New labs are in – results – absolutely NO sign of cancer! EVERY SINGLE lab value was in mid line perfect!! It’s so hard for me to be at work right now – I think I could run a marathon and still have energy to run another one after!!

Well, it’s been a LONG time coming – not as long as a LOT of people, but long for me. It’s most definitly not over, either – but now it’s more a fun ride, instead of a constant worry. Stress and worry feed cancer – Although I chose a positive attitude, there is always that little “thing” sitting on your shoulder, and when you get lab work done, it sure makes you nervous – I didn’t realize the weight it had on me until I saw my results.  This last year has been hell, and maybe it was a shake up I needed – actually, I KNOW it was the shake up I needed – to get my head put on straight and know what values are. Realize what I wanted in life, and what I wanted to fight for. Make connections with people and seek out the good in every situation.  It has been a LOOOOOONG 10  months – from the first diagnosis to the first clear blood work – and absolutely ZERO cancer flags.

This journey has changed my thinking, about a LOT of things. It has made me research, and really change the way I live my life. I have found my social networks and friends are all the postive, uplifting ones – people I WANT and CHOOSE to be associated with, instead of those that I just crave their attention – I crave no one’s attention anymore – crazy how life changes!

Will this be the end of therapy?! HECK no!! For one, this will be part of my life for the REST of my life – I have never felt better than I have on this therapy, and I couldn’t imagine living life differently. I am still going to remain on Gerson Therapy for at least 18 months – why stand next to a fire when you can be a world away from it? I want to be as FAR from danger as possible, and to me, that means continue on with what I am doing that got me here, because it obviously works! Life won’t change a whole ton for me, but that is ok.

You know that fear you always had opening a bill, or your report card, or something else that you just were worried of what it would say? That is exactly how I was, sitting in my office staring at that email that said “Lab Results” last month my TSH was 438. Normal is 1-5. Something was not right, that’s for sure! We changed dosage, and worked with it – that was the last thing that needed to even out, and sure enough, it did! I will be very happy to report to my endocrinologist now 🙂

Life is amazing. There is no way I could have done this without the support and love of my family and friends. Those who challenge me just made me really dig in to my research, and made me justify even more that I KNOW what I am doing is right, and is working. I am so thankful for those who did question my motives on this therapy, mainly because I know they care. They care enough to make sure I do what will heal me, and because of the challenge, I did find what would best heal me, and it has proven itself, yet again.