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Happy Birthday, Claude!!

When I was down in Mexico, one of the first people I met was Claude Venter. He is from South Africa, and he and his long time friend, Grant, made the 3 day journey to Mexico to start on therapy. I couldn’t have asked for more positive, motivating individuals than these two men. It is an absolute honor to know them, and even from countries apart, be in their life.

We joked in Mexico about our 3 year reunion. All of us would meet for a celebration of life, cancer free. We chose that place to be Panama, where Claude and Grant plan on moving.

Today is Claude’s birthday, and I wanted to share his story with all of you, to gain even more understanding of what we are doing for health and wellness!

Today has been one year since being diagnosed, labeled, put in a category by an allopathic doctor. He cut out some of my lymph nodes, declared that ‘they’ had found lymphoma. After all that there was nothing they could do but buy me some time with large doses of chemo. Thanks for the business and go straight to the oncologist after having visited the account department.
With the help of my friend of 25 years, Grant Horak, we did some investigation. Remembering this is a highly emotional and stressful time it was life saving to have Grants calm leadership. According to the American cancer association Chemo offers u a 2,5 % chance of survival after 5 years. In fact, and this is the really scary part, chemo or radiation is noted as a statistical success if the patient is alive after one year. How is that for lallapalooza science? More over,If u die a day after 5 years u go down as a cancer survivor. Ironically Steve Jobs of Apple is a cancer survivor. Bet u didn’t know that.
The Gerson therapy, in my circumstances, has a 85% survival rate and unlike with the chemo patients, u can actually speak the Gerson patients. They are not a secret. Their testimonials are there and so is their contact info. So it was a no brainier. I choose Gerson!

Sadly everyone diagnosed at the same time as me, who did chemo or radiation, is now dead. Including Andy Whitfield (1971–2011) the star of the TV hit mini series called Spartacus. He was diagnosed in the same week and with the same cancer as me. He did chemo in feb and died in November last year. So much pain and suffering because of big pharma. greed.

All the people I met at the Gerson clinic are alive and well, including me. A humbling realisation. My bloods show no signs of spreading or tumour growth. My red blood count (the % of oxygen in your blood) is above average. My white blood cells show no infections (strong immune system) etc etc. Cancer is not a fight, we all have it. Strong immune systems keep it under control. Cancer out of control is a result of a suppressed immune system. Correct the system and cancer goes back to normal. Create an environment that is alkaline and cancer can not thrive. It is all logical. People often comment and say how brave I am! With a 2.5% survival rate after 5 years choosing chemo is brave. I am just logical.

Tomorrow is my birthday. I am very proudly turning 49.
People think I am a little nuts when I say that cancer and the subsequent Gerson journey, can be seen as the best thing that had ever happened to me. Not as in a ‘wining lottery ticket’ kind of way but that i have been given the opportunity to go through the process of rebirth.
Briefly for those who don’t know what I have been doing for the last year:
I choose not to do chemo but to do ‘the Gerson Therapy’. This is a nutritionally based treatment designed by Dr. Max Gerson in Germany in the 1920’s. It is a diet high in potassium and low in sodium. No animal protein. 9carrot and 5 lettuce based veg juices a day and up to 5 coffee enemas a day. All organic. It takes between 2 and 3 years to complete.
In April last year i went, with my friend Grant, to San Diego in the United States to learn how to do the treatment. We met Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr Max Gerson, the founder of the treatment and the doctors who have monitored me, through blood analysis every 6 weeks, for the last 10 months via email and phone calls.
The process the detox takes u through changes u on a cellular level, forever. To realise u are healing, changing, is a message, a whisper from within in a language they don’t teach u at school. Its not a doctor diagnosing or telling u so and therefore believing it as we are wired to.
On the Gerson journey you have to take responsibility for your own healing. There is no magic pill. All u are doing is healing . Allowing. Listening. Letting go. Trusting in your healing process.
To illustrate this i want to share something that happened this morning. It was a very organic dream like emotional experience of hearing my inner self, presented in the form of ‘romantic’ self realisation.
I was doing a drawing at my desk, arms half crossed, my one hand drawing the other on my arm, my bicep. For the first time I became aware of what the inside of my hand, my palm felt like. It’s like when someone u just met holds your hand and u are very aware of how the person feels. Just at small point of connectivity. It was a very intimate realisation. A transfer of warm energy, a bridging, a door opening. I suddenly realise that this had never been allowed before. I think we all have these blockages which can inhibit, as it did me, from knowing who all of me is, thereby stopping me from loving the real me. I think Its Iike living two stories above yourself amd only getting glimpses of yourself through a window. It’s another step in the dance of healing. I continue nose to the wind following the scent of freedom, ear to the ground listening to the throb of the beat of the universe.

Happy Anniversary!!

“We are products of our past. We don’t have to be prisoners of it.”

One year ago, at 3:30pm (gosh, feels like i’m about to give birth)  I was sitting in UW Hospital, after having 4 needles stuck in my neck. Keegan wasn’t yet talking, or really moving much for that matter. 3 months old – wow, what a difference a year makes!!

I still remember Dr.Jaume coming in that room with the fellow. He was so quiet when he told me the diagnosis. He spoke quietly, and pretty quickly. It’s funny how I can remember that like it was yesterday. To this day, I STILL shake my head at the fact I texted my family to tell them I had cancer – ha – who does that?! I have to laugh though, to honestly see it as that small of an issue that I could just text the information out is crazy to me.

It hasn’t been all fun and games, and it hasn’t been all lighthearted. When Dr.Jaume started telling me about the support groups at the hospital, and how papillary thyroid cancer has great results – I lost it. To be honest, I wasn’t scared at all, I was pissed off. The days and nights I had spent with Keegan, both of us learning to breastfeed. Going through everything to make it comfortable for both of us, it had JUST gotten to the point of being ok, I didn’t cringe every time I fed him, and now I was supposed to give it up. Not a chance! We are so ingrained with what we learn, and what we want that is best, sometimes we don’t see the immediate situation. When the nurse said “it’s your choice – get your baby a good first year of breastfeeding, or don’t watch him graduate high school”  I knew the point she was making.  I still didn’t stop breastfeeding.

Surgery would happen on January 3rd – total thyroidectomy and 30 lymph nodes removed. Later we would find out 26 were positive for cancer. My world would once again be rocked in February. Once again, I remember that morning I was half awake in bed, and my phone started vibrating. My eyes flew open, and my gut churned – I had this sinking feeling it was UW Hospital, once again. Sure enough. I answered the phone and it was the dermatologist, and she said “You don’t even know how hard it is for me to say this to you..” Malignant Melanoma.

My strength at that point was gone. No more happy, go lucky Marcia. That was the first time I actually got scared. I remember laying in bed, crying. I was SO frustrated!  What was going on in my body that made it so toxic? What was happening to me? Was I bound to have to do the chemo and radiation route? That thought didn’t stay long, but it did cross my mind once or twice. Unfortunately, it only crossed my mind when well meaning people that I love very much were scared for me, and only wanted what they thought was best.

Poor Shawn – who signs up for this?! In one year – a marriage, a baby and cancer. He never showed me his fear. We talked a lot about it, and he knew very well my desires – mainly that I was put on this earth, and I have no idea when my time to go is, so I’ll do what I can, and if it is meant to be, it is up to me! He has been such a rock through all of this, I can’t imagine my life without him – I know I never would have gotten through all of this without his help, and let me tell you – we have been through more in 2 years of marriage than I would wish on anyone!!

In March, when the CT came back positive for cancer, I was just irritated all over again. I had done zeolite, cesium protocol, and jucing had started. I knew Gerson Therapy was my choice, but we were getting rid of as much cancer as we could.  Victim mentality had left my persona, and I was ready to face whatever I had to in order to live my life to the fullest.  I made a deal with God. Let me live, let me serve – and I will do so abundantly. The new favorite phrase came to mind “if it is to be, it is up to me”

An almost overwhelming sense of peace took over after that last CT scan. I knew I was going to Mexico. We didn’t have the funds, and started looking into bank loans. We got accepted for the bank loan. The stress of how we would pay it back got pretty intense, but unknowingly to us, angels are here on earth. We got an interest free loan and we were on our way to start healing! I knew then there wasn’t a doubt I would kick this thing out of next year. Not a chance it would stick. Was my sense of peace because I learned a lesson I needed to learn? Was I really THAT hard headed I needed cancer to make me change my ways? If so, ok, I mean, I would have appreciated it  bit later, but hey, at least it’s over, and I can get on to enjoying the rest of my life with a renewed sense of self and honor.

People think I have lived this last year in a bubble. Maybe I have. I have been told I am “too happy to have cancer” NEWS FLASH – it ISN’T about what happens to you, it is COMPLETELY about how you respond to what happens to you!! You can choose to live life in a bubble, and constantly think the world will cave in on you, or you can put yourself out there and make a difference. I chose to write this blog for many reasons, one being to keep family and friends updated, but after this year, I also think it was a part of my therapy. For me. I probably am too personal with a lot of the things I write, and I know Shawn has made some executive decisions and some things haven’t made the cut. I truly believe one of the reasons this cancer graced my life was because I wasn’t honest and open when I was younger. I just wanted approval. Quite obviously, that has changed!!

Cliches are so…chiche. But wow, there is no wonder as to why they were said, and why they stick! I am SO honored I was chosen for this cancer, to learn this way, and to take charge of my health and life, physically, mentally, emotionally. I never would have met the people I have met, I wouldn’t have the friendships I have, and I wouldn’t have the PROFOUND difference in life experiences that I now have.

You don’t start living until you find your purpose. Some people live their whole lives searching for purpose. Everything DOES happen for a reason, and I am humbled and honored to learn the true strength and power the human mind and body can comprehend.



Chemo Kills. Cancer DOESN’T!

‎”According to the New York Times, adjusting for the size and age of the population, cancer death rates dropped only 5 percent from 1950 to 2005.

What other technology has performed so miserably over this fifty-five year period? Would you accept a medical therapy that has not improved much since 1950″ ???

As you all well know, I am SO sick of hearing all this “cancer awareness” month stuff – Cancer DOESN”T kill people – Chemo and radiation are what kill!

As of today, October 25th, Most of the people I knew that were diagnosed with cancer and have done the chemo/radiation route have passed on. Oh, I suppose I should mention – everyone on Gerson Therapy is alive and very well!

A young wife and a little baby boy grieve for their father.

Another wife, and two young children grieve for their father – who was diagnosed with melanoma at the same time I was.

A daughter grieves for her father.

I guess I can’t say each one. A very concerned, loving husband and father came to my practice the other day. He had heard about me, and came to talk to me about his wife. She had breast cancer, and went through the typical chemo/radiation route, and was told she was fine. She got in a car accident one year later, and her bones were so brittle, they broke. The doctors questioned why that would have happened. Well, turns out she had bone cancer now, that had spread throughout her body. She was told she was cancer free! Sadly, this is what happens with most of the “cured” by chemo and radiation cancers. We talked for quite some time, he was going to bring the scrapbook I made of my time in Mexico and my blog to his wife, and I just got an email saying she is just too tired, and doesn’t have the energy. I remember a family friend saying if you just want to give up and die, go ahead and do chemo and radiation. It will make your time go MUCH quicker.

There is SO much work that needs to be done. It is crazy to me that our society just accepts things, and never questions – doesn’t it seem odd to anyone else that your ONLY options are chemo, radiation, and surgery?

I am so happy to see the pinkwashing – Think Before You Pink campaign. http://thinkbeforeyoupink.org/?page_id=12   the word IS getting out, and hopefully people will stop with the completely terrible mammographies and go for thermography if they feel it is necessary. This group was started in 2002 by a growing number of people who wanted to draw attention to the joke that is the Susan G Komen Foundation. How concerned are you really about breast cancer, when you sell a perfume full of carcinogens for $60, and $1.59 goes to research? I will just ignore the fried chicken, donuts, and other sugar filled (cancer feeding) junk they promote!

Chatting with my insurance company, I asked them about my supplements. I pay $500 a month for my supplements. My insurance company won’t pay a DIME for any part of my therapy. Let’s make a logical choice on this one:

Gerson Therapy:

Plane tickets, stay in Mexico – $15,000

Juicer, Supplements, Food – $10,000/year

Total Cost – $25,000 for the first year, then maybe $10,000 the next year dramatically lower the third year.

Success Rate – 70- 90%

Medical Treatment

Surgery time in OR ($75/min) – $31,500

Chemo and Radiation treatments – $800,000

Total cost – $831,000 – that is without the cost of ANY of the drugs needed for surgery, the staff, the hospital stays

Success rate – 2.5% in 5 years

Now, if I was a smart insurance company, what would I choose? doesn’t seem like a very tough decision, but medicine wins every time! And people wonder why our country is so bankrupt….


New labs are in – results – absolutely NO sign of cancer! EVERY SINGLE lab value was in mid line perfect!! It’s so hard for me to be at work right now – I think I could run a marathon and still have energy to run another one after!!

Well, it’s been a LONG time coming – not as long as a LOT of people, but long for me. It’s most definitly not over, either – but now it’s more a fun ride, instead of a constant worry. Stress and worry feed cancer – Although I chose a positive attitude, there is always that little “thing” sitting on your shoulder, and when you get lab work done, it sure makes you nervous – I didn’t realize the weight it had on me until I saw my results.  This last year has been hell, and maybe it was a shake up I needed – actually, I KNOW it was the shake up I needed – to get my head put on straight and know what values are. Realize what I wanted in life, and what I wanted to fight for. Make connections with people and seek out the good in every situation.  It has been a LOOOOOONG 10  months – from the first diagnosis to the first clear blood work – and absolutely ZERO cancer flags.

This journey has changed my thinking, about a LOT of things. It has made me research, and really change the way I live my life. I have found my social networks and friends are all the postive, uplifting ones – people I WANT and CHOOSE to be associated with, instead of those that I just crave their attention – I crave no one’s attention anymore – crazy how life changes!

Will this be the end of therapy?! HECK no!! For one, this will be part of my life for the REST of my life – I have never felt better than I have on this therapy, and I couldn’t imagine living life differently. I am still going to remain on Gerson Therapy for at least 18 months – why stand next to a fire when you can be a world away from it? I want to be as FAR from danger as possible, and to me, that means continue on with what I am doing that got me here, because it obviously works! Life won’t change a whole ton for me, but that is ok.

You know that fear you always had opening a bill, or your report card, or something else that you just were worried of what it would say? That is exactly how I was, sitting in my office staring at that email that said “Lab Results” last month my TSH was 438. Normal is 1-5. Something was not right, that’s for sure! We changed dosage, and worked with it – that was the last thing that needed to even out, and sure enough, it did! I will be very happy to report to my endocrinologist now 🙂

Life is amazing. There is no way I could have done this without the support and love of my family and friends. Those who challenge me just made me really dig in to my research, and made me justify even more that I KNOW what I am doing is right, and is working. I am so thankful for those who did question my motives on this therapy, mainly because I know they care. They care enough to make sure I do what will heal me, and because of the challenge, I did find what would best heal me, and it has proven itself, yet again.