Well, I have a confession to make. I gave in to fear. Told I was cancer free, scans clear, bloodwork clear, following protocol still for 18 months, a random series of events happened over the past 2 weeks that lead me to believe the cancer I was free of  was metastasizing. The last 2 weeks have been hell.

I was in a MINOR (like 3mph minor) car incident. Someone hit the front of our vehicle backing out of a garage. I was sideways in the truck putting our son in his carseat, so I got jarred and hit my shoulder and head on the passenger seat. Didn’t hurt, disregarded it. Got home and it was carrot day, they were HUGE – took me 2 hours to cut the things so they would fit in the Norwalk!! I went to bed that night with a very sore mid back.

Had a tough time sleeping that night, and could barely move the next day. Had to cancel a half day of appointments with my practice because of the pain. Got adjusted twice, got a massage that day and the next, and it finally started to relax a bit, but not go away, so I asked Stephanie, the massage therapist from next door, to take a chest film of myself.

What I saw put me on my last nerve. I had a radiodensity right by my spine, along the entire pulmonary tree in my right lung. My heart skipped a few beats as I stared at this long mass that seemed to go through all 3 lobes, but not any lobe in particular. The original mass was in the right middle lobe, so of course my eyes went there first. I decided I would call my Primary and get chest films from her, so a radiologist could look at them. I called and they got me in, did a bunch of blood work, and took films.

Results came in today. My bloodwork is absolutely perfect (minus a slight increase in TSH, because I did the hcg test over the weekend) my thyroglobulin is undetectable – no mets with that!! The only thing that is needing improvement is my Vitamin D, which I will increase very willingly 🙂

Next came x-ray results. “No evidence of lung disease”   WHAT? so what WAS that stuff that is now seeming to take over my bronchial tree?  the answer – metals and junk from my lungs. Our cells replicate daily – it takes between 12-24 hours to replicate a cell, and months to replicate an organ. That said, we have a “new body” every 7 years. So I got a snapshot of where I was at this moment in time in my detox protocol. Not only is that AWESOME to know I am getting new lungs, it is even more proof that my body is kicking this thing to the curb with ease!

This brings up an important point. People are lead to believe they will be sick forever, or have “XYZ” ailment forever. If your cells replicate on a DAILY basis, why should you believe you will be forever burdened with whatever ails you? Why don’t you find what you can do to make sure that when that cell divides again, which it will, it has the right stuff to divide with, it has the building blocks, the amino acids, sugars and glyconutrients it needs to replicate as healthy as it can. It has free and clear signaling from the nervous system, to tell cancer to stop replicating, and good cells to continue on with normal function.

As for me, I haven’t said anything until I knew what was happening, but felt like a complete failure over the past two weeks. Here I was, supposedly a success story for alternative cancer therapies, and thought I blew it. Had no idea how I could possibly have done it, but lost faith in myself and my therapy.  Very few people knew what was happening, but that same thought came up again, when I thought I had more to deal with – what are my options? do I stick with Gerson Therapy? do I try something else? What can I change? What can I do?

There are three reasons people get sick. Stress. Physical, Chemical, or Emotional stress. I know that. It takes all 3, or if you have 1 strong enough, im sure that could do it as well. Chemical stress- I kicked that one, I KNEW that wasn’t the issue. Physical stress – didn’t really make sense. But emotional? how could THAT be?  It took some absolutely amazing nutty friends of mine to make me realize something – something my coach tends to tell me a lot.

Care, don’t carry

That phrase needs to be tattoed on my head for eternity! I find myself trying to do everything I can, do more, help more, when people don’t want the help! I think I am doing everything I can to get them the best possible outcome, but it turns out I just burn myself because I care more for their health than they do! I won’t change who I am as a person, but this situation has truly opened my eyes that I need to be sure I am putting myself first, and not letting others and the choices they put on themselves stress me out and upset me. Stress alone causes dis-ease, and the whole point of this learning journey was to learn how to deal and remove those stressors so I build back a healthy body. Guess it was just God telling me to take a step back and realize I help people better when I let them figure out their own journey, and I focus on mine.