfect day!!

Sunday, well, that was different. I woke up at 6:45 with Keegan, and didn’t feel well at ALL. Just a disclaimer, if you don’t like hearing about sickness, might want to skip to the last paragraph now 😉 Anyway, I always joke I would be the worlds WORST bulemic. I would rather sit and be sick to my stomach for a week instead of just get it over with and throw up. So when Shawn woke up to me throwing up for yet another time by 8 (it all started at 7) he took over Keegan care. Between 7am and 3:30pm, the wastebasket was my absolute best friend in the whole world. I was going through the WORST sweats and chills I think I have ever experienced!  By 3:30, when it still hadn’t calmed down, I called my mom. I had done activated charcoal to try and stop it, that came back to see me in 15 minutes. I tried water. I tried Saltines (shh..don’t tell Gerson 🙂 ) I was willing to do ANYTHING at that point to make things better. Shawn got me some Sierra Mist, now that one I wouldn’t touch. I knew he meant well though!

My mom came and I asked Shawn to take me to Urgent Care. I wanted IV fluids. I knew I was dehydrated and knew I wanted to be better. The entire time we were headed to UC I was thinking “wow, it’s sunday night, how am I supposed to tell my practice members what has happened? how do I cancel appointments tomorrow?” Shawn said we would figure something out, no worries.

We get to Urgent Care, they take my blood pressure, which was 85/49 when I woke up in the morning. My pulse was over 200. They knew I was dehydrated (yup) Then I made a mistake. They asked about past health issues, if I had any. I said no, but I did have two forms of cancer at one point. The doc asked about chemo and what not, I said absolutely not, I didn’t do that. I did a natural therapy, and your hospital actually gave me the all clear. He said he would be back. Left, came back, did a short abdominal exam then said he would be sending me to the ER. I should probably mention I had a headache as well, that had been there strong for 3 days. When coffee enemas don’t break down a headache, you KNOW they are bad!

So the doc is concerned I have cancer metastsis to the brain or other organs. Pacreatitis was his excuse. So off we go to ER. I get to ER, they ask me all sorts of questions as well about the cancer, how I have been feeling – they totally think they are going to see all this crazy cancer everywhere. They even asked if I had made a living will!!! CRAZY! I said no, but since I have a child, I probably should. Anyway, so they start the IV, get bloodwork and did an ultrasound of my abdomen. They wanted a CT, which I said no thanks, didn’t find it necessary.

At that point, Shawn said he didn’t feel to great. Followed shortly by the start of what I started Sunday morning. In a tiny hospital room. Poor guy 😦 I felt terrible I passed my bug onto him!! He was pretty miserable, but stuck it out for me – I sure love him!!!

The doctor doing my ultrasound kept saying how awesome my organs look. He was on my kidney and said “wow, that’s the best looking kidney I have seen in a while!” then on my gallbladder, I asked if there were any signs of stones, and he said it actually looks fantastic – totally clear, just slightly enlarged because of not eating. But overall, my organ systems all look fantastic. He just seemed so amazed – it was almost funny, but just too weird. When my blood work came back “absolutely perfect” (direct quote) I was all smiles – not because I felt great, but because I absolutely knew in my heart of hearts this had NOTHING to do with cancer. Im grateful for modern medicine, IV fluid to be exact, and I am grateful they did what they did to ensure to themselves I was just fine, and I had a virus that needed to work itself through. The fluids helped a ton, and I am grateful the nurses and doctors at UW Hospital ER are such talented, NICE people. They were so respectful the entire time, didn’t push the CT once I said no, and really did do their best to use the least to most invasive testing, which I respect more than I could ever say!

I was able to start moving again Monday around 2, went out and got some natural remedies (coconut water, ViraStop, etc) things that would help my electrolyte balance and return us to normal. Got Shawn started on all that, and he started getting better pretty quickly. We both decided an 8:30pm bedtime was good for us Monday night. Around 11:30pm Monday, we heard something – not quite right. Sure enough, little Keegan picked up our bug 😦 I put him on a lessened version of what Shawn was on, and he improved within an hour, and hasn’t been sick since!! I love both medicine and alternative therapies – there truly IS a time and place for BOTH, just learning when is key!!